World of Tanks || 1.0.2 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby
►v1 for 1.0.2 – 25/06/2018


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey QB! Can I install it even in my older version windows xp? Thanks for the answer.

  2. XVM should be disabled/inactivated compulsorily when people play ARTY

  3. Thanks QB much appreciated

    2 suggestions- could you please keep us updated when there are delays and is there no way that you and xvm can work with WG in advance of new patches to coordinate the release of the patch and mod?

  4. XVM isn’t the problem. It only gives players the statistics of their teammates and enemies. The problem is the players. Don’t be upset at a mod that gives you information that anyone can look up themselves

  5. So I only need one pair of bino’s? Does this go for camo nets too?

  6. QuickyBaby, how do you get the damage logs?

  7. Hi QB, thanks for your terrible content !
    Can you add the same mechanic to camo than equipment ?
    Can’t wait the next stream !

  8. Rusty Shackleford IV

    I mean I dont know my wn8 got me a promotion at work. They said dayum we didnt know you were purple this whole time or you would of had your own company car from day one. So yea wn8 is life……..not really xvm is stupid along with wn8. Although there are useful features like the garage stuff.

  9. There’s only 1 thing bad about XVM.
    *In-battle information,* that is it.

    You can look at the colours however you like at battle result/after battle.

  10. first I don’t pay all that much attention to XVM anymore simply because after numerous random games you can clearly see the so called good players according to xvm completely ignore flanks and can clearly can be seen ignoring any teamwork only caring about their damage numbers and kills. people bash me as being a bad player because of my “stats” well sorry stats are worthless i could play just like the “good stat” players but then i would be no better than they are would be just as guilty of ruining the games of the majority of players. i haven’t played a game of wot in some time now because WG has been fing up a bunch of crap lately and sorry but im really not a fan of how wg seems to favor soviet tanks and td’s. with that said if you use a mudpack i recommend webiums over QB it is a simple matter of download and install and you get to choose what features installs and which don’t. personally i use it mainly for female crews, voices, and afterbattle screens.

  11. A little late …

  12. You don’t have to activate XVM Idiots!!

  13. I don’t understan

  14. Thanks 🙂

  15. xvm working fine, but game is now crashing, and im unable to use chat/pings

  16. I would love to have the stats in the garage but I don’t like the idea of seeing the stats in game. Is there a way to disable it?

  17. HOly crap 2tb ssd?

  18. Why would QB need to know other player stats such as win8 or any thing else? I think someone is pushing mods on his fans. XVM is a virus. Not cool to use or to encourage. Just play the game and have fun since you can not choose the players you are teamed with. I see no need for this other than blaming others when one loses. Remember, XVM wants your email address to get it, that should tell you something. TOXIC

  19. QB could you please use your position with WG and try to get answer to why cent 5/1 raac is not on EU server? RU got it, NA got it, so why they wouldnt give it to EU server? Thank

  20. ohhh finally…. can you please teach us how to customize this mod? . 🙂

  21. In short spy cheat

  22. Floyd welcome to the machine. Too complicated to be fun..

  23. thank you!

  24. Hey QB, How can I get the free cam mod, is it included in this mod pack.?

  25. The zoom out mod is legal, you should add it back, I now use a Modpack on wargaming’s website and it has it.

  26. Hey QB, thank you for getting this out. I think that most of us knew that xvm hadn’t updated and that was why you hadn’t but I saw on every recent video of yours at least one comment asking for it. Now to the people who cry that xvm is toxic. The people who use xvm for stat info and base their gameplay on taking out good players. Those people are toxic , they are the same ones who team kill and troll. Oh and by the way, every one knows who the top clans are you don’t need a mod to tell you the enemy team is stacked. Crew and Equipment swaps period. Why war gaming has never implemented this I can not understand. I personally have one American medium crew with 6 skills, that crew goes into like 4 or 5 American medium tanks. Sending them to the barracks every time and then having to search 20 tanks to find where I left my binocs and camo nets, I don’t think so. Sorry but I’m not gonna play the super pershing over and over and over just to train a new crew, not now any way with MM being what it is.

  27. Βασίλης Μανίκας

    Thenk god i was feeling like a peasant changing crews manually and equipment

  28. Anyone know how to make the vehicle slots in double carousel mode bigger like at 2:56? Thanks

  29. copy paste in 2018 .. use a installer !!!

  30. Thank you very much!!! From Belgium

  31. i like xvm, as a noob it’s fun to see the changes in your win % and seeing how my wn8 goes up, or sometimes down

  32. Barry Cartwright

    ive logged into my other wargaming account on xvm and now i cant log in to the one i play with is any round that

  33. Which one is the config file? Xvm.xc?

  34. OMG. Finally

  35. If this happens again I would release the ModPack without XVM and update it when stable. This would be good for those of us who do not use XVM. Thanks!

  36. XVM in 2018?

  37. Ok, so on all his other videos for the past two weeks, people have been asking, whining, and complaining asking for the modpack. So QB does the modpack. And now people are whining and complaining about the modpack. Make. Up. Your. Mind. People. On another note, thank you QB for putting up with this crap. You are a great person, and don’t deserve the amount of shit that you get from this community. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  38. Have you thought about adding a “daily balance” thing that is fixed as the bottom notification and will summarize all the combined stats you did that day? Like overall credits earned or lost, wn8, that kind of things.

  39. Thanks QB!

  40. *atlast mf*

  41. Can you add counter for 3 marks of excellence? Could be very useful

  42. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    QB you really don’t think those stats you can see during the game encourages toxicity ? Also I think it gives you an unfair advantage because with that mod you know which enemy player you have to look out for and/or focus on because they have a higher WN8

  43. yyeeeeaaaahhhhh

  44. I am a Big fan of QB, however, mods is another name for adding a cheat which means others have an unfair advantage over others

  45. thx a lot for this!

  46. Mods are cheating…………….i dont care who endorses them.

  47. Ненад Радуловић

    Now game will be full of arguments again for fucks sakes

  48. Thanks Will, no need to apologize for keeping your quality at the level it should be.

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