World of Tanks – 1.0.2 Obj 277 Gameplay

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Source: Anfield


  1. better than wz5A?

  2. Takes more damage than the FV4005 from the ram, ha ha what 🤔

    • They are about the same weight and object has only double the armor on the front. Not a great rammer, still taking more damage is weird indeed.

  3. I love this tank

  4. how can i get the test server?

  5. Do you think there is a reason to get this tank if one already has the Obj 430U? They look very similar on paper, except for the ridiculous premium rounds on the Obj 277.

    • interesting question

    • 277 will get nerfed so wait

    • Gewel only thing that will get nerfed is probably the APCR pen and shell velocity, 350 APCR pen and 1800m/s velocity is way too much for a heavy, it’s basically TD levels of pen and superior velocity than the Jagdtiger/WT auf Pz.IV gun (1600m/s). Otherwise the tank is pretty good. Either they should lower the pen of change the APCR to HEAT and bring it down to 340.

    • SignalFire 1500*

  6. They are not op tanks, retards at wg hq learned something from the 430u, 268v2, luckily they are also getting “nerfed”. As Claus would put it, a Russian nerf.

  7. Akuretaki Nikolay

    hello : )

  8. Is it worth selling the IS-7 for this tank? Im poor so i dont have much credits and i dont have a prem account so… i guess my question is, is this tank better than the IS-7?

  9. Why do you buy AP ammo if you don’t use. You are another gold user, show how much make profit, nothing right? 74 k sub very surprising, maybe they are not clever enough to see you use only apcr, good cheating to split ammos but never use AP. Good job

  10. blueguy freshair

    Good play bro

  11. anfeels plz luv me

  12. which keyboard are you using?

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