World of Tanks – 1.0 Gameplay HD 2

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Source: Anfield

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  1. You guys enjoyed the last video like this so being the mad lad that I am I made another

    Unfortunately Shadowplay is being annoying, usually recording in full screen yields best results but now it seems to have decided full screen windowed is better so some of these are lower quality than they should of been, apologies for that

    • I always record in fullscreen because otherwise shadowplay will sometimes record in the resolution of the game/monitor/etc you’re recording, but in the aspect ratio of another monitor.

  2. Are the new maps any good?

  3. Anfield you beast. If it wasnt for you I would be a red potatoe window licker. Creeper_Peaper_Reeper. Look up that wn8 up swing. Thanks to you and lemming for all of the tips your vids have been invaluable.

  4. Is the Zepellin crashed kind of a protection against arty?

  5. maybe it is like this in the current version and i never noticed, but i feel like the water at 2:00 is pretty ridiculous. It sounds like a fountain in a garden, not like a tank pushing through 1,000’s of gallons of water. Even though it is totally wrong, it still sounds good. Great vid BTW!

  6. Ieeh comrade

  7. When 1.0 will come ?

  8. Pussy tank for noobs

  9. Looks like I need a GTX 1080 or 2…


  11. Dude, when are you posting a video that you comment on it? I can watch your stream to see your gameplay! Ad value to your content! Come on! Still good though.

  12. Not as interesting without the flute tune.

  13. Not bad 🙂

  14. Looks dope sadly the gameplay is still boring as hell with all these shit super heavies

  15. gosh, this game actually so beautiful, but premium ammos just ruin it

    • Premium ammo isnt the problem. The matchmaker is, grinding past tier 8 is a pain in the ass since most of your games are gonna be with tier 10s sure theres gold ammo but the bigger problem is the mm

    • kinda agree tho, not like world of warships which t8 ships still can fight t10 if we can play them correctly, but again, if only WG remove this gold ammo from WoT, this game will be way more fun, i heard they will, but dunno true or not

    • Patrykus It is a problem, and the only way to eliminate it is reduce how much of it can be carried. Changing how premium ammo works currently (by reducing damage or penetration) would be game breaking, limiting how much can be carried in random battles & ranked battles can solve the issues and force people to use gold ammo to get out of a bad situation, rather than using it as the default ammunition.

    • Is it even worth explaining to pubbies that don’t even play the game how removing gold ammo would be a bad thing in the game’s current state?

      The argument has been made thousands of times already, they pop up in every single video, feels like a futile effort.

  16. they did a great job with how the game looks, but im more exited the way it is going to influence the gameplay on some maps

  17. should i regret selling my account before this lol

  18. Hey anfield I don’t know if you’ve talked about this but how do you feel about how the type 4 and 5 heavies have been changed on console? They have and e100 esq heat round as opposed to the premium he of pc

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