World of Tanks – 1.0 Gameplay HD

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Source: Anfield

Discord – https://discord./5ZZNvJc


  1. 1st comment ?!?!!?!?????? Anyways love ur content anfield

  2. Just a dump of some footage I have so it’s higher quality than stream highlight to give you a better feel

  3. It's not what you think

    Only took warming 8 years but they finally caught up to 2014.

  4. wow i love the montage<3

  5. Maps are just starting to look normal now. The gloss wears off, leaving nothing but the underlying flaws on show.

  6. Love the new look on maps.But from what i’ve saw some of them there is less hills and more place to where you can play hull down in pancake tanks.No to mention few more places where you cross open field.Never less im quite happy with new maps.

  7. So far the test server has been really great but has anyone else noticed that sometimes when you get shot there is no sound at all. Example in this video @ 0:40

  8. Interesting how much more the maps feel like they are organic and plausible as a battlefield than before. Hopefully they play as well as they look.

    (And the balance department gets a clue before they piss off everyone with their free xp bait tactics)

  9. Lol that rage when you fail to hit a Strv point blank.

  10. Damn it looks nice can wait till it comes to look like this nice Anfield have a nice day m8.

  11. Looks incredible

  12. I don’t know how you can play without map borders, I switched it off once and kept trying to drive thru it when driving away from enemy tanks, until I got pissed off and enabled it again.

  13. You have demonstrated a couple key points that surely any wot player should ask.

    Will this game be visually fun to play after the graphics upgrade?

    Which is not a bad idea. Very enticing to say the least.

    Secondly, the numbers on the world of tanks servers will plummet after this?

    Most likely. And they removed heaps of vegetation….

    It’s for long term players. Premium account holders…

    This game is next to Dead or on life support.

    Not free anymore. Most likely EA will have to take over , since it is probably a done deal anyway.

    nice video though

  14. Did they Nerf the Patton to 9.55 reload?

  15. 15:09 random blind kill

  16. Thanks for putting this together the maps look great.

  17. Lakeville is very emersive. Whole new map it seems.

  18. I quit playing a little while ago, but this makes the game look so good. It’s a shame that it’s not going to change the terrible state of the actual gameplay.

  19. Wow that’s a lot of lip stick applied to this 600lb pig!! Game still horrible

  20. I had to look at the mini map to recognise the map…. it’s amazing.

  21. That is sexy as hell

  22. wow all i can say 77 k games and i looked at mini map a couple times 2 see were u were ha thx anfield great content

  23. A lot of positions seem flatter. This will accommodate low depression tanks and render high depression redundant.

    Well… Depression helps with flexibility. That being said it’s easy to work around low depression.

  24. how can there be so many people playuiong tier 8 and 9’s??? i dont understand! its the test server, why!`??!?!

  25. wow another premium tank, who knew

  26. looks wonderful, is the gameplay any different?

  27. I look forward to the previously inaccessible areas that are now accessable

  28. 4:11 that miss shot looks so awesome

  29. The maps look huge now. And there are some new spots that I can see.

  30. Is the 121 getting a new HD model?

  31. nice video Anfield … gj 🙂

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