World of Tanks – 1.0 HD Maps Gameplay

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Source: Anfield

Some on the HD maps

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  1. Looks like a pretty little marble but have there been any gameplay improvements?

  2. Am I just insane or do I hear wolves howling during the arctic region gameplay?

  3. new music as well?

  4. Looks nice Anfield, thanks for sharing.

  5. Why is there no longer a max speed limit for tanks on the hud?

  6. What are system requayement for new WOT and HAD maps? GTX 560Ti GDDR5 with 1GB should run it fine?

    • Dude, get a new GPU, because you could probably run it at low settings. Get at least a 960.

    • I was a bit worried because I’m running a 760, but I downloaded the test server and on ultra, I was still getting between 49 and 60 fps. Not sure how old your card is but more than likely it’ll run it even if you have to put the settings to medium.

    • 980Ti here getting about 200FPS on the dot, also 6600K overclocked to 4.8GHz, you can get a 980ti on ebay used for like $300 last i looked.

  7. Wow the new maps look really really cool! Most spots look the same as the terrain is concerned. Have you seen any major actual changes to maps?

  8. “This guy has inspired me with his balls.” – Anfield, 2018

  9. It would be stunning if WG add night’s combats

  10. Well done specially the first game, very fun to watch.

  11. I’m still weird man

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