World of Tanks || 1.0 Mod Pack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 1.0!
►v1 for 1.0 – 25/03/


World of Tanks a Free 2 published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. krakonošzkrkonoš


  2. Is there a way to config and put Team Health Bar to see, how much aggregated HP has the teams?

  3. wargaming_hero wargaming_hero

    WOW, great work?

  4. Thank god, so many tanks no crew and going into games with no fittings.

  5. Kuka löysi Suomen lipun?/How found Finlands flag?

  6. It’s really useful for the garage efficiency, but I still think it’s missing 2 of the extremely useful mods in my opinion, and that is the zoom out and server cross that circonflexes uses but takes a quite a long time to update.

  7. It’s all bullshit, i saw evrything a red team wins vs a rainbow team. How is it possible? rainbow team have mostly mods and can see the WN8 so they see oh all reds and some orange easy victory! They rush the reds/ oranges and because theyre in cover and good position they kill the rainbows 1 by 1 off. So WN8 stats can let you win even with a shit on paper team but maybe not that much haha.

  8. thank u buddo

  9. been waiting 🙂

  10. How can a crew be fully trained when you just move it to another tank?

  11. Finally! Thanks Quickybaby 🙂

  12. stop promoting XVM you idiot, it only promotes toxicity.

  13. This MOD is fucking cancer to game play fuck you cunts lol………………. incoming

  14. I don’t use babys xvm anymore. . just go to the xvm site and download that one , is so much better. they update more often too.


    Hey for some reason my binocs and nets don’t transfer through my tanks and my crews don’t have an auto return button… Everything else works and this seems to have been a problem for a while now with each one of your mods. I did everything correctly and the xvm stats still work. Just wondering if there is a fix because it is quite annoying transferring through my tanks.

  16. QB u only have luck couse u dealing with kids or low mind people so i agree with coments below stop with cancer someone pay u to do xvm cheat that s so obvious . couse u know it s a cancer and u are not doing it 4 fun

  17. How are you demounting equipment and it not costing you any gold? Or have I missed something?

  18. but who the fck care when u live good like a leech drink blood from low minded kids and low minded people u need to get oscar couse u are one hell of a actor

  19. here take a tip ..!..

  20. This is the only content that I dislike. Promoting XVM ends up focusing good players. Mostly arty players focus good players only to ruin their games

  21. Why is this not on the MOD HUB?

  22. Thanks a lot SR, was running nuts without it on my garage!

  23. BackWard Adventures

    Did this mod effect on FPS ?

  24. installed , now have no team lists , only 1st crew member shows in garage , generally messed up the game

  25. Moving the binoculars around is the most valuable thing for me, not gonna lie.

  26. Any way to remove that “Its a trap” shit?

  27. Fucking finally

  28. Why do I have to pick WN8 and not the other ones.

  29. Still waiting for 1.0 to come to ASIA server. Why is there always this delay between when EU and NA get it and when ASIA get it. Because EU is on 1.0, it plays hell with our ASIA clients if we have XVM and/or mods loaded. I suppose at least any bugs will be ironed out before we get it.

  30. XVM is really good when used correctly. When I first started using it I saw my Win ratio and WN7 (now wn8) and basically told me: “You suck”. LOL
    My advice for the newcomers is to focus on Win Ratio, as if you are focusing in winning you will eventually start getting more damage n spotting.

  31. You sre too late allready movd to aslain. Even though i was a fan of this modpack

  32. Wait a minute….If you have to register and log in to the XVM website to make the statistics work then how does it show stats for everyone else? Surely not everyone is registered and logged in to XVM. I don’t understand.

  33. Ahmet rusen Karaoglu

    what will happen when 1.1 released is the mod pack going to work?

  34. Can I use the mod pack on a mac?

  35. thank you QB

  36. Ran into a glitch after installing that would not allow the game to start. Installed it exactly and activated it but the game crashed and keeps giving error messages that files are missing. Ended up having to delete the XVM mod pack and reinstall the original “mods and res mods” folders. I have used this mod pack in the past without a hitch.
    Even tried going back to the original filed and reinstall the files (piece mill) that it was telling me were missing. Didn’t work either.

  37. Quickybaby, are you moving to the official MODS download site?

  38. thank you

  39. actualy this modpack would be great if you could somehow get the gunmark percentage in the carousel and sesion statistics to go with it…

  40. Thanks again for the modpack. The time saved on transferring equipment and crew means MORE TANKING!

  41. Why is your mod not on the official WoT mod site? I love your modpack and have used it previously, but with Wargaming now having a site for mods that are allowed, why not have it located there?

  42. Quicky, can you make a video showing us what you use in terms of graphic settings for the new update ?

  43. Martin Rakovický

    Why not put it on

  44. Notice the easter egg in garage?

  45. Hey QB, why didn’t you upload your modpack into

  46. Christian Wintersig

    @QuickyBaby no offense but do you use the same script every mod pack video?

  47. XVM is good for players who enjoy statistics sheets more than the actual game. For alarmingly large portion of the players the use of this silly mod only causes anxiety and leads to these stupid moments where, after seeing a bad XVM prophecy, some players just give up without even trying to fight it out. If you get more enjoyment of your gaming moments with XVM, the good for you, but if you start noticing the symptoms of acute XVM poisoning, just uninstall the damn mod. Enjoy the game as it is.

  48. I followed your steps and now wot dosent work? What i do?

  49. thanks for the mod pack Veteranbaby

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