World of Tanks – 1.0 New Glacier Map Preview HD

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Source: Anfield

Discord – https://discord./5ZZNvJc


  1. New preview of the Hoth Map

    So while uploading this they opened up the common test again, go figure.

    • We need our daily Hoth

    • New preview … of the next cancelled map.

      Several dozen people will complain. WoT will get rid of it. The remaining several hundred thousand people will wonder why there are so few maps after 7 years?

    • They should stop making garbage maps then to be fair, and they’ve removed maps that were far more balanced than maps kept in the game, there is no logic to their reasoning. The ruining of the steppes in HD is remakable moronic.

  2. Its just part of the 30v30 map cut smaller

  3. Looks interesting, both from a visual and a gameplay perspective. The narrow, serpentine path on the west flank reminds me of pearl river, which is a good thing. Nice vid, my dude.

  4. Does the game feel different with the hd maps ?

  5. new mechanic: HE/artillery shells break ice

  6. Have played this map, mid is very playable…

    • Well I was way wide on the ice having a little mirco battle.  Both my and the enemy team had several tanks battling mid for quite some time.  The other great thing about this map is that it is huge.  Definitely not ‘mines – tiny’.  You can really get out of view range, or sneak across ’empty’ areas.  Or maybe people were just too buys looking around at the pretty.  But that’s how it was working when I was on it.

    • bikebudha01 I said multiple different times I didn’t get the map in a pub battle…..

    • yeah, got that.  so I chimed in that I had played it, and that mid was playable.  You had wondered if it was in your video.

    • But you didn’t get it because you said “Have played this map”

    • ‘have played this map,’  = I have played this map.     ‘have played this map?’ = have you played this map.

  7. Pls WG remove the invisible wall

  8. It looks interesting.

  9. You shouldn’t use “This is the right hand side of the map.” That pretty much depends on which way you are facing at the time. Use east or west — it’s somewhat traditional with maps.

  10. Muhammad Qasim Dilawari

    your profile pic makes me moist

  11. General Gao's Chicken

    I agree with you that the giant ice ramp is a bit silly.  Why wall  off the top at all? just make it shorter.

  12. Hard to get your bearings without the minimap

  13. Noob use the minimap

  14. looks awesome

  15. oh look anfield made an actual video 😉

  16. Very cool map. Time will tell if it’s going to work for wot.

  17. “Extension of the sea”

    I believe we refer to that as a “bay” good sir ?

  18. It's not what you think

    I look forward to getting sniped by Swedish TDs everytime I try to play mid.

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