World of Tanks – 1.0 New HD Maps!

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Source: Anfield


  1. Did you and lemming break up?? D:

  2. HD maps look so good I’m gunna nut

  3. Got roped into 1080ti crypto mining prices just for some bad tank game Feelsbadman

  4. what 1.0 is out on test?

  5. Eli_Kekistani_Anon _Ree

    Thank you for your modpack, please don’t forget to update it to 1.0

  6. I like how the Foch statue on Paris is easily destructible but glorious Ленин isn’t. Wargaming says there is no Russian bias but things like this and patches like 9.22 really makes you doubt that.
    Also, I think the trees were indestructible because they technically were bushes, making it so they grant way more camo.

    • Ok what about the previous patch when the buffed Conq. S.Conq and Badger appeared is it Russian bias again or what ?

    • And don’t get me wrong the thing with the statue is really dumb but that doesn’t reflect on game play so it is irrelevant …

  7. They put some Bach music here and there, I like

  8. I like holding my dick in the base! I play tds 80% of the time! My best sexual experiences were made that way lol!

  9. is it only me or do the HD maps looks a bit “fuzzy” like the anti aliasing is set really low, but my PC runs the game on Ultra settings with 60 FPS no problem and i have the AA set as high as it will go, + i have a 144hz monitor. for anyone who is going to ask, my GPU is a GTX 1070. anyone else noticed this?

  10. Wot looks amazing now.

  11. i lag very bad with low graphics.. rip me

  12. Shooting buildings is laughably bad ?

  13. 25:00 Well Anfield, if the map design didn’t encourage camping, what would artillery contribute to the game?

  14. It's not what you think

    You can’t call them black buildings, Anfield. They are African American buildings.

  15. that shitty mechanical keyboard sounds….

  16. holy shit i can believe i sat on my ass for over 2 hours… but the maps look amazing. Wish i could live in some of these maps they’re beautiful.

  17. I’m impressed, they made a 1k x 1k map look like it’s size

  18. also, fuck mediums, i hope they make maps against them.

  19. Watched the whole 2 hours 20 minutes ! Stalingrad removed? dang

  20. You will never know how I died on Fjords

  21. your’ glitches is gpu card driver bugs 😉

  22. Did you have a problem with zooming in, as soon as I did the screen went bright green.

  23. Fishermans bay elernberg couldnt watch anymore after that….they look flat…little ability to double bush…looks like he meta and everyone lit at same time will be only thing that saves u…but looks like redliners will just feast on anyone moving permatracked brawling etc. Wg sucks turd again 3.5 years for these maps….and before u say anything about being a software dev anfield…ive had my software company for 12 years …and everything about wg and its output just is wrong 3-7%of rev on r&d my arse

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