World of Tanks – 1.0 Somua SM Gameplay

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Source: Anfield


  1. first!

  2. Where is Italy tanks ?

  3. Nice BCS reference there lol

  4. Sounds like you are clicking your toenails on the floor…the fuck is that sound? 😉

  5. Wow 5th comment yeah!

  6. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    This thing is WAY better than the 50 100. OP

  7. Next premium: Skorpion M ( captured by russian army an german scorpion with front armor of IS7)

  8. tenk iz 2 gud, plox nerffz

  9. “The Somalia” lmao

  10. how much does it cost?

  11. After installing the update I tend to load into the game a minute and a half late and with a majority of textures and tanks not rendered but yet you seem to be able to load the game before the timer ends….

    Is it your graphics settings or just your PC specs?

    I run gtx970, 16gbs ram, I7 4790k, and the game is on an SSD hybrid

    • Rocky it’s very likely your hard disk. I have moved my WoT Installation from my ssd to hdd (because of space) and I see the first battle finishes loading 2-3 seconds before the battle begins.
      I have a pretty beefy pc.

  12. Alexander Agustine

    9:02 “That dude probably got XVM focused” hahahah

  13. Now everyone will cap there now since theres cover. Great… Its kike they are trying to ruin the game.

  14. I absolutely hate what they’ve done with Erlenberg. Completely destroyed that map.

  15. big creap, jussy exp.. peneata for t9 and 10, u have 10 15 nice good battles and after the rng say.. stop no more dmg for you hahahahah

  16. Tier 8 57 heavy?

  17. With 6 skills and bearly run with 35, 37kmh top speed,total shit hp ratio (12,50) turet traverse 26 and 37 seconds reload and you recomand this crap. You must be joking. Most of the games you gonna see tier 8,9,X and they gonna …you. This tank is a shit turtle autoloader.The super armoured AMX M4 49 it’s way better in any astpect then this shit.I hope players wan’t be that idiots to buy this absolute garbage Somua SM.

  18. It's not what you think

    Think the Obj V4 is worth the ground or you think they’ll balance it into the ground soon?

    • It’s not what you think it’s probably going to get it’s terrain resistances and the armor on the hatches nerfed into the ground. I’d either rush to grind it or wait to see exactly what happens

  19. Yeah
    Game is still shit LOL

  20. lol i want to log in and have premium tank in my hangar 😐

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