World of Tanks – 1.01 Progetto 65 Gameplay Quick Look

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Actually I enjoyed what little I got to play of the tank last night, it was fun and more innovative than anything else they’ve added without feeling gimmicky or broken. The tank is fast and has great gun depression and I think will be enjoyable for many.

  2. it looks awesome

  3. The mechanic does look like a step towards the right direction. Kuddos to them.
    But the fact that the tank is fake (loosely based on napkin stats) is both a let down to history and keen players. If i recall correctly there was another tier 10 candidate which was simliar to the leo. Perhaps they could have made that as the top with a little italian twist to the model (turret dimentions, hull length, proposed guns etc.) that would have been a better solution and a logical upgrade to the prototipo B.
    Sadly none of them are gon see this comment so…

    • We’ve come a long way from realism now for many years let’s be fair

    • They need to give this “reloader” to Chi-Ri

    • Andreas Johansson

      They stoped with the realism when the Tiger1 got the long 88, this game has not been realistic since they nerfed the Hellcat to a t10 heavy tank mobility.

    • If you’re playing this game for the realism, you’re playing the wrong game. Play without the expectations, (which to be fair, you should know better by now, unless you’re new) and you won’t be disappointed

    • This game stopped being realistic when they gave the German 88 mm gun the pennetration they would have against an armour plate angled at 30 degrees from vertical instead against a flat target. Because the real values are higher then in game, short 88 could punch trough 162 mm at 100 m of flat armour (in game used to be 132mm now it’s 145mm) and the long 88 could punch trough 232mm at 100m (in game 203 mm).

  4. can you switch the team during the battle?

  5. Akuretaki Nikolay

    Spagettho 65. Noodle monster.

  6. Finally something new in this boring ass game

  7. Where do poor Italians live? In the spaghetto.

  8. it actually looks really underwhelming..

  9. Lol, if you had a med kit

  10. If it did 390 alpha instead of 360, I would be a lot more intrested

  11. veicolo nemico distrutto!

  12. when i see anfield playing progetto in the second day of 15 days of mission, while playing worse than with other tanks, i get sickness dizzyness and i drop to the floor occasionally, the whole day

  13. It's not what you think

    Worth the Free exp or should I still save my fexp for the V4?

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