World of Tanks || 1.1 Modpack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby
►v1 1.1 – 29/08/2018


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. it’s a bad version, I dont have name/tank list in the battle!!!! mod is fckted!!!!

  2. Normally tomatos are the ones who cry, I can see from the comment section, I also see “XVM and gold ammo id the worst that has happened” that’s how you know they’re tomatos…

  3. Hey, QB, thanks for the fast mod pack update. I am sadly unable to use it as the game keeps crashing 🙁 Any update, please?

  4. Is it too much to ask to have just 24hrs without this stat whoreing toxic bollox infecting the game

  5. Guelberson Brendé

    thx QB

  6. Krisztián Mátraházi

    uninstall xvm pls thanks

  7. mods causing team personnel lists to disappear. needs fixed

  8. I like your modpack but I think there is a problem with this one? I can’t see any team or what map it is? when I uninstalled it everything worked ?

  9. broken mod, fix pls

  10. I asked my dog do you want xvm he wagged it’s tail and barked

    5 minutes later he looks at me sad “we’re not going for a walk?”

    So we’re split on xvm I love it he hates it

  11. i have for many mod packs set up xvm and settings in wot but for the life of me i can not get it to look the same as when the game opens to show all the stats of your team what have i been doing wrong for many mod packs

  12. sorry for wrong video but could not comment 1,1 preview. The damage missions are long run so you can do the damage in 100 missions. only cause damage within 3 missions in a row is harder but is enough if you cause 1/3 in single battle. So 8000 dmg to meds is not single mission but many combined.

  13. Philipp Haberland

    I got a question: why does the mod pack stop working after a week or two?

  14. If they were to change the matchmaking what do you think they could do to balance it personally I think they need to get rid of the two tiers up matchmaking that it is right now and make it a one tier up matchmaking because then you get less people that just spam premium rounds and premium rounds are one of the more annoying things about World of tanks because any tank with good armour is made completely useless I don’t know that’s just my thought I’d like to hear yours

    • They need to do something or else the game just gonna get worse and worse until no one’s playing it anymore

    • True but remember WOT is here to make money not to make it fair, if they just put people with a win rate 49% and up against the same 49% and up, people under that would have a better chance in the game and people over 49% would fight there own or higher, that would make them earn those win stats and not get them on the back of lower players

    • kevin mcshane they’re here to make money I understand that but they should also understand that a bad matchmaking give them a bad reputation and a bad reputation make new players not want to play the game and in those new players that do play the game their first experience is getting one shot but tanks to tiers higher so they stop playing but if they do this It will give the game a good reputation making people want to get it or maybe bring those people who left already back to the game

    • try this, if your car is broke you will spend money to fix it, if you suck at this game and hate getting killed or cant pen shit WOT hopes you will spend $$$$$ spend $$$ spend your money on upgrades, matchmaking is there way of making the game broke so you will spend money in hopes of fixing it, they hope, I am on your side, if they just put people up against there own win rate % would even it more out

    • kevin mcshane about the e25 doesn’t it only go up one tier or did they remove the preferential matchmaking from tanks

  15. Those people moaning about XVM are the same people that moan at other people for paying for a little bit of gold, when they pay f*** all to play WoT and complain about everything. It’s a business not a charity, they pay so you can play. These are the very same people that complain a tank is over powered instead of learning game mechanics and getting better at the game and how to destroy that tank.
    We can take away XVM all because they don’t like it that everyone can see they are a tomato, but then they will go back to moaning about ‘gold ammo’ (even though you pay credits not gold) and how the arty stun mechanic is more overpowered than how they were before and they should just be removed. Do us all a favour and stop playing, if a game makes you that angry to the point of obsession you need to find another game.

    Thanks QB for getting the mod out on release day.

  16. 3 of the same ad on mediafare the “this is not a joke, 1 000 000 person wins free apple device”

  17. QUICKYBABY could you upload the mod to the wot’s mod hub?

  18. How can i stop your ugly mug coming up when i’m spotted. 😉

  19. Im kinda sick of all these “XVM RUINS THE GAME!” comments. Like come on, are you 5 years old or something? Just ignore this video if you don’t want the modpack. Quickybaby took his precious time to make this modpack, and he is generously sharing it to the people that WANT IT. Its not here for you to complain about it.

  20. buy me a tank, my name: Kraljevski_Kondom

  21. ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗
    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X

  22. how can a team based win rate show how good you are as an individual?????? for example i could place bottom of every game but my team wins every game and vice versa, i could be top of the table every game but the team loses every game. Win rate sucks and does not truly show individual skill… STOP THIS NONSENSE WG


  24. @quickybaby I’ve come to find two glitches with the modpack already. The first is the game has a chance of crashing when you return to garage. the second glitch I’ve found is that when in a platoon your team lists won’t come up on at all wither or not you are pressing tab to view mission(which also don’t show).

    • yeah I have been having the same 2 issues. The person I was platooning with did not have the modpack and was fine.

    • I didn’t form platoon with mod pack installed but game crashes happend to me as well… When I switched back to “vanilla” client problem disappeard

  25. Be a man Quicky, play vanilla if you dare.

  26. Does anyone know why XVM doesnt display win % in games it looks to display number of wins? On the scoreboard.

    • Timothy Headington

      They changed it on the official XVM mod. It now shows : total win8 of living players vs total win8 of living enemy players. The > or < shows the larger chance of winning and the color changes to indicate by how much.(The same as personal win percent colors)

  27. I love the analogy of you lifting a finger to change the camo net 🙂
    Thanks for the best modpack out there

  28. to be honest, there are a ton of other mode pack that helps you transfer equipment and crew automatically but without this toxic XVM.. the one I’m using is call protanki by Russian.. super awesome and useful mode that can zoom out more, transfer crew/ equipment automatically, if you’re playing arty it will tell you around how many sec your shell need to travel to reach the target, showing which tank has been spotted b4, showing how much hp a tank has left the last time its spotted, showing red color when you get pen, green when bounce, orange when HE splash not only on your tank but your team and enemy tank as well.. such a good thing if you’re still learning about weak spot, plus a whole lot of other legal stuff in there that you can personalize yourself.. I seriously enjoy mods like that instead of stupid xvm that’s so darn toxic.. trust me.. uninstall that useless xvm, try something that is actually helping you and you’ll have a more peaceful game.

    • Jonathan Cipriano

      That sounds like a really enjoyable mod! Where do I get it? (:

    • +Jonathan Cipriano I’m not in front of my pc now.. but its call protanki or something along the line.. I think they have a youtube channel as well ca protanki and I guess there is the link in all their video for that mod.. try and check it out.. 🙂

    • Jonathan Cipriano

      Yusha, Russian right? I think I found them. Thank you so much my friend (:

  29. equipment changeing is not working

  30. makes my game crash every time a battle ends

  31. I only use xvm for switching crews and equipment lol

  32. This stuff should be vanilla, or banned.

  33. I’ve had issues with crashing when leaving a battle after dying, too. Thanks QB, your content rocks. Love this mod.

  34. Thank you for the mod pack but a bug exists where when platooning, players using the mod pack cannot see their or the enemy team list on tab or in game.

  35. when it will be released for asia server ?

  36. Oh good lord QB there isn’t that much button pushing to do without your mod pack. lol Besides that people should know how to do things manually so they understand how it all works.

  37. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    I know many people wrote it already, but XVM damages the game and noobybaby should stop promoting that shit.
    edit: I really hope he gets yolo’d every match by some XVM tomatoes. he is so bad already without getting yolo rushed… yet it would add to the fun

  38. I only uninstalled Xvm cause it made my game hella laggy and it wouldn’t let me buy tanks

  39. y cant they make the asian server up date at the same time

  40. Playing in Platoon i dont see the enemy, so rest is fine

  41. 90k gold wow

  42. gamecrash after every fucking round wtf i have never seen so a buggy modpack -.-

  43. Someday I’ll have 500k subs, just not today. LOL I like the convenience of not having to search for my binos & camo net every day.

  44. Now this update is just (**)TP’s which are the new tank

  45. crashtestdummy 76

    thx 4 the mod-pack

  46. My dog really likes the modpack 🙂

  47. Got damn it… I already bought 280 binoculars…

  48. Christo Engelbrecht

    Thanks QB, Aslain’s kept crashing my game

    • update aslain modpack that will fix it, crashing game is caused by XVM alone

    • Christo Engelbrecht

      Sorry to be a bit dull, but if XVM is the issue then why would updating aslains fix the XVM issue? Just to be clear about the crashing: It happens intermittently when i start a game and freezes on the loading screen where it shows the player for the battle

    • aslain did already updated xvm to version 7.7.1 instead of 7.7.0 version, so it should happen less or not anymore.
      know this because i am a little involved in mods myself, it is not to make comercial for aslain at all. (admin on different modpack)

  49. Thanks for the MODPACK…

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