World of Tanks || 1.2 Modpack with XVM

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Source: QuickyBaby

►v1 for 1.2 – 11/10/2018


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


    • Ty, and GG QF :). I hope I can keep this one for more than 3 months lol.

    • Love your modpack+XVM very much ♡

    • I couldn’t use it on this one. Ended up using XVM’s mod pack.

    • Hi QB, thanks for this… may you consider changing the WR% shown in pre-battle list from overall to last year or 6 months? this would better trace global level of player, specifically the one who are improving. My example would show that my overall is 52% where as I am performing near 56-57% over last few months. this would be less missleading.

  1. Thanx for the uppdate.

  2. Just downloaded latest modpack and got a virus warning. Never had one from previous versions. It is allegedly a Trojan in the com.modxvm.xfw_7.7.4.1061 file, within the ‘mods’ sub-folder. Anyone else getting a virus warning??

  3. Do the mod work in platoon? the previous did not work for me in platoon (left the XVM info blank including tanks info).

  4. Is the “platoon” not showing tanks, tir, players nor xwm fixed?

  5. Thx QuickyBaby?

  6. Doesn’t work again, same like last 2 versions of your modpack. No information about anyone statistics during loading, and later, in match. Only thing that work is in the garage, moving equipment and my own statistics by vehicles

    • Imaš u videu kako, od 3:40 pozicije

    • +Mladen Isaković hahaha ma to znam ali engleski jezik pojma nemam kad neko priča,kad neko prica poneku rec znam….

    • +Mladen Isaković odakle mu shortcut

    • Skineš brate ovaj zip fajl sa linka ispod videa, raspakuješ ga negde, gde god. Onda uđeš u folder gde ti je instaliran wot, u njemu izbrišeš ova 2 foldera mods i res_mods i onda odeš gde si rapakovao ovaj mod, i prekopiraš ta 2 foldera mods i res_mods u folder gde ti instaliran WoT. Znači zameniš postojeći mods i res_mods folder ovim iz ovog moda, to je sve

    • +Mladen Isaković hvala ali nisam ja programer,ja pojma nemam 🙂

  7. How to install xvm???Pls help i have problem with xvm!!!:(

  8. I’m not so sure why ppl hate mods an more so xvm tbh but theirs so much hate for them. However for me I just use it like I would skill rounds an it’s their use it or lose it.

  9. Thanks! Life is easier now! 🙂

  10. Why cant we see the number of battles that players have and wn8 in the same column inside of the game anymore?

  11. WTF WarGaming! Add the damn crew- and camonet-toolbox-bino-exchanger into the client!!!!

  12. Anyone else not having the camo net move?

  13. I’ve been having trouble with modpack only when platooned with three not two. It loses the players on the top right and left and the info with the tab pressed and the kind of tanks as well I have reinstalled the game and the modpack this has been happening for awile just thought you should know maybe It’s my fault but maybe others have pointed this out as well. Thanks for the work you put in to make this mod available have a good one

  14. I think that you should refrain from promoting this horrible xvm mod, and all youtubers should. Because of XVM, the win % and all the info about the other players, people go and drown themselves when the game starts or go afk. This mod promotes toxic behaviour and unsportsmenlike conduct and racism. I kindly ask you to think about your influence on the community and not promote a mod which has a very negative impact on the game and the game experience.

    • No, he can keep updating his modpack. The question I have for you and the others who want QB to stop is how do you actually deal with these sort of things in-game and outside in the real world? Just because some of you don’t like his mod pack you should take a look at giving that message to WarGaming instead. You have to stop taking things personally in the game like that because it really isn’t healthy. Just ignore the crap from the idiots or if it’s directed at you just simply make fun of them 😉

    • >pretending that online games aren’t toxic to begin with
      >pretending that people on the internet are nice people
      >pretending that people on the internet aren’t retarded


  15. Thanks QB really enjoy this mod pack.

  16. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    How can you see the damage along with the XVM in the garage? I only have the Win ratio displayed there on the bottom left corner…

  17. When I installed your 1.1 mod it worked perfectly except when in battle while part of a platoon the in game list of tanks would disappear. But was fine when I was playing on my own. Not sure if it was your mod or a game bug.

  18. all hail quackybaby

  19. Henrique Macario Dante

    Stop Using XVM noob.

  20. Hi QB thanks for the content,

    For the last couple of modpacks I have been having issues with the team lists vanishing in game when I’m the 2nd or 3rd member of a platoon. Anyone else having this issue or any ideas on how to fix it??

  21. Please stop including xvm wn8 stats during battle in your modpack. It’s literally the most cancerous mod there is.

  22. add a mode like if you are in battle and you forgot that you do or do not have the six sence a little red icon above you comander red icon dot pops but if you dont leave it like it is so when you go to battle you know that you have sic …. or not

  23. Windows reports virus in download

  24. Thx, but your Modpack is still broken in platoons. I’m going to skip this one.

  25. ? you and your modpack

  26. >75% of the wot players dont understand statistics to begin with and only cry about difference in “colors” between their team and the enemy team or worse “winchance”…stop using this dumb mod. Iets show your audience you can be a good player without this xvm crap..

    edit: and don’t be a cheap ass.. just buy more camo nets and binoculars OR uninstall them after playing a TD, go to next TD -> install equipment (<10 clicks). You make such a big fuss out of this equipment chancing especially while most of your audience has far less tanks to swicth between.

  27. Hey Quicky, you used to include a zoom out mod in your modpack. What happened, has it been banned?

  28. Hey quickybaby, I’ve never commented before but this gold ammunition is starting to peeve me. I am starting to see it more in the lower tiers than before so I post this question in hopes of you being able to quantify. Is a players win ratio increased when gold ammunition is in their loadout vs standard ammunition. Sincerely cruncher of numbers.

  29. So many comments about xvm and focusing stuff and what if I tell you that YOU FOLKS DO NOT NEED TO BE LOGGED TO XVM to use this modpack. Just install it for other features, there is no need for xvm website login, simply just don’t use it. No one will know your stats if you aint loged into it.
    Btw thanks QB for saving a liltlle bit of my time since I don’t have to search all this stuff in Aslains modpack 🙂

  30. one of the downloads did not download plz fix

  31. now what im i gonna do with 2.1M exp i still have to exchange with gold?

  32. New map walk through pls!

  33. Please stop spreading XVM to the masses.

  34. Just installed mod. Now I can see any tanks that are appear on the rosters is this a bug?

  35. TOP NOOB video ,,, 2 baddie im notnoob and dont NOLO LOL thx next !

  36. xvm should be changed to show how you preform on a weekly basis to prevent statpadding

  37. Can you do a review on the amx 65t and the amx m4 51 plz i was looking for them and i dont see any from you thanks

  38. Omg … copy paste. .. so lame, use a installer .. !!!

  39. It’s not preferential premiums or arty ruining the game it’s xvm cheaters…….how many times my clan mates bitch on about ” arty focuses me cause I’m green blah blah. Why would you want to know who the best players are on the other team? If that does not adversely effect the game I don’t know what does. I don’t need xvm to tell me I have a losing MM why bother playing with no chance to win. The in garage mods are a front for unfair game info during the game itself. WG should have a stats blocker etc to stop cheats finding out info during unfair game play. If I was a decent player I would be pretty cheesed off to be the attention of arty and the rest of the enemy team using these unfair mods. MAKE THE GAME FAIR AGAIN BAN XVM………

  40. Can anyone recommend me a decent medium line to learn the playstyle?

    • Take whatever line you like the tanks best in, they all play differently. I chose the british medium line, and then the russian light to the t54. liked it

  41. No player list in battle again… 🙁

  42. Highway is back and the new oriental map too

  43. Why are your mods not working on Asia server anymore?

  44. to late QB, I’v dropped this mod for webiums modpack. far superior to yours and he gets it up the same day 🙂

  45. not everyone have 500 tanks lol

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