World of Tanks || 1, 2 or 3?

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World of Tanks – Progetto 46. Today we’re trying to demystify the new Italian autoreloader begs the question: 1, 2 3?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Looks like a monster for tracking, though I don’t know the DPM of it.

  2. DiamondGamer243 /DiamondGamer123/

    hi QuickyBaby i working towards the KV-1 but currently i am on the t-28 could you give me some advice please

    • Here’s some advice: the KV-1 and KV-1S are great machines, and the IS is too, but the KV-85 is *painful* to play.

  3. That ram on the Scorpion reminds me of that time when I nudged a Maus to death with my E 100 when he face hugged me!

  4. That’s not a hole it’s some new fancy active camo

  5. Nice game, good staff and one question about auto-reloaders; IS-3A was classified as a auto-reloader also. I know he has one crew member less but… will that thing be all so buffed as this one?

  6. gg when you are in tier 6 battle, show us replay where you play against tier X

  7. amx 30 b PLS

  8. War gaming have nerft the super pershing’s armor

  9. I bounce more Than 1.1k dmg with my pta Type 4 heavy shot me With his 14cm gun

  10. I’m gonna get the kv2 today

  11. Why do the tank look like an e50 from the back ?

  12. So good stuff and all but when will you show us how this tank actually performs? Aka in tier X matches

  13. Sir if you have time can you do T30 gameplay

  14. What color is the decal on your shirt, to always be nomm’d by the green screen?
    Also how does ammo changing work on this tank?

  15. Powercreep. WG wants to sell the new vehicle.

  16. OMG I didn’t even recognize Mines until QB named the map… Great job WarGaming! WoT 1.0 looks absolutely lovely 🙂

  17. From 15 y/o play like a normal medium tank until situation where u can use auto loader

  18. Reload time too insane they will patch it pretty sure

  19. I tried to get down from hill by jumping on enemies in stronghold with IS-3 but it wasn’t good idea,I got stuck 😛

  20. So this tank is putting to retirement Lorraine 40t?..:D

  21. “they never Nerf gold tanks” please do Not talk out your ARSE as I said they NERF the Shit out of the Super Pershing and Correct me if I am Wrong is THAT NOT a GOLD TANK ? so nice to know that QB s spoon Feed from WG..bloody Shill… Keep saying that But the proof is in the Fraking patch Notes Also did they NOT Remove the Pref MM for Gold tanks ? so is that NOT A NERF ? sounds like it is…

  22. I love the rams in the first game!!

  23. I hope they will buff lil bit the armor at least turret

  24. Isn’t Renault UE 57 lighter than Scorpion?

  25. Very Well Educated

    Got a problem with male crewmen??

  26. Nice game, they did nerf the Kajui though on console at least.

  27. Damnnnnnn….the progetto is extremely flexible with dat weird autoloader…flexible, and chewy :3

  28. one for the money,
    two for the show,
    three for the carry,
    haha…..oh no.

  29. more like world of think

  30. Akuretaki Nikolay

    country of the pizzas and spaghetti with meat balls.

  31. OMG I saw Wix ad and immediately recognized James!

  32. You know theres something wrong when that poor little tiger 1 can get into a game with a type 4 heavy 😀

  33. You should eat a chocolate reaper pepper while playing WOT.

  34. when will the european server come?

  35. I am going for the fv4005 is it a hard line to grind bc my friend has it and he says its painful to grind for

  36. 9:35 “Wargaming don’t nerf premium tanks” **Cries in Type 59**

  37. Do we really need more auto-loaders, even in a modified form?

  38. Michael von Hirschmann

    Surprised I havent seen a Bleach reference about the hole in QBs chest.

  39. Its not delivery, its Progetto

  40. Is the turret good?

  41. Great. Now play it in tier X like the rest of us that don’t have community contributor MM and RNG. How long do I have to suck WG’s dick and lick their asshole to get same rng and mm as you?

  42. Ma.Arteezy Youtube Analyst.

    is this different autoloader with the T69?

  43. Hey quick I wanted to ask could you do a review and show why the Japanese heavy line I’d so hated like I get that it’s not for everyone I love playing it but I get so much hate from my friends saying it’s not worth at all. I am currently on tier 8 and it’s fully upgraded and going to t9 but have this feeling that it just isn’t good at its tier and I have to admit I hate that the gun depression sucks a lot and that with the new tanks the derp guns just not able to punch it’s weight and the faster shooter gun is meh but I just want to know should I keep going on the tree like is there a pay off as I hear that it’s armour at t9 and t10 just is meh but If that’s the case what should I do sorry for the long post

  44. QB when are Italian line coming to Asian server??

  45. Let’s pray it’s not gonna be overprized or bundled.

  46. Where to send our good replays?

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