World of Tanks || 1 vs 12

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today SKILL_Rexxar is going to try the impossible, or perhaps improbable, feat of going 1 vs 12!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Funny and Epic battle :)

    STUPID KID!!!!! Soo sad he didnt get the kolo and the raisenai :'(

  3. Cromells are definetly in the top 5 or 10 biggest OP tanks in the game
    currently…no1 can deny that…

  4. It was trollly

    mouse fling keyboard destroy monitor. Im done

  6. well played, the best replay i seen in ages

  7. Oh look a cromwell replay! Never seen that before!

  8. I think the most telling thing is that with 11 kills, he still lost money
    on that game.

  9. 🙁 rip cromie ):

  10. no premium rounds, no skill…

  11. his clan must burn a lot of food :(

  12. you say you have played alot of games on world of tanks but yet we never
    see your gameplay just you watching other peoples gameplay. please start
    showing more of your gameplay

  13. ive been watching your youtube channel and streams since almost the
    beginning and i have to say no replay has ever made me feel physical pain
    before until this one…

  14. The fact that I can’t see chat is so annoying

  15. Wow. That actually makes me mad. Feels kindof like a cheap end.

  16. Great Move by the M4 being as he was such low HP ….. Got to feel for the
    Cromwell as well …

  17. In my opinion, he won.

  18. yep i knew it. had to skip to end to confirm that this was going to be a
    heartbreak. goddamn you baby!

  19. bloody awsome

  20. Just another good player in a team of donkeys vs donkey team! With a funny

  21. Totally epic play, congrats

  22. There’s no play dirty enough when you’re facing a scrubwell, as QB says,
    probably one of the best tanks tier by tier – no wonder why people have
    amazing games in them more frequent than other tanks.

  23. i got a similar hartbreak… in my elc, 1v9, last enemy is the FV304 who
    kills us both at the last second of reload of my gun… draw with no

  24. Well he did place himself so a ram was possible, but who am i kidding, i
    would never get to that point…

  25. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Jeez I actually found the ending of this replay quite fun :)

  26. Cant agree to be your best replay quickybaby. ITs just a tier 6 game, its
    lost, and mostly red players in enemy team. No way this is the best. Good
    one though.

  27. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!
    That heartbreak…
    Only 1339 XP , victory overrated

  28. Cromwell – no fun allowed

  29. why the hate comments? this type of guy is rare on WOT mostly is pussies or

  30. NOOOOOOOO! What a Heartbreak! Ahh! Why do you do this to us?

  31. “i wish i played against a team like that” retards are coming

  32. 7:55 is the Heartbreak moment

  33. Agostinho Gonçalves

    yeah, the guy played well, but the main thing was the enemy team being only
    noobs… coming one at a time… and the guy is a jerk in the hill when the
    situation was becoming worse the first thing he did was cowardly runnig
    away letting others dye and lowering enemies hp… without the others
    players damage on enemies he wouldn´t do half that he did… he was just
    being an opportunistic prick, and the true hero was the m4.

    and other thing QB, just because someone have a red wn8 that dont mean he
    is “noob”, i have around 2,7k battles and my overall wno is around 750, but
    my wn8 from my last 1k battles is almost 1,2k, not very good, but already a
    green player or almost

  34. you dont win against 1 vs 12

  35. hahaha awesome. gj M4 ?

  36. Heartbreak T.T

  37. Jesús Naveira Martínez

    T_T T_T T_T

  38. I would have break my set if that happened to me

  39. Cromwell is OP, nerf it :P

  40. André Lopes (OverClock)

    I wanted to see him against Tier VIII tanks ;)

  41. OH NOOO :D

  42. Growing tired of these videos… His enemies played so awfully! Even the
    average enemies I encounter are much, much better than the ones in this
    replay. And that says a lot!

  43. When a player’s load out includes more premium ammo than standard…

  44. And the Cromwell isn’t OP right? ;)

  45. serves that Unicum right.

  46. You should send that man at least 2500 gold

  47. I want to die.

  48. Well, I have to say it: SKILL_Rexxar did an amzing job cleaning the
    battlefield of those filthy enemies, but for such a great job, he goes nuts
    and THROWS the game by putting himself in such a position so he can be
    slammed from above…I feel the stunning emotion he must got when he did
    that, but what was he expecting from doing such thing. You put the victory
    into enemy reach. And they grab it!

  49. I love how much luck this guy has. So many unaimed shots hit

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