World of Tanks || 1 vs 13 – Matilda

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World of Tanks. Today Thurandyl is going on a rampage in the Matilda as he attempts go 1 vs 13!

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  1. If you buy a premium tank you are no longer free to play! cause you have
    spent money on the game.

  2. “-Only- received 25 hits” LOL

  3. I love chewing up Matildas with my Marder 38T :D

  4. This tank isnt very british

  5. I love Matilda, it is so powerful.

  6. arty is pure scum garbage bs

  7. 1v1 in ke ho will destroy matilda all day

  8. it’s good to see the Matilda is still relevant, usually the golden childs
    of yesterday end getting a spanking in todays games

  9. One of my clan mates has 72 Kolobanov’s medals ;-; no joke

  10. I want to marry a matilda <3

  11. The matilda is tougher than tea and crumpets

  12. no brainer tank

  13. I LOVE my Tildy!

    I fully agree with all of Quicky’s comments on this tank. Great for new and
    experienced players and is a lot of fun, even against hier tier tanks. The
    pen on the top gun, combined with the rediculous rate of fire has
    embarassed more than one tier 6 tank.

  14. That M3 in the enemy team was russian since his nickname can be roughly
    translated as “two horses are sucking each other”, and seems to be the only
    adequate player in the enemy team.

  15. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    Great, now QB has created more Matilda pigs on the NA servers for new
    players to deal with when grinding tier 1-4! Thx QB gotta love your OP
    tanks that are disgustingly stupid.

  16. I wish people realized how op the lee is…

  17. It is one of my favorites I go back to when I get tired playing and want to
    relax :)

  18. wargaming whore sucking up to again braindead children; die of cancer

  19. The tank might be newb friendly, but you don’t really learn that much while
    playing a tank like that.

  20. have you done the Lorraine 40 t

  21. Man, the max i got in the matilda was 9 kills :P

  22. Sell Matilda,Hetzer,AMX ELC and Crusader??? Nope…

  23. I don’t know why QB says that the “Kolobanov Medal that everyones wants” I

  24. haha loved it on both Xbox and PC just wish it was faster :/ it has the
    fire power and armor kinda reminds me of AT2

  25. My boy to destroy the matilda must be the T-28 with full upgrades, absolute
    monster gun

  26. tier4, premium t-28 is OP

  27. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Normally an artillery magnet. If you have 3 enemy artillery you have 3
    players dedicated to your demise. This well balances the Matilda, Using it
    drags my win rate down. Very good for new players as they get to live long
    enough to learn not a one shot kill ::).

  28. I have a joke

    Read More

  29. i like valentain too

  30. I had that vehicle for quite a bit, it was awesome… Now i’m using the
    churchill VII and the sensations are similar

  31. QB i have a great video in the batchat where the top 3 players on my team
    do 22k+ combined dmg, and i manage to get a fadins medal and 8k dmg. im
    noticing that your replay website is down. will it be back up soon?

  32. Waltzing Matilda, Matilda my darling……

  33. Matilda is good but that matchup never happen to me i get most only vs tier
    6 so vs tier 4 u have uper hand every time. I even had a game where i was
    complete emty and this tank has much ammo. ;D

  34. you talk so much

  35. 100% sealclubbing.

  36. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    “How to Farm WN8” there you go pal. Purfect Title

  37. When I carry tier 3 and 4 games in my pz t15,noone is there to see them 🙁
    ,just like you said QB,at these low tiers,when you die you leave the battle
    and play another tank.

  38. ? ¡uoʇʇnq ǝʞıʃ ǝɥʇ pǝʞɔıʃɔ I

  39. Is there a single tank that is as good tier-for-tier as the matilda?

  40. So great! Got my 1st pool’s medal yesterday while playing SU-101 :3

  41. Thank you for another turtorial on how to sealclub!

  42. majestic being of the north


  43. That alecto is welcome :D

  44. It’s great at its own tier. When it is against tier 5s though it has to
    hope it can DPM them down before it gets killed because it can’t relocate.
    And against tier 6s it is all but hopeless. That’s why I stopped playing
    mine. I get into a tier 6 match, crawl towards the fight, then get
    one-shotted by a SU-100 or KV-85.

    The B2 is a worse tank, but it has perfect matchmaking. It is similar to a
    Matilda in a lot of ways and with perfect matchmaking it is a better choice
    to play. When it comes to seal clubbing the B2 is the king.

  45. Kinetic Pixell have this replay before 4month and you do it now?

  46. But how is this thing against tier five or six?

  47. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    it is the most powerful tier IV tank i have ever played

  48. Thurandyl: 10k battles average tier: 4.4 overall Wn8: 1530 Only 1 tier 9
    with 10k battles (and only 7 battles on it with 43% wins) -> Sealclubber

  49. At some point it becomes like Eve Online. Where there are to many tanks
    (spaceship). I already think this is true, but the only way to impress old
    players is to keep adding tanks and its very overwhelming for new players.

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