World of Tanks | 10 v 1 The Equalizer!! Havoc’s Games Cast Epic Gameplay

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Source: Sir Havoc

Welcome to another where we see Mc_Tankkie take on 10 players!!!

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  1. Can you start a WOT-uni for console?

  2. That Luchs was gutsy, but a bit inexperienced. If he had wedged himself
    behind the SU, he would have stood a chance of taking him down

  3. hahhaha and that spot mods 4 retards

  4. 999 views to 2k in less than a minute

  5. Yeah exactly :”Fuk”! Well done! But i think at the end he got carried away
    while facing the last one! He was spotted and being expected!

  6. Good game, but why on earth did he load HE against SPGs? Normal AP can just
    wreck those SPGs with oneshot

  7. No Ace Tanker for that game? Seems others may be doing slightly better
    somehow. :s

  8. No offense sir havoc, but ur Wun-2 clan on the NA server doesent know how
    to play they were in a toon on my team and the e75 went not to the heavy
    line and cost us the battle

  9. Mister MatchMaking

    shooting HE in the su-122-44, IS, IS-2, KV-85(with 122mm) or just any tier
    7 or lower tank with around 400 alpha is just freacking silly when you want
    to kill arty… every tier 7 or lower arty has less than 400 hp

  10. Out of all the TD in WOT this is my favourite. Its a lot of fun and kicks
    ass. Keeping on the move is the key and the 122mm gun is awesome for
    derping. When you get into a tier 9 match its a different ball game.

  11. I am surprised that the view range seems to be quite good – when he is the
    last tank Standing he spots tanks that I thought were far outside his view
    range! Amazing game – if I had been the last enemy, I’d have let him kill
    me as he deserved to win.

  12. thats what he gets for killing that poor cute little luchs

  13. these cheating mods

  14. Great game, but why HE at one shot arties?

  15. I liked how he used HE on the O-Ni really good shell awarenes

  16. What a game! I had a kolobanov + pool in this tank in 1 game, but 1 vs
    10…just wow.

  17. I really jsut think that he took a risk with HE against the arties, because
    he tried saving AP and APCR against later hard targets.

  18. Uliuliuli mc_tankki!! Too bad for the end result.

  19. There was only 1min left the game when he spts the OI so he had to do
    something and fast…

  20. SU-122-44 is one of the most amazing TD of the game for sure .

  21. Frederick Schulze

    Hmmm if they had one more useful tank on their team that wasn’t a TOG…

  22. gutting, what a heartbreak

  23. Waaaaa! Very disappointing. Stupid big fat ugly Japanese tanks. Actually it
    could have been any same tier tank. Same result.

  24. Great video as always! Keep up the good work!

  25. 5:55 I thought that was my computer going off :D

  26. That was one hell of a run. Well played to McTanky.

  27. I can testify for not using HE against arty in very high risk games.
    I had almost won an amazing carry that I had killed 9 tanks with just 2
    arty left to kill I load HE.
    What happens is that my rounds rngs into the lower plate of an m40/43 and
    does 100 damage. Gives him enough time to aim and kill me. If I had used ap
    I would have won. That happened in another game as well.
    So from now on in high risk situations I’m relaying on my ap

  28. War Thunder ad on Wot replay page? xD

  29. Why doe she shoot HE at the arty? He still would have most likely 1 shot

  30. Pete <3 Nice to see you fresh again

  31. Joe Raw Cockerill

    HO LEE CHIT!!!!!!

    What a game

  32. Great game, sore loser. That “bg” at the end wasn’t warranted.

  33. i dont understand, yes he made some mistakes, yes, he had a lot of luck,
    but he showed some good skill as well and throw the game at the end like

  34. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    Epic game

  35. Lol at the Warthunder advertisement on the WoT replay results.

  36. A bit of greedy misplay at the end… Would have been better to get
    unspotted first. The O-I was already looking at his general direction when
    he got spotted so that means it wouldn’t really take the O-I that long to
    aim his gun.

    My opinion doesn’t change though. SU-122-44 is quite OP in cities for
    having good armor, blistering fast RoF for its alpha, and scary DPM. My VK
    36.01 H cries whenever that thing face hugs me.

  37. hergullinen taistelusipuli :D

  38. he kinda had the loss coming to him, that was a horrible move to make on 21
    hitpoints, he should have waited till he was unspotted again.

  39. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    really? he says “bg” at the end? what a prick.

  40. And a 1 v 10 ruined by a no skill fat Japanese heavy tank.

  41. uli uli

  42. Oh thank god this AIN’T the QB’s SU-122-44 video, which was a quite
    similar, Himmelsdorf, almost 1vs10, heart break etc.. :)

  43. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    hmm time for a joke…

    light tanks

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