World of Tanks || 110 – 14 KILLS

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today txzoll has his work cut out for him as he prepares to take down almost the entirety of the enemy team single handedly.

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  1. Hello QB, I love your channel and I have been 1 of your fans for about 2 years now. I just want to point out that IS 3 has better gun handling because Russian tanks do not need to aim+ casual ammo rack and fuel tank, so the aiming time for IS 3 is pretty much 0.3ish s. lol You have a great day.

  2. But why spam gold at an arty?

  3. pls stop playing with the camera,just stop

  4. woooooooooooooooooooooooo wtf!!!!

  5. Nicely done by the 110. at the end his 5 opponents did everything wrong, but you need to a little luck for such a result. E25 could easy gotten around when the German superheavy O-Ni was still alive.

  6. T-34-85M 9:52 Tier 6 Soviet Heavy??

  7. Futuristic Tutorials

    what a chit team

  8. It has the stock T-10 turret…

  9. 9:26 qb that’s not a German tank XD

  10. I guess this guy is the most lucky 110 player because I hardly ever bounce anything in the 110.

  11. its funny how u can kill everyone and ppl still call u noob or lucky….hahaha…bitch please….

  12. i still find the 110 hard to play XD. only good when in a low teir game like the video got matched up.

  13. حسين المستبرق

    هله والله

  14. Português crlh

  15. Talk about over estimating the 110 armour… YOU overestimate the upper plate, it’s only about 200-220 armour when he’s looking at you… it is COMPLETE GARBAGE in today’s meta.

  16. QB the o-ni is the best tier 7 German super heavy

  17. 1vs 14 mega idioti.

  18. Hey QB, what are you doing for your 500K celebration?

  19. Oh Gran Maestro!! 14 kills , MIS RESPETOS!!!! El gran Maestro de los Tankes 🙂

  20. He called the O Ni a German super heavy tank XD

  21. When it’s top tier it’s very good but I almost never got top tier matches

  22. Dear quickybaby,

    The name of the Soviet t9 heavy is not st-1. It is St-I. I am not sure if that is Roman numerals, but at least the actual character isn’t a 1 (one).

  23. wow!!Good!

  24. Rng bullshit Rng bullshit Rng bullshit Rng bullshit Rng bullshit

  25. ชราวุธ ราชวงศ์

    lucky player

  26. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    The 110 is my favourite tank!!!!

  27. Well played txzoll a pleasure to watch.

  28. what a terrible enemy team

  29. did quickybaby call a t3485m a heavy???


  31. Wouldn’t it be nice if WG added some credits reward for epic medals. I mean he carried his balls off in this match and only got pocket change in the end. Like top gun gives you +25k credits, pools is 75k-100k, and the hero’s medal about 150-175k, regardless of account type. A little, but fair incentive imho, for performance in a match

  32. QB doesnt know his game!! duh the IS-5 has 360m ViewRange duh!

  33. And this is why 3-5-7 MM is so much worse than the old MM…

  34. 9:25 wait wait wait whaat? german superheavy? lol lmao

  35. I dont know what I missed, watching your content off and on these days and wow, QB congrats on 500k! this may sound cheesy but ive been here a while, ( WoT, 8.9 ) =) and have enjoyed all since.

  36. appreciate the vid 🙂

  37. Fantastic game !

  38. Valtteri Pallari

    im really sad… i blocked 5670dmg and did 4200dmg with my T34… didnt get a mark on the barrel… damn it…

  39. I am very sorry, but this game shows how fucked the economy of WoT is. txzoll has a Monster game! He has to use 7 premium APCR Shells in order to win that game. Each shell cost about 4k credits. T8 premium tanks are using non premium apcr, get the same alphadmg, same or better penetration and same DPM, but they dont have to waste so much money. He only made 6k credits with a premium account.
    Wargaming is nerfing the economy of this game so hard, that you have to buy premium tanks to make some money. This is an idiotic behavior and one of the reasons why I dont play this game anymore. I can understand that, having a premium account is mandatory to play high tier tanks. But that you have to buy a premium tank in order to have even the possibility to repair your bills after a t10 game is pure imbecilic…

  40. When the new chines heavy comes out everyone is saying it’s awesome and the 110 was like NOPE

  41. Qb, can you turn up your microphone, im having problem hearing you when im watching your videos on my smartphones.


  43. O-Ni tier 7 German super-heavy

  44. I love you quickly baby and love your work so keep it up. Who agrees?

  45. pay to win!! When I play with 8 tier never play with 6 tier $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  46. ralroost einsnulldrei

    E25 is a total potato yet has 5 kills in that vehicle. Kind of says all you need to know

  47. BigGameurs [FRDA]

    It’s a trap

  48. StefannoTheConqueror

    Rng giveth , rng taketh .

  49. I wish 110 had 0.38 accuracy…

  50. Wesley vandeurzen

    there are two fueltanks in the front of the IS

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