World of Tanks || 110 vs Stalingrad

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Today I’m playing the T8 the in a tense round on Stalingrad, a map I’m still learning, with Jingles and Ik.

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. gj keep it up qb

  2. first

  3. no firsts yet lel

  4. lol first

  5. stream is lagging hur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur dur

  6. First video i watch in 2015! Nice gameplay as always :D

  7. first comment

  8. I hope you enjoy this replay of the 110!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  9. QB, only in 720p ? WHY NOT 1020p ?

  10. No comments yet? Well, happy new year everyone!


  12. does ik live stream?
    if so can someone link :D

  13. Why bother sidescraping tanks with peaked fronts. You’ll only expose the
    flat side of the peak which makes it easy pen for guns like the Tiger’s
    88mm. Imo the way to survive that situation would’ve been to

  14. Centurion I, T25 AT, Black Prince, or SU-152?

  15. QB tomorow i am going to buy a premium tier 8 tank what should i get:T34(i
    am grinding the T32),112(i do not have a crew for it) or get 5 tokens and
    buy the WZ 111?Please reply soon

  16. Such new video.
    In the 301, yey.

  17. Aww cool! I’ve wanted to see what the 110 is like in comparison to my
    112…great job!

  18. Krzysztof Bryszak

    3:39 VK 30 01 is a medium tank. ;)

  19. Quickie you rock!!! Always the best info


  21. Just got my 110, and i was suprised more than once how bad this tank is at

  22. Great video I don’t have many Chinese tanks just finished off the German
    hvy tank lines may start on these next.

  23. you have a lot of book for an American

  24. still in 2 digits

  25. Hi guys, tomorrow i’m going to buy a T8 premuim and do you guys have any
    suggestions witch one? My favourite tanks are T67 fury and su-100y (the
    mighty boxtank). any help is apriciated! Thanks in advance!

  26. EmperorNefarious1

    Now everyone knows the weak points on the Ferdi, going to make all Ferdi
    and Tiger P divers lives more difficult

  27. Oh. I remember that game from the stream. Jingles rushing alone against a
    platoon of autoloaders, gets killed, and then goes on crying “qqq they all
    focus on me because I’m a famous youtuber qqq”

  28. When QuickyBaby makes a mistake he is always trying to find the most
    stupid explanation to how and why he did that mistake.
    And on Twitch,when he is in a platoon with someone,he always uses them to
    make more DMG and to protect himself from enemy.

    And right there by that you can see why he is an UNICUM player.

  29. 110 is a beast but much like other strong, well armored tanks like T-54
    sometimes the driver can be the weakest link of it as you just bite more
    than you can chew. You can never rely on the armor in this game because
    unless an opponent is a complete tomato he will just load apcr/heat and you
    will get burned. At some point of the grind I was really high on 110 armor
    so I just went straight at IS-6 which “can’t” pen me and was dead half a
    minute later since the guys was a decent 53% wr player and just heated my
    lower plate like no tomorrow. Also, the lower plate is HUGE target if you
    have enough pen to go through it, wiggling can’t help you a whole lot.

    Overall, 110 is just so much better for pubbies than the IS-3 since many
    times the armor works and the gun is so much more reliable than long-aiming
    derpy BL-9, you can actually take snapshots and stuff, DPM your way out of
    situations quicker. I can see, however, how people prefer IS-3 in team
    battles since it is a bit faster, engagements are mostly close range,
    bigger alfa is better most of the time and armor has pretty much no value
    whatsoever anyway there.

  30. Almost 200K subs!

  31. Try this on warthurder noob….

  32. T28/95 <3

    Good game as usual QB btw 🙂 Very unlucky unfortunately. Keep up the
    awesome stuff :D

  33. Which is the best German premium TD (for its tier) E25 or Jagdtiger 8,8?

  34. I hate all autoloaders for this very reason.

  35. Stb-1 review pls

  36. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    I think the 110 is a better tank than the IS-3 because of the armor and I
    often use it in team battles. I now have 1k + games in it.

  37. I have researched the 110 and the Caernarvon. Don’t know which one to pick
    for my next tier 8 heavy buy.

  38. It seems like there is a lot more shit players on EU server, just looking
    at the end game results and the tanks in battle there seems to be either
    really bad players or really good players.

  39. i find 110 better in every respect of the is3. 110 for is very situational
    tank and can perform very good but some days every shell pens your turret
    coupla/lower plate. Also its best not to angle the pike but keep it
    straight when facing enemy tank just wiggle back and ford, and wiggle your
    turret from left to right in about 10 degrees. And when ever possible hide
    that lower plate. Its a very strong tank on some maps where there is cover
    in form of small rocks or dips in terrain. 

  40. I really dont like China tanks,even how good it is !
    Feel like the SoViet tanks are much much much much better!

  41. Nice job, SupaKaisen.

  42. Frederick Oosthuizen

    Lol poor SU its like the guy you walk next to then head gets sniped off

  43. Which premium T8 heavy should i buy ?
    My playing style is face to face combat,i would like to have a punchy gun 

  44. QB could just shoot the lower plate and finish the Tiger P…

  45. I think the Tiger P shot chances were bigger since you showed a 105mm APCR
    shell (APCR is weaker against sloped armor than AP) instead of an 88mm AP

  46. Among the first to comment!

  47. 3:40 VK.30.01 P is a medium tank, not a heavy tank ( just sayin’)

  48. TheMusicFanForEver77

    I played both the 110 and IS3 in randoms and the IS-3 is remarkably better.
    The side armor is thicker and u can angle it better (no huge pike nose). On
    a heavy tank i would prefer bigger alpha over dpm. With good crew/equipment
    the IS-3’s accuracy is great in the close range brawls it meets.

  49. So quicky, still trying to work out how to record WOT blitz? I would love
    to know what you think of it.

  50. Can you do a tripple e25 platoon? I just got my first mark on my e25 barrel
    and its a great (little OP) machine.

  51. Lol the JP2 of 1 of your clans in the enemy team sucked a bit :P

  52. 10 out of 10 karls

  53. That weird drivewheel shot was stupid. It ruins sidescraping.

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  55. 10:27 who is? xD

  56. You have almost 200k subs! You deserve it!

  57. I learn something new every time I watch you.

  58. Make amx 50 100 review , i am very interested on this tank :p

  59. Not a good replay unless Jingles is one of the first to die ;)

  60. Wait…..havent i seen this game before? Not on the stream?

  61. Luv my 110. Far better the IS3..
    keep the good work QB

  62. Harold Tjokrosetiko

    I have the IS 2 right now.

  63. Everything is much easier when you are top tier the only real problem is
    your own team……but these days MM is like nope …….

  64. QB nice analysis of ur match, i really liked when u paused to show us where
    you shot the Tiger P’s armor.

  65. This game was shit. Check my acc: linkin1994 See, how play the best player!

  66. lol, what u meant to say is that it was a gorgeous match up for you and yor
    platoon because you were facing a horde “o” tomatoes.

  67. 110 is such a boring tank if you ask me, lower plate is shit against t8+
    tanks and the fact you cant angle it is so ugly, gun is not really good for
    heavy tank because its a medium tank gun, i just dont like it.

  68. 10:26 look at peppy trying to be sneaky lol. mission fail

  69. Why were you using so much apcr. Vs the side of a at7a med cant remember
    the name and other tanks. I never use gold ammo i may not be great but
    never need gold.

  70. I remember this stream

  71. Juuso Latvakiskola

    110 huge lower plate makes it worse than IS-3 which can reliably face
    smaller opponents who can’t penetrate it frontally. Also with higher tier
    targets IS-3s alpha damage allows it to get better damage when suprising
    someone from a side. In 1on1 situation 110 is better tho, especially if
    shooting gold. Also correct me if I am istaken, but doesn’t 110 have less
    pen with normal rounds than IS-3?

  72. Anyone else notice the QSF-L player on the enemy team?

  73. great content, but since u are uploading in 720p45 constantly have problems
    with watching them, and only on 720p45. but apart from that everything is
    fantastic. 😉
    good job QB ;)

  74. It must feel good your first video of 2015! Congrats! Good Luck on the
    Battle Field QuickyBaby

  75. its basically the law that jingles always dies first

  76. Here’s a tip. Don’t angle your armour when you have a pike nose.

  77. First of all i just want to mention that QB angled his tank a bit too much
    so Tiger P was able to pen his side. Opinion about 110? It’s usually much
    worse than IS-3 when it comes to stronghold battles or ESL games. Spaced
    armour makes IS-3 so much stronger because 110 can’t bounce gold rounds of
    other tanks in it’s tier. Also sidescrape is weak when comparing it to
    IS-3:s one. Sad to say but it’s true.

  78. those weak points you highlighted on the tiger p are the reason why i didnt
    re buy it because those weak points completely negate having that armour

  79. Tiger p gets a 105mm? Thats new to me

  80. i just looked at tank inspector and i was surprised to find out that the
    110 apparently has no spaced armour on the side. is that right? its based
    off the is-3 so why doesnt have any? also if thats right then thats
    probably the reason why theis-3 is chosen over the 110 in most cases for
    team battles because the spaced armour of the is-3 is enchanted with
    russian rng so shots which would hit and pen an is-7 will bounce because

  81. I once derped a tiger p with my kv 2 by shooting him at that spot :pp

  82. Gorgi Kalamernikov

    ok 110 vs IS-3

    The IS-3 has its big derpy gun, so IS-3s are herd tanks. They like being
    massed up and being able to take out enemies one at a time.
    On the other hand the 110 with its 100mm is more of a lone wolf, being able
    to deal more damage in smaller increments, from a greater distance than the
    is-3. Sure it has better armour but it doesn’t matter against IS-3 in close
    combat, as they can just penetrate the upper plate with AP.

    The thing that makes the IS-3 truly better than the 110 is the 110’s engine
    being weak for its weight, making climbing hills a tough job.

  83. 110 is IMO better than IS-3!: 1. more reliable armor, better gun handling,
    not so obvious or “retarded” weakspots.ah and a advice. nor IS-3 or 110 are
    not made for sidescraip. in this replay you saw how and why.

  84. The 110 is a great solo tank rather than in a platoon. It needs a lane by
    its self, like a one on one then it chews up tanks even if they are fast it
    can turn fast enough to get them and reload fast enough to track the
    opponent. The thing about it in team battles is that because of the other
    team coordinating attacks it becomes weaker so that is why the IS-3 is
    better because of the punchy, high penetration and high alpha gun works
    well when they are together. Hope this helps some people me being a very
    happy 110 driver and consider it one of the best heavies and a must have
    tank but with a bit of a learning curve.

    – Bananaofjustice[QSF-L]

  85. hahaha jingles is so shit

  86. I don’t like the is 3, and even if i always get at least 2k damage in it i
    have never had that really good and fun game while the 110 keeps giving me
    great games. Maybe it’s just me but i fell like in the 110 i can carry a
    team while in the is3 …

  87. 110 is terrible at sidescraping

  88. How do you make your map bigger is it a mod or is it in the settings
    somewhere because I can’t find it????

  89. I embarrassed a 110 earlier in my KV4.. sidescraping behind the rock on
    mines he came over the top and showed his lower plate, then kept
    sidescraping badly back at me.. I took 0 damage from him.. all he was able
    to do was shoot my track off..
    So although the 110 is a decent tank, it needs to be played carefully and
    to its own strengths.
    I’m not a brilliant player but I try, and I don’t very much get on with the
    KV4. I prefer playing more maneuverable tanks, generally mediums with
    decent gun depression, but yeah.. that interaction didn’t make me any more
    a fan of the 110 than I previously was.. I have had a lot of trouble
    penetrating them frontally in the past and am sure I will do in the future.

  90. hallihallo hallööchen

    hi QB 🙂 where i can upload a battle which you can watch if you want? 🙂 

  91. me and my friend always platoon in a IS-3/110 combo… i drive the IS-3 and
    deal the most damage and my friend drives the 110 and blocks the most
    damage, both great tanks

  92. RNG got you.

  93. I’ve never done this and don’t know if its frowned upon or not but I upload
    videos of the Xbox version of this game. So far I am getting good feed back
    and people are liking my videos but I’m looking for people to give me some
    more and what should I do new or not do because I really didn’t upload much
    up until recently. But thanks anyways guys if you happen to check my
    channel out. :D

  94. Aaaaand Jingles died instantly. 

  95. 110 feels more agile and the fast fireing gun is so much more comfortable,
    than the IS-3 alpha dmg gun, which has a very VERY long reload time and
    isnt very precise. And with better angle of the frontal delta armor you
    have a lot more bounces on your hull (if you dont angle and let the delta
    armor do the “magic”).

  96. T 28 did have a gun mark.

  97. hi pepp! tryin to sneak into the room lol

  98. Personally I believe that the 110 is better a brawling at close ranges
    because it has better frontal armor, but I still believe that the IS3 has a
    good gun and performs a bit better at peek a boo situations (if they cannot
    shoot you back), because it has that amazing 390 alpha damage. I like both
    tanks, I have the 110 and want to get the IS3.

  99. The VK3001P pen you, that cost u your life later lol.

  100. That was just a dumb mistake at the end don’t try to hide it

  101. my computer likes 60 fps videos but for some reason when it says 45 i have
    to chose the bad quality becuase it dosnt play

  102. Aren’t the VK30.01P a Tier6 medium?

  103. Have u tried playing the PC versions quicky 

  104. Sorry the Xbox version 

  105. Guys although face hugging can be strong with this tank, dont bother doing
    this to tanks that have difficulties penning you at frontal
    engagement…Face hugging will make your cupola more vulnerable

  106. Don’t you all love how QB and many other youtube players NEVER show the 3rd
    page of their results? Why? Probably so they don’t show you how many CR
    they piss away through entirely unnecessary goldspam.

  107. Someone enter the room in 10:15

  108. Man this X5 week has been *BRUTAL*. I sure as shit picked the wrong time to
    get back into WoT after leaving for almost 3 years. Many changes many new
    tanks but still the same old potato head player base. All lemming up one
    fucking side of a map and all end up dying as myself in a SU-152 and a
    Hellcat try and hold an entire flank by ourselves and end up being the last
    ones left alive on the team.

  109. Tigger Pee is quite soft in the front of the turret…unless that has
    changed from nearly 3 years ago.

  110. Poor Jingles. :(

  111. Thumbs up for the tip on the Tiger P weakness. Had no idea it sat on the
    same hull as the Ferdi…

  112. QB, the part of the Tiger P that you were calling the “hull cheeks” is
    called the sponson – you can sometimes read about ammunition stored in that
    area on certain tanks being called “Sponson storage.”

  113. Gotta love the mindset of auto loaders “I have a bunch of ammo to throw at
    you and I will kill myself to take you down”

  114. Apathetic Bystanders

    you can’t side scrape perfectly with pike nosed tanks. 

  115. Димитър Кръстев

    3:40 VK 3001 P Heavy tank?
    14:20 Um..I fail to see the Ace tanker badge…
    Still a good video.

  116. Very professional commentary! Subbed.

  117. (Whispers)..When discussing tier 8’s I must be careful as my T~59 will get
    very jealous. ;-)

  118. Hey QB ain’t it time for a new intro?

  119. My 110 has the same camo, same gun, same armour….but with worst gunner
    (me), worst driver (me)..heh

  120. 9:50 Hell no, he just hit your frontal plate angled towards him. Enemies
    can hit you there before you can hit them. This is issue for all tanks
    which have this pike nose. They cant sidescrapp well. You should know this.

    EDIT : I took a photo where you can clearly see how easy was for Tiger P to
    kill you.

  121. The VK 30.01 P isn’t a heavy.
    It’s a medium.

  122. Almost 200k subs

  123. I always play 110 in Tank Company and in Team Battles. I think the 110 is
    better than the IS-3 because is reloads much faster. When you in the 110
    shoot the IS-3 first and he shoots back you can easily put a second shot
    into him

  124. VK3001P is a medium tank QB

  125. “Before i could get infront and protect ik from dying”…. sounds like u
    were trying to cover yr ass there quicky… u let ik take 1000 dmg and let
    him die before u “could” protect him by blocking the 50 100 from killing
    ik…. UNICUMS always try to ACT as if they are kind people…. in actual
    fact u were the one who could have prevented ik from dying by driving
    forwards and preventing the 50 100 from taking another shot…. i have had
    enough of u trying to pretend to be kind quicky…. such a bold liar

  126. 110 is Awesome. Went out there and got it for myself after I saw your video
    about the tank, I really like its trollish frontal armor. I recently
    switched to EU server and the 110 is on priority list, the 1st tier 8 I’d
    like to have on this server.

  127. anyone else see the “this was a joke. this house costs $6,000,000″… it
    came around 14:12 to 14:20. the quote was from the flat tour 2013 vid.

  128. first?

  129. I like the 110 more than the is-3 but unfortunately the soft stats on the
    110’s gun make it perform very similar to the is-3’s gun.

  130. @ClausKellerman damn learn to write properly, budy. What are you trying to
    say? It’s damn impossible to understand something about what you are

  131. Hey! Can you please play with the tier 7 heavy american tank the IS! I
    would love to watch you play with it! Great video and keep up the good work

  132. Vk 3001 P is a medium tank not a heavy tank

  133. wow really my win8 is over jingle and iK

  134. I fired at a 3001 p with su-152 and ammoracked him in that weakspot:)

  135. jingels uploads this to.

  136. T H I S C O M M E N T I S H A C K E D U C A N T L I K E IT

  137. Good video qb but why dont you do map tactics anymore?

  138. the IS-7 also has a weakspoot like that

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