World of Tanks – 113 3rd Mark Finish Session (rspctd)

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  1. Previous vid in the series –

    I hope this will be useful for a lot of you as the Chinese heavies are hot atm
    Even if you don’t like Prem, try and pay attention to the positioning since that’s where 99% of people have most room for improvement.

  2. Congratulations Anfield !!!

  3. First
    Keep up the good work Anfield
    Love your contents

  4. nice love the heatspam!Soon watching all this kiddos getting triggered is more fun than watching tv. On EU just load heat and enemy will suicide rush you cause they are so mad

  5. 32:00 is when he’s out of gold. he’s like a sitting duck with no fire power. heh.

  6. when the skorpion drove out… instant facepalm…

  7. how much average damage you need to 3 mark this vehicle?

  8. This aggressive gameplay sexually excites me

  9. Great games // 113 squeezed to last drop.
    Perfect co-operation with 907 at the end – nice to watch.
    HEAT .. for me it takes a lot of fun from this game. I prefer old school climate – learn to abuse enemy weak-spots, learn to hide yours – it was more challenging and fair than press “2” or go fck yourself vs Maus 🙂

  10. It’s always funny to compare Chinese heavies with something like an e100

  11. This is not heavy gameplay, this is heavy “art” gameplay, amazing.

  12. is that a website to show the session stats? what is it called?

  13. The best part is when you get your entire team full of players like the skorpion at 36:16 … just make me so sad -_-

  14. ElevateR JustPubbies

    Daddy Rspctd, Good job Dad. You make me so proud, love you ❤️

  15. Rspctd is a really good player, i had the pleasure to play with him a few times when he was on VILIN! #Respect

  16. gold noob shit

  17. The commentary during the Skorp poke. 10/10

    rspct to Respect for this. I expect 5A to be marked next week.

  18. From what I understand they are reworking the credit potential of premium tanks. Currently a 3k dmg game in my lowe on a win with some spotting only nets me around 55k with a premium account and not spamming APCR. So playing premiums may be viable in the future but only if you are playing solo. As soon as you toon up you can almost guarantee a tier 10 match.

  19. I love my 113 but after playing the 5A for about 60 games it seems as though the 113 needs an aim time buff. Less alpha gun, less pen, same mobility, roughly the same dpm, but its aim time with a 4 perk crew is still longer than the 5A’s base aim time.

  20. HEAT as default ammunition 😀

  21. im a little late but as expected nice vid, You deserve to be rspctd see what i did there, No? Ok.

  22. Anfield. I’ve been doing some fan art for my favorite YouTubers. Is there any particular tank you would like me to draw for you?

  23. I could never dream of having games like this. Between shots missing/bouncing and poor team support I would have been dead in every one of these within 1500-2000 damage dealt.

  24. He played really well. But just look at how he struggled to fight E100 after running out HEAT. So sad.

  25. he will be more respected after this 3 marks

  26. The Scorpion's Den

    Hey, what timing! Right as I’m powering through my own 113 3-mark session. Although I’m using far fewer HEAT shells (Need to save those Credits) and only using standard kits. Should be interesting to watch.

  27. very good one, pushing 3 marks you have to use alot of heat

  28. I have only one crew for chinese heavy and I have to choose which one I should buy first : 113 or the new WZ-111-5A?

  29. so why did this tank need a buff again?

  30. Love his play, but as much as I’m not a heat spam hater, I also use it generously against tier 10 heavies… it just begs the question, why. Often he just doesn’t switch to AP for no reason. Looking how well he positions himself, he could achieve the exact same result with 10 less heat rounds loaded per game.

  31. Very nice vid quality and nice session by rspctd…gj Anfield

  32. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    Anfield, about premium tanks, I over heard some people on the russian server, they were saying something along the lines of adding premium status to any of your desired tanks, giving any tank in game to farm gold, so instead of playing idk is6 all day long instead playing any of my tier 10 tanks to make the same profit. I was wondering what do you think about this premium status idea along side of just premium time?

  33. Damn, delivering constantly this amount of damage seems so easy, yet so few can do it.

  34. why?!?!?!?!?!? Why load AP shells if all you are going to shoot is HEAT? That makes no sense. Might as well go all the way.

  35. Since I quit WoT for the second time I haven’t been stressed at all. I don’t know how you can do it Anfield

  36. Cool vid’s bro… Now that’s my type of game play…… I can’t or don’t shoot gold like him. But most players done play like this, he had good support in all the vid’s. it’s hard to get support from ur team in most games. They just like to camp out for most of the game or they just hang back and wait for all the aggressive players to do most of the work, and then die, or get so beet up they can’t lead the way anymore, and then they clean up the end play… and that’s what suck about this game and others like it.

  37. Marshall Allshouse

    fantastic battles and fantastic commentary!
    that last battle was textbook play of mountain pass, absolutely amazing

  38. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS


  39. Amazing commentary as always 😀 that last game the 907 really had his back. I sure hope he sent that 907 a message and thanked him for his competent plays and support. I sure would have if I was in his shoes

  40. amazing play <3

  41. Once I had one vs one with my T62A against unicum 113 player at 100 meter distance. He was hull down and me too. We both coldnt push eachother cause we were covered by TDs . I destroyed his full hp 113 and he coldnt pen me at least once and ofcaurse we shoot both heat. I was like wtf 113 is not that good I was thinking about but in this video it seems that 113 is very stronk than this guy plays it perfectly

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