World of Tanks || 113 – Tank Review

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The T10 tank, the 113, has always been overlooked in World of Tanks and never truly fit in. However in patch 9.13 it received a huge buff and finally is worth taking for a spin!

Starring: Philippopoulous, Alekalek21, Saiymon, Mads2500 and johnharmon as “the cool kids”.

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  1. Илиан Авджийски

    quickybaby make review of t-10 russian tier 9 garbage.

  2. i realy liked a comparsion with the british fv215b
    higher alpha, lower overalldmg, faster with less armor.

    when you compare t10 heavies please do it with all of them (autoloader
    excluded) . :)

  3. Great video..especially the start and the background music ;-)

  4. Lol the start was very funny.

  5. Enjoyed WZ111 1-4 but stop short at 113 coz I’m poor. Guess this is the
    next tank to buy… now gotta earn those credits to afford one. TQ for the

  6. wing yat alpha cheung

    QuickyBaby thank you so much for this review, I’ve been waiting for 2 years
    for this :)

  7. Thou minor nerf, but the gun got really bad. Something’s wrong with the

  8. I know this does not have any relevance to the video, but should i get the
    IS-6 or T34? I heard both are very good money makers

  9. I cried in the intro?

  10. QB gets sooooo many names wrong all the time……….

  11. awesome introduction

  12. How timely! This is the tank I’m currently grinding. Didn’t realise it had
    been buffed.

  13. You should do a review on the T25 AT it’s an often overlooked gem of a tank

  14. It's Skills gaming

    Can you do an IS4 review and gameplay 

  15. Thanks 4 doing a review on this Chinese heavy tank, I have been curious
    about this tank since I began playing WOT over a year ago.

  16. I need help to get to tier 10 I’m only tier 6, please give me advice
    please. I’m not so great either

  17. the 113 looks like it can now pivot well one the 2nd replay…have they
    changed that or does it still hand break turn?

  18. true you made $30,000 but that’s not counting the resupply of the premium
    consumables, so essentially you broke even

  19. Upload an arty game

  20. what a sad story for the tank

  21. Next time I see one of these on the battlefield I’ll give it a hug.

  22. +QuicklyBaby, that was the best intro I have ever seen. I laughed a little
    to hard and spilled my water. ?

  23. Really wish you had not posted this. This tank needs to stay a secret.

  24. Can u do a Tank review of the T20 tier seven American medium tank please

  25. cue the sad piano music

  26. LMAO at the beginning!

  27. Nicolas Covarrubias

    Hey quickybaby, love your videos. Can you please make a video over the,
    Soviet tier 9 heavy, T-10? Thx

  28. And +QuickyBaby the sideskirts don’t really do much

  29. im sorry, but can i get the time at 2:10? oh its … 13:37… ok

  30. I’ll have to start down the chinese heavy line again, I sold my IS-2 out of

  31. The E 100 should’ve put a cheeky shot into the 113 as he was going away XD

  32. Basically, it’s like a fast Maus. I got a lot of Steel Walls in it. By far
    my most fun-to-play tier 10 tank.

  33. That’s ok

  34. lol good intro

  35. As for the second game… i have done this before in my 907 sat in the
    middle spotting and shooting… when people attacked i had the support of
    my team…. but then a wild m53 shell from b/c0 came over the rock and full
    hp 1 shot me

  36. I call luck on those bounces, QB… I’ve played my fair share of games in
    this tank, and the armor hasn’t changed after the update. You get
    penetrated with every heat shell coming at you, while tall tanks like e100
    just shoot down at your front plate with impunity. You can’t go hull down
    because of the gun depression, and in the few places you can do that, arty
    will dig you out really fast. Otherwise, you can’t hide the lower plate,
    and if you try to angle it, you just get shot in the track, with damage.
    The two tits on the turret are also quite easy to hit from close range, so
    face hugging the opponent doesn’t work either. It’s still not a good tank
    for tier 10, sorry.

  37. Neutralize it on the battlefield instead of take it out on the battlefield.

  38. Could you do a video on what crew skills you suggest for different types of
    tanks? Like TDs, Mediums, auto loaders, ect?

    Or even reply with a long as comment on what are the needs and wants in
    regards to the crew skills.

  39. TheOneAndOnlyFluffy

    When you just ask a question and it gets more likes then the person who
    uploaded the video’s comment gets xD

  40. That intro was hilarious, the heavy tanks shaking their turrets at it

  41. Arty working as intended preventes camping right.

  42. Are there any game where you don’t get the high caliber medal?

  43. Thanks for the info on this tank Quicky!!! But here is something I have
    noticed, your lack of videos on lower and mid tiered tanks. It seems that
    most of your tank videos consist of tier 8’s and up. Sure you have a few
    mid tier videos, but what of the rest? You seem to dwell only on the higher
    tiered tanks. Not everyone has a higher tired tank or plans on getting one.
    Personally, I have no desire to get past tier 7. I feel, and I am sure many
    other players feel the same way, that the real entertainment comes from the
    low, medium and late mid tier tanks, 3-7 .

    I feel this way mostly because the cost of repairs and ammo resupplying on
    a tier 10 tank can seriously hurt your credits if you have a few bad games.
    Not to mention getting in a failed match where the opposite team utterly
    decimates yours. This happens, and happen more often then it should.
    Nothing can be more frustrating then to watch your team fail within the
    first 5 minutes of match 3 to sometimes 5 times in a row. Now imagine if
    you will, the cost of losing like that in a Maus. The cost would be
    astronomical! Also add on the cost of APCR or HEAT ammo loss as well since
    a lot of the higher tiered tanks are tough customers to bring down! I
    myself find spamming APCR and HEAT to be a cheap tactic, but totally
    understand their need in higher tired matches. Sometimes things go really
    wrong, as I have mentioned above and you might just need a little bit of an
    edge to even out the odds.

    This is just food for thought and something I have noticed lately. Keep up
    the great videos I enjoy them a lot!

  44. Billsandsabres1975

    Very funny opening…..nice job Quick!

  45. 113 is the better chinese medium

  46. 13:31 One of the many reasons why this game should transition to +1/-1 MM

  47. hardcoreminecrafter9

    i kinda want this tank now

  48. No mention of the frontal ammo rack?

  49. best intro ever :D

  50. QB I know that using your heat in that situation at 12:30 was the best
    course of action but I feel that it was just wrong to the Jagdpanzer E-100.

  51. “The spahpanzer managed to went through my armour” good job there bro.

  52. Yay! Finally! I love you QB!

  53. Honestly I have always loved this tank.

  54. Very nice review.

  55. Thanks for the review! The Chinese heavy line was one of my favorite to
    play through and I unlocked the 113 long ago but never got around to buying
    it because no one seemed to have anything good to say about it. Glad to see
    it’s improved, I’ll definitely be picking it up soon.

  56. Hey QB, isn’t it time to man up and get rid of that boyish fuzz on your
    face? :-D

  57. Bless his shiny little tracks. So sad. Poor wee fella……


    Excellent as usual :)

  58. 113 was designed like a main battle tank. It can heavy, can medium, can
    snipe. Play it like a conventional heavy is just wrong about him.

  59. I accualy love the 113. I really love the rate of fire and the alfadamage
    on this vehicle. probably one of my favorite tanks in World of tanks to
    play with.

  60. i really like this tank compared to my E5, but the aim time doesnt fit my
    play style and is VERY annoying. plus E5 has more armor

  61. Hey QB, will you maybe do a review for the T-10? I think it changed from
    the IS-8 quite significantly and would love do see a fresh review. Thanks

  62. I am glad this tank is good, but how much of this is because it is like the
    T110E5? In that I mean it plays more like a medium than a traditional
    heavy, and the current meta strongly favours medium playstyle?

    Amusingly enough, artillery actually did what it is suppose to do in the
    Lakeville / second game, by dropping shells on a camping heavy, but it did
    not stop him camping :-)

  63. That reload is insane

  64. The 113 is my favorite Chinese tank cause it’s armor and gun and speed

  65. best tank ever, my 1st tier 10 tank

  66. GJ WG now there is no point to driving the E5 anymore

  67. Thanks for the info on the 113! Loved the intro by the way…

  68. When did the 113s penetration changed? I remembered it to be 258 like the
    WZ-120 and 121…

  69. QB you should do more of those comedic intros

  70. Before i watch video, just want to say that i loved this tank even before

  71. Love when people use that starting ambush shot spot. My T92 would be
    sending a ap round at after 44 seconds of move out.

  72. soon as you left your rock nailed by arty….but yea arty prevents
    camping…said only fucking idiots

  73. I want to go down the Chinese heavy line, but how much I don’t want to
    drive the Type 58 anymore is stronger.

  74. QB being funny for once, lol.

  75. Lol the stream yesterday bc-155 tker lolol report XD

  76. The 113 was my first tier 10 HT, and i loved it! Now, i love it much more!
    😀 :D

  77. Makes me want to dust mine off, because I have not played it since I got

  78. I’m currently still rocking the WZ-111-1-4 and I’m loving it! Seeing this
    review makes me excited for the 113 as well since the gameplay is quite
    similar. Fast heavy with good DPM, love it! Although that 490 alpha on the
    1-4 is still something unique on such a mobile platform, really enjoyable.

  79. 113 is my favorite tank, it was really good even before 9.13

  80. Paradoxical Penguin

    I’m now approaching 2,100 battles in my 113 and I absolutely adore the
    vehicle. Before the buffs, it was a rather awkward vehicle indeed and not
    necessarily forgiving. After the buffs however, it is indeed extremely
    competitive. With my equipment loadout, the reload time is 7.91 seconds for
    440 alpha damage – this makes the DPM extremely comparable to Russian
    mediums. The mobility also closely rivals that of the 121 and T-62A now,
    meaning it can easily keep up with medium tanks. When playing like a
    medium, you’re bringing the same DPM, mobility and gun depression of the
    T-62A, but you’re also bringing much superior hull armor, slightly better
    turret armor, much more HP and a lot more alpha damage. This makes the tank
    a truly formidable force when it’s played like a medium tank, with medium
    tanks. It presents the armor and alpha to cripple any enemy force, and is a
    wondrous tank to use in a Platoon when wolf-packing. Great buffs to the
    tank, and I can certainly recommend it greatly.

  81. jemoederwil datjenaarhuiskomt

    LMAO the tier 10 heavy bullying is on point! xD

  82. 2:50 look how he became 38 new messages.
    This like to happen all the time because every fucktard thinks he is realy
    special and will become answerd.
    Or go further and see this an insectoid behavior, patterns that are like
    natural laws.

  83. nuclearsharkattack

    I’ve had the 113 and the 121 since they were introduced into the game, and
    it was a great day when these two tanks finally got some much-needed buffs.
    The RoF was the single biggest factor improving the 113, and the extra 1*
    gun depression on the 121 helped that tank out a lot.

    Great review as usual, QB!

  84. Robert Krestel (Stelkre)

    Nice nice GG :))

  85. Pls review the M103 Pls!!!

  86. Did anyone else notice how the date is 1/13 and it’s the 113 tank?

  87. awesome intro XD

  88. hey QB you might want to re-try armoured warfare it has changed lots.

  89. I love my 113 <3

  90. i like the humoristic scene with the heavy group lol

  91. the IS4 was already quite useless but now i definitly kbow why i sold it

  92. OMG QB that´s the most chilled “get pigged” for 950 hp reaction ever!!!

  93. And the first game didnt show that the 113 is a beast 😉 i got 7025 dmg
    with my wt e100 (15 cm) and only 5 kill ;)

  94. that begin do

  95. Is it intentional this video is uploaded on January 13? lol btw nice intro.

  96. I love the little skits you started putting into your videos, always makes
    me laugh 🙂
    Keep up the good work QB !!! ^^

  97. Danny Kim (Ryokucha)

    I watched the second replay during the stream!

  98. APTAL OÇ

  99. dat beginning though

  100. epic intro, more of this pls :)

  101. Why does wargaming buff the Foch 155? look at it now not the best now.

  102. T-10 is better now I think?

  103. Tier 10 gameplay is sooo broken NOW it’s not even funny anymore!! Playin’
    any other heavy other than E5 is simply waste of time… looks like WG
    simply bent over in front of “russian bias” whiners, it’s pure porn now…

  104. That intro tho … ^^ Good job QB :D

  105. Outstanding video QB. Nice to see you giving the long forgotten 113 (or as
    some called it the 121T T for terrible) some love it quite needed after the
    buffs. Also you might consider updating your Quick Tank Reviews playlist on
    your channel its hasn’t been updated since your T57 Heavy Review and i
    think it would make it a bit for convenient if someones looking for a
    particular tank review quickly. Regardless I know your a busy man just
    thought id throw that out there. Keep up the good work QB!
    Semper Fidelis

  106. That scene where they all shook their turrets no was so freaking sad. Poor

  107. Brenden Del Rosario

    liek iff yuo cri evryteim ::(

  108. Gergely Kun Szabó

    i love the 113 :D

  109. love the starting

  110. dat intro tho


  112. Best intro ever. I cri everytime XD

  113. thanks for this upload!

  114. Is this game pay 2 win?

  115. I feel 113 has been the best MT (surely not HT) even before it get buffed.
    It has been my favourite tier10 for a long period of time already. Talking
    about long range fire, people can’t manage to hit your lower plate or any
    weak spot. And you will find you can easily bounce off those high caliber
    TD’s shots.

  116. 3k dmg is and easy block in the oi

  117. David Van Der Gouw

    you forgot the maus in the intro

  118. Worth getting the TVP or will it be nerfed?

  119. Intro made me cry on the inside :,(

  120. So speaking of buffing tanks that could use it: when is the IS-6 being
    buffed? After the overall gun accuracy nerf (that it relies on to hit
    weakpoints with that weak penetration) and IS3A introduction and other
    tier8 machine buffs it has severely dropped from being a fun competitive
    tank. It used to be my favorite of everything I had in my garage.

  121. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the constant ammo rack damage from side
    shots; I have been ammo racked more times in this vehicle than any other.
    This tank was my first Tier X (and I do like it), but most of the time
    matchmaker will be far less kind and you will have at least 50% Tier Xs who
    shoot APCR or HEAT into the cheeks of your turret, and sometimes even the
    *upper* plate because of your low profile, and penetrate. So be wary about
    bouncing rounds and relying on armor, especially at close range. Sure,
    you’ll bounce rounds when the matchmaker pairs you with tons of Tier VIIIs,
    but when you’re doing mostly Xs, it is *far* less reliable.

  122. I have playing WoT for 2 years i haven t seen a 113 in a battle

  123. Pls Remove this map wg.. I font only fps drops or even worse game

  124. loved the intro

  125. “Why the hell do I have 39 messages, wtf?*

    *tries to click window away*

    “Oh, goddammit! I am derp..”

  126. Great!! I was waiting for this tank review so long.. :D

  127. The E-100 standing there as the muscle guy right :D

  128. “And here we load gold because we have premium account and can’t be arsed
    to show some skill and move somewhere else”

  129. Im a noob here when i see those changes to the tank its not much but if i
    look at dota/dota2 0.5 seconds change on a hero skill or 1 stats buff this
    can be huge for such small change is this the same like in wot ?

  130. Owning both the 113 and 121, I find the 121 is more durable than the 113,
    even though it faces the same tanks. I just seem to do better in the 121.
    Comparing the 113 to the T9 111 1-4, I also think the 1-4 is the better
    tank. The 113 doesn’t seem to take frontal hits as well as the 1-4. Gun
    wise (handling, accuracy, dmg) I don’t notice a difference between the 121
    and 113. The 113 is a medium with more HP and can be played as such. I have
    enjoyed playing both my Chinese T10s and it’s nice knowing they are not
    very popular.

  131. hey, what about using optics on wz 111 1-4 ? atm im using vert stabs,
    rammer and gld. swap gld for optics?

    greetings 2euro

  132. i cant play the videos on full HD anylonger, and also the stream on twich
    is not working on source anylonger…. realy shitty….. :/ the quality is
    way to good for most of the computers i use -.-

  133. All I have to say is the start of the video is just hilarious. Nice way to
    start your usual review sir.

  134. how about 121 ? its got buffed too is it worth grind now ? at least i could
    get use of my 7 skill crew on type 59 :)

  135. cant really make up my mind for what to take of the heavies anymore. its
    too many :(

  136. could you pls do a comparison between the amx50b and the t57?

  137. What about reviews on tier 5/6 Tonks like Kv-1 or something Who playes tier
    10 ? guy guy comeone you forgoten what is a crew on 50% and a stock tank?
    well i did not

  138. Why was i actually sad in the beginning? That sad music hit me hard lol. GG
    as usual QB

  139. omg so sad :(

  140. i loved the beginning QB, keep doing stuff like that its great!!

  141. haha epic intro

  142. Honestly, I thought the other five heavies were going to simultaneously
    fire upon the 113. lol
    Apparently, I’ve been playing the NA server way too long.

  143. Splendid intro <3

  144. Obj.263, what about that?
    Personal for me it can be absolute blast or nightmare to play, but thats me
    playing it.

    Whats your thoughts about it? Sell it or keep it? Good or bad.

  145. I cried at the beginning… It was so depressing… ;_;

  146. How about a C.Action X review? Is it worth it? 🙂
    Thanks! :D

  147. yeah, now show all the gameplay where arty just shits on you taking out
    your crew, where your own team blocks your positions while you re in hunt
    for gun depression, all the driver deaths… ofc ammo racks too but you
    know made in china, right

  148. it took me about 4 Month to get expert China brcause of the rarizy of the

  149. Try doing a maus or type 5 heavy review as you have done an e100 before as
    for me I have all 3 Coz big tanks rule

  150. awesome Start

  151. the 113 was an shy and overlooked heavy tank but now its the fear…

  152. that was a very good video.

  153. that was a very good video.

  154. The beginning was a very touching story :'(

  155. At intro, lol

  156. give support to the 113 we love you

  157. ha! i laugh at the 113 in my t30 td, why? cuz the average player doesnt
    know the 113 well enough, i catch them alone and on full health and just
    face hug them, lower the gun to the max so the mantlet is low, and follow
    his gun, then shoot it right next to the 113s mantle and give it 750
    lectures in freedom. keep doing that. if u can shoot its front lower
    glacis, u can k.o. its engine, set it on fire, or damagge its engine. shoot
    it flat in the sides a bit low and rear to the turret, damage ammo rack, or
    one shot it, and the esiest, shoot it right spank center behind the turret,
    set it afire via engine or fuel tanks. quickybaby, u really do cheat us of
    valuable info on weaknesses.

  158. all wg has to do is to strengthen that lower plate and the 113 will be
    amazing at being a proper heavy.

  159. rather sure that in the second game the second artillery shell could of
    been avoided but it seemed QB went into greedy baby mode and paid for it
    with that artillery shell 😛 but at the same time it seems arty went full
    tunnel vision and aimed only at QB

  160. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I notice the 215b wasn’t in the intro either, another lonely tier 10

  161. That is one sexy tank, I can just imagine it in HD :)

  162. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Where did you get this camo? I really like it :D

  163. Very versatile tank

  164. oh cmon after this intro I have to grind the 113 just because I kinda feel
    bad for it…

  165. Hey QB! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your content
    since about 16 months now and it helped me to massivly improve my game!
    Thank you! Greetings from Germany!

  166. t62a or object 430, which is better???

  167. io sono indeciso tra il t62a e l’object 430 , quale mi consigliate?

  168. Love the intro!!!

  169. im loving the changes youve been making to your videos QB xD

    poor pre patch 113. 1yk = 1 pray.

    113 LOL

  171. Thats all well QB but you’re forgetting something…

    You have 38 messages pending. – Wargaming

  172. 🙁 QB you almost make me cry!

  173. Here where the arty fires from?

  174. Hey QB do you have server reticle on?

  175. When will you change the boring intro? Anyone made one yet? You asked in a
    video for a while ago :)

  176. This video also shows how weak the IS-4 is now compared to all of the other
    heavies at tier 10. They need to buff the gun so bad. Past 200m its nearly
    impossible to hit anything.

  177. QB can you make a video of your wonderful TK with your arty? Title it
    something appropriator like QB tries out Battle Assistant for the first
    time Your reaction pure joy !

  178. the first part of review was hilaroius x) hahaha

  179. FINALLY. Now I love my 113 even more

  180. Please notice me Senpai!

  181. Dat Spahpanzer at 10:20 though :D

  182. Great Video… realy cool :)

  183. It looks like a really fun tank. Good heavy for people that love mediums!

  184. Could we get an IS-4 Tank review too please ? :)

  185. I would have expected some analysis of where it could be usefull for clan
    wars etc, but they, its tanks so I watch it anyways.

  186. Jesus christ!!!! A TANK REVIEW ON THE 113…. Fave tank btw…

  187. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    Loving the extra effort at the beginning QB! XP Hilarious

  188. Hey QB – i like where the channel is going 🙂 see u in the game m8.

  189. Strahinja Mirosavljev

    OMG that drama!

  190. Before the update, I had played the 113 quite a lot. It was great then, and
    now it’s even better…I absolutely shred E-100s with this thing. The dpm
    makes this tank an all time favourite for me.

  191. The hidden gun stats are still shit….

  192. LOL stuck at 30% during stream

  193. After being shunned by those mean bully tanks at the beginning of the
    video, I would have liked to have seen little 113 be accepted into his new
    pack of friends.

  194. Aron Vanhaeverbeke


  195. 13000th view

  196. Come here little 113 I will be your friend.

  197. So you did a 113 review on 1/13, eh? Anyone digging what I’m shoveling?

  198. You’re a bright and good young man.
    You never insult players, i appreciate that.
    So like we said in Quebec, Lache pas la patate mon homme.
    Peace, Love and WoT

  199. José David López Correa

    Nice start on the video, QB! I didn’t expect that.

  200. +max musterman no it fucking doesnt

  201. funny and informative – me like!

  202. Omfg the first minute of this video had me wetting myself!!!

  203. so nice video! here it Camed! 113 rewiew! thx qb and can you also make a
    IS-4 rewiew?

  204. I always do that with my 113. Sad to say sometimes I just look like a fool
    and die. And or I die to artillery in just 2 shots.

  205. Thx for this review I just unlocked this tank :D

  206. Hey QB, thanks for all the good stuff on your channel! I’ve got a quick
    question for you.
    I have in my garage the T34, the (not so) Super Pershing, the t54
    prototype, and another few lower tier premium tanks. I am looking to get a
    new tier8 premium tank. What would you advice? CDC, FCM, IS6 or another
    What’s your favourite tier8 premium?
    Thank you so much!

  207. it doesnt fire 50% faster than the t34 do the math

  208. hey, u have 38 new messages!

  209. The beginning was hilarious!

  210. Poor little 113 he gets left out liek if u cri everiteim D;

  211. Gorica Scepancevic


  212. 0:47 Please. look into the eyes of this poor tank and find it in your heart
    to help him. For 25 coins a day you can ensure this tank never goes hungry
    and can receive life saving vaccinations and a glass of milk. Plus we will
    send a picture of the tank you adopted.

    Think of the homeless tanks.

  213. u should do a review on the IS-4

  214. Полковник

    Shitty tank ever.

  215. Perfect beginning!!!! XD

  216. Sweet intro!

  217. So sad :(

  218. best review evar, like

  219. Now my t10 chinese tanks are mainstream :(

  220. Cmon qb, you know that the is-7 never reaches 59 kph

  221. +QuickyBaby, are you willing to put an inbattle wn8 in your modpack? It
    will be very usefull for everyone to see how well they play in a battle.. I
    think this would improve many peoples performance 🙂 Please think about it
    🙂 and thanks for the review ;)

  222. Is it just me or does the 113 look like a stereotypical medium tank (like
    an obj140) ?

  223. Hi quick baby I was wondering when u review a tank and comper them you
    never include the British tanks

  224. I have never felt so emotionally attached to a tank before

  225. is4 seems so left behind These days…

  226. the first minute had me LOLOLOLOLing. Another great vid.

  227. Nice “intro”

  228. Well, know the IS-4 needs a buff…

  229. Chinese tanks always seem to have that problem of setting on fire

  230. Dam i thought you guys were gonna shoot the 113 at the same time when he
    pulled up to the group

  231. Needs a buff still.

  232. Aww the opening saddened me

  233. awsome intro

  234. quickybaby can you tell me how i can sent you my replay?? ihave 7000 damage
    with E100 and you might see this replay

  235. That intro. I cri evrytim.

  236. smiechlem na poczatku

  237. Curious about that Hearthstone screenshot on your desktop :p

  238. With gold ammo armored vehicles lose their point ..we should all play
    lights and mediums so that would have sense , gj wg :)

  239. Please review is4

  240. That poor 113 :(

  241. Please review is4

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