World of Tanks || 12 KILLS IN SPG – NO PROBLEM

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today WarPig117 is going to get the most kills I have ever seen in an SPG in World of Tanks. His weapon of choice? T6 British SPG FV304.

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  1. Just OP…

  2. At 12m 15s (For Counter-Battery Fire) – Spelling in the description is
    wrong, it says ‘In a battle edstroy all enemy SPG’s’. I am currently
    working my way toward this SPG but there’s a long grind to get there.

  3. You get Radley-Walters for killing 8-9 enemy tanks AS tier five or higher.

  4. arty scum bag

  5. So balanced

  6. IchButterMirDenLachs

    I think in the Description of the Radley Walters, WG means, that the tank
    you drive has to be at least T4 and not the tanks you kill

  7. Skilled arty player ? What kind of animal is that ? :O

  8. i hope you have a review M48…plzzzzzzzzzz

  9. good video
    and QuickyBabyTV can you help me to get better
    thx QuckyBabyTV keep up the good woke :)

  10. I got my counter-battery ribbon in 9.8 in my FV304 :D

  11. that was good
    quickybabytv how can I play better in world of tank ?
    hop you can help me thx and keep up the good woke

  12. why did i sell that thing damn

  13. Nice vid… any chance to see more QB mission gameplay?

  14. Welcome to artillery play in WoT. The next 200 games won’t be anything like
    this one, ‘cose it’s all random. That’s how you balance a game!

  15. i wrecked a heavy and a td with my bert in recent matches its still good
    just not as op as it used to be

  16. What do you guys think of the nerfed FV304?

    I’m at currently at Gamescom for an ultra special week of streaming at the
    event, come check out my livestream!

    • +QuickyBabyTV To be honest: i still love it. It is not nessecary for a tank
      to be OP to like it. It has a great firing arc, great mobility and still
      great rate of fire. And the gun is still accurate for an arty.

  17. Fuck i loved this 🙂 I got one after the nerf and love it. I mean the range
    is very limiting to how close you can get.

  18. Point and click… very skillful….

  19. ow old is this replay ?

  20. Makes me wanna grind on XP for my Bert just for fun. 

  21. I nearly got that ribbon, game ended with a 3V3 arty dual, I got two of
    them. No cigar though

  22. Blows my mind that a player can get 12 kills and the team only wins by 2.

  23. This is so disgusting.

  24. it is the most use tier 6 arty in clanwars and skirmish so yeah “its not OP
    at all”

  25. I always believed that all arti lines should be like the British are now.
    WG should add more 75mm-122mm howitzers but added another 203mm guns in the
    US and USSR lines when they added 2 more tiers to arti.

  26. that face a 3:58 killed me XD

  27. Banana 

  28. So I did 2.3k damage, 5 kills, For Counter Battery-Fire, top of the team,
    in a tier 8 battle. It was also a loss, I couldn’t fight against 5 tier 8s.
    Even after the nerf, I was able to get my Mastery Ace, and a Gore’s medal.

  29. the only arty i play, funny bert :x

  30. anatoly fourtwenty


  31. JUST. SAY. BERT.

  32. Nashten Spanbauer

    If ya look on the counter-battery award, they spelled “Destroy” wrong.

    Just wanted to break your “OMG I H8 ARTY” fest.

  33. Who gives a fuck about scumbags. They can eat pizza while playing.

  34. Disliked because artillery.

  35. Ive done that much dmg in Bishop nothing special..

  36. monkeystandoffsucks

    I had a similar result in my Wolverine

  37. I have 10 Radley-Walters’ in my leFH 😀 .
    As well as a Kolobanovs’ medal, too many to top guns and high calibers to
    remember, a few counter-battery fire, some Gores’, as well as a bunch of
    other great medals.

  38. GG warpig… my favour tank,spg,td,lt… IS FV304… i have 13k batlles and
    3k is IN FV304… i can’t stop when i play with him :)

  39. Love my FV304! Very strong tank! Very fun to play!

  40. WarPig117 let the Halo references flow through you.

  41. 117, that number sounds familiar ;)

  42. Actually artillery should all be like the fv304: rapid fire – low damage. i
    only hate it (and i guess thats the hate on artillery at all) that they can
    just 1shot u without big chances of counterplay in a game with many
    mechanics. addidionally it is even luck based – if you watch the replay of
    the tier 10 british arti of qbs replay page (he uploaded it on utube) you
    see the insane inaccurate guns that have like a 1/4 chance to hit. if it
    hits often you have a good round and if it doesn’t u r useless.
    on the fv304 its like the artillery in wows (world of warships) where you
    hit nearto every shell if you preaimed right because there is no insane rng
    potential (if you fight between 0-15 km)

  43. Bert does it again!!

  44. Warpig is playing that tank very well: “Click (wait 10 sec) Click (wait 10
    sec) Click….”

  45. Fuck the FV304! Fuck it to oblivion! Everyone who abuses it too! That piece
    of shit is the definition of broken OP! 2 of them can track a tank for
    ever! WG better removes this fucking fantasy tank and ban all their users.

  46. WTF

  47. Lol it said “edstroy” all enemy artillery

  48. I just want to point out something WarPig was doing in this game, that it
    doesn’t seem like I see very often: looping shots over armor.

    Normally, in artillery you would just aim for a target and if you manage to
    HIT, you’re happy…if you get lucky and somehow hit top armor, GG. But
    it’s not something you generally aim for.

    The 304, though, has fair accuracy and such a high shell trajectory that
    with a bit of luck, it can nail top armor. The way to do this is to aim
    slightly *behind* the enemy vehicle so that the shot is more likely to
    either drop onto the top armor (the green trajectory line will show you the
    impact centerpoint, but doesn’t work in replays) or go over. Aiming
    straight at the target tends to increase the chance to hit it, but it’ll
    generally hit front/side/back armor instead for heavily-reduced damage.

    The nerf to the 304 a while back, as well as the general accuracy nerf,
    have made this harder to do, I would say he got fairly lucky in this
    game…but it’s still worth aiming for, especially with otherwise really
    heavy targets like KVs and IS’s. IS-3’s are my favorite thing in the world
    to lob shells into, because their top armor is so hilariously weak that
    even the 304’s low penetration consistently goes through.

    Edit: of course, if you use Battle Assistant, it takes a lot of the
    guesswork out of aiming for top armor, especially with stationary targets.

  49. He posted it on my birthday :)

  50. Hey QB, what free cam mod do you use and could you leave a link so I could
    use it as well! Thanks, keep up the great work!

  51. Hey guys…………………………………………………. Arty
    stops campers

  52. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    Nice shirt. You look like one of the posh people. :P

  53. That medal is so rare that wargaming hasnt noticed the spelling error in
    the word ‘damage’

  54. No more war pigs have the power!


  56. Could you do a review on the 113? I’m debating on getting it

  57. Ye im gona unsub because of this, your promoting arty game play something
    that ruins the game.

    • +QuickyBabyTV kinda hard to deal with something so broken when it focus’s
      you every game because of your stats something you must understand, last
      thing we need is more arty players

    • +Gunnar Karotte when 304 could hit ur head from any angle and position per
      10sec , u still think its cool , lol im out

    • +Pepper462 unsub too , this guy call a 304 user as “skilled spg player”

    • +Pepper462 +QuickyBabyTV On the REAL battlefield artillery is your best
      friend! Just call in the coordinates, sit back, relax for a moment and boom
      goes the enemy. World of Tanks isn’t CS but that’s perhaps hard to
      understand if you’re 12 years old I guess?…

    • You got rekt’d.

  58. 7:47 rear violator pushing in? I see what you did there. ;)

  59. i got spg 15 in my fv304, only got a 1st class mastery….

  60. I had 13 kills in my leFH18b2 once <3

  61. VK30と100M地雷やわー

  62. I really want the FV304 now…… *sells other tanks to grind british arty

  63. Twelve kills and no damage taken.
    Bert the Avenger!

  64. very very nice 1, plz slow some more arty replay ;-)

  65. Quickybaby do you use the hd game client

  66. Why does he shoot behind the targets?

  67. I started working towards this artillery a couple of weeks ago. I’m almost
    at the Bishop, and after seeing this my reasoning for going to get it is
    very much supported. :)

  68. The lef, bishop and FV304 are all capable of 12 kills in the right hands
    and situations

  69. hey QB, watched you for years, love your stuff. Noticed you have been
    practicing ‘announcer voice’ lately. You are a natural at commentary and
    you really don’t need to turn into a shill to get better. Please stay

  70. Of course its a damn fv304….

  71. With all the nerfing of the fv304 I think the bishop is better

  72. Bert the avenger!

  73. FV304…

  74. I considered putting up my 4.8k Fv304 7kills in a t8 match, but who
    cares… Not anymore now i guess

  75. Lasse Hovlandsdal

    And I was feeling so great about my Radley Walters FV304 game 🙁 At least
    mine was on 9.8.

  76. Oh come on. Fuck this tank. Dislike

  77. Nasty british box tanks :D

  78. TerryMaster_ 0158

    QB nice shirt LOL

  79. The replay was from a year ago? So that explains the fast Bert rate of fire

    not surprising.

  81. He is most certainly a pig. 

  82. Funny how people say the Bert is not arty when it’s the most op arty in the

  83. Мирослав Йорданов

    you play minecraft ? see 13:00 at the top left corner

  84. 12 kills is the most you’ve seen in arty? Bert is no arty, Bert is TD. Bert
    is light tank

  85. I’ve Got a Radley Walthers in my M40/M43 where can i Send in my replay?

  86. Not related to the video, but my first ever tier 10 was the T110E5 and I
    spent over 30 minutes just staring at it when I bought it.

  87. That was absolutely ludicrous. Artillery are quite OP, not just skilled
    players. Sad WG

  88. I have nade 7 kills with grille doing 2.4k damega.

  89. It is from 9.1 patch. FV304 and accuracy was nerfed few times since then.

  90. Its Bert the AVENGER!!!

  91. yeah i love the this little bugger! Nothing better than hitting the top of
    a KV4 or blind killing a passive scout in a bush

  92. Yea QB at one point the VK 30.01H was a t6 (MED) or not but now its a heavy

  93. People saying “see? Arty is OP”
    Without our Bert the Avenger enemy team would’ve won 15-2. “WG fix mm make
    it skill based pls!”

  94. QB when you meet WG employers tell them to fix some personnal missions
    like the incinerator …

  95. Mister Torgue Flexington

    not really surprising how good he did given the accuracy and rate of fire
    this arty has. now if it were 12 kills with an s51,then I’d be impressed.
    mostly cause 85% of your shots miss in the s51 with the 203mm. 75% of your
    shots hit with fv304,rnjesus doesn’t have as much pull on the fv304.

  96. QB talks so nice and clear that even the automatic subtitles are
    understandable ;p

  97. Bishop’s accury is better than fv… I enjoyed bishop more

  98. WoW, you used a basketball term and watermelonfarmer in the same sentence

  99. “We’ve got the PLEASURE of Watching…”

    QB Get out Now…

  100. Binjwan : Gaming Channel :

    as i was watching this i was making a model of the fv304 how ironic :3

  101. the fv304 still a great arty and i am lucky i have one , and thanks

  102. clicker noob

  103. I want enemies like this ones in video!!!!! :)

  104. Qb do you like Black Sabbath?

  105. If I upload an old replay on your replays site it will be converted in a
    new version than i can watch?

  106. Something is smelling wrong here. QUICKY… you want us to become
    scumbags????? :O

  107. op arty

  108. fuck that arty

    “good skills”
    No. Just no.

  110. Arty fair and balanced

  111. Yh I want one I’m in the birch gun now grinding my way through but the f
    304 is defo better than the birch as she’s very slow compared to fv304
    can’t wait till I get there! 

  112. How can you open a replay that is that old?

  113. This looks less like an Artillery Piece and more like a Tank Destroyer with
    a long range gun.

  114. Don’t matter what tier targets you kill for medals like Radly Walters and
    Pools etc. It’s your tank’s tier that counts. Not your targets. As the few
    pool and raseiniai I have had tier III’s in em :P

  115. arty scum, the reason i started playing wt instead

  116. Ah arty, the whole reason I despise playing World of tanks.

  117. ITS BERT!

  118. Cutest Tank in WOT? lol. Definitely cutest arty =D

  119. Please QB stop spoiling the replay in the title, thanks

  120. Bert the Avenger!

  121. 301 club woop woop 

  122. Why is he deliberately aiming beyond the back of stationary tanks rather
    than directly at their engine decks? Does it allow the shell to hit more
    cleanly by over aiming?

  123. Sorry, but BERT doesn’t count as spg or arty


  125. Finally spg video

  126. I was 15dmg away from getting the gore’s medal with the AMX F3 which has

  127. where do you submit the tiger pig drawings?

  128. OMG my WOT name is WARPIGGabe

  129. For Counter-Battery Fire is such a rare medal, there was a typo what wasnt
    noticed. It said “edstroy”

  130. man, killing those two nashorns at the end. Priceless

  131. What an impressive game. Fuck artillery.

  132. I gotta say, dat SU-100 tho xD

  133. Grof od Banoštor

    Damn it. Today I got my Ace tanker in my FV 304 with 2,3 k dmg and 1100 xp
    in a tier 8 game, and I thought that was good. So you had to release this

  134. Im very sad face now 🙁 :'(
    Why no Bert? It was a Bert. Hope you know.
    *Bert the Avenger ♥we love you♥

  135. 12 KILLS IN SPG?!

    Oh fv304… nvm then

  136. “In a battle edstory all enemy SPG’s…” Great spelling, wargaming. ;)

  137. Nicodemus Maximus

    show me another arty that can get kill streaks that high, on a regular
    basis? BErt is still OP

  138. this is what arty should be moved to, fast firing and low dammage

  139. Arty is only fun for scumbags playing it, but it takes all fun out for
    rest. Wg should make game mode where only arty would fight against arty.

  140. 5:37 LMAO

  141. To everyone whining and claiming arty is easy and OP; play it yourself and
    send in your replays. I know QB would love to see a replay from a
    self-proclaimed “true player” carrying in an arty.

  142. 3:58 LMAO that face though. Someone make a meme out of that.

  143. WarPig117: Ultimate SCUMBAG!

  144. BERT THE AVENGER!!!!!!

  145. It didn’t really affect it all that much. You just have to tune your
    gameplay a little bit to compensate. I 

  146. I wouldn’t necessarily say he is playing it “well”. Looks to be more of an
    average game to me, though in this case he gets ti kill farm because his
    team are morons. But skill? Nah. Skill is not a requirement of any arty
    piece, let alone two of the most broken in the game: The Bishop and FV304.

    P.S. Rear Violator: new band name, I call it.

  147. WTF are you wearing?

  148. scumbeg

  149. click click click click click click click click click click click click

  150. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was an artillery called
    SU-26. 12 kills in SPG wasn’t unusual back in those days…

  151. You can tell he is using battle assistant

  152. LOL

  153. Considering WG misspelled “destroy” as “edstroy” I doubt they see many
    Counter-battery medals either.

  154. Hats down warpig rules and he is the only spg that cannot be called scumbag

  155. I got gore’s medal once with bert, and i was the last one alive in a tier 8
    game. It was quite recent, like a couple weeks ago. I wish to share it with
    you guys, can someone tell me how to send it to QB please? 

  156. Maxi215 Schmorleitz

    +Mootality Die liebe Keks schafft das doch locker. ??

  157. Quicky, you should do an artillery shotgun montage or game, that would be

  158. Looking very shnappy QB :P

  159. Lucky cancer

  160. they need to buff my gwe100’s mobility. It’s considered the worst tier 10
    arty, so why not give it a same mobility buff, like 5 extra traverse speed
    and 300 more horsepower.

  161. Very nice T shirt

  162. Before I started the video, I guessed the tank. What could get this amount
    of kills? Well, I guessed right.


  163. SU100M1 aka Rear violator xD

  164. was ne kranke runde…. ;)


  166. So many comments about how op this little tank is…we get it, it’s op. You
    don’t have to complain about it.

  167. Getting focused by an experienced FV304 driver definitely sucks, it’s quite
    annoying, HOWEVER. I do feel that the 304 is one of the ‘better’
    artilleries in the game within a meta context.
    It has quite a short range and low alpha damage. That means, at least, that
    it’s not a ‘typical’ arty that one-shots you from the other side of the

  168. Bert the Avenger

  169. Really Brilliant Game, WarPig117!!! You got impressive skill, GJ!

  170. I love you QB, but FUCK ARTY

  171. Bert.
    Need I say more?

  172. Great play but what I always want to know is crew skills? You cant just
    climb into any tank and do stuff like this, it takes time to grind your
    crew :-)

  173. This was the funniest vid on this channel in a while :D

  174. 304 is still an awesome machine, while not a match domination machine like
    above it is still hellafun to play and capable of controlling the direction
    of battle

  175. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Not a real scumbag, he doesnt even use the arty view mod to pinpoint engine


  177. like he said.. *skilled*

  178. QB: I (and a lot of my friends) don’t like how you freeze the replay with
    the last kill. I think it would be better if you paused it after the

  179. Not impressed, 12 kills in a tank would be impressive. This was about as
    impressive as a top tier heavy going valley on Lakeville.

  180. gj VK.. reported inaction/bot/donkey -,-

  181. wow! Just shows what Bert could do before WOT cut it’s testicles off. Now
    not as good but still fun to play. It quite often gets into higher tier
    games and you really have to work at damaging the heavy tanks. This is how
    all arty should be in the game!

  182. “SU-100M1, AKA rear violator is going to push in”…

  183. I hate/love this Arty. Also Warpigs? Someone is a Black Sabbath fan. Give
    that man a cookie.

  184. Why do you care so much about medals? I mean seriously what do they do? 

  185. Ooh err missus!

  186. 3:26 what are you talking about? U heard about skilled artillery players? I
    thought it doesn’t require any skill at all.

    • +perunas86 You know what? Let’s try it!

    • +MargoťákTV You don’t know how most people aim? Look at random arty video
      or download random replay and you will see.

    • +perunas86 “So most players have IQ below 100 and even unicums?” – PROVE

    • +MargoťákTV So most players have IQ below 100 and even unicums? Interesting
      xD So you know there is difference but you still write it’s zero skill,
      only rng? wtf? You just proved that you are troll or pathetic ignorant. xD

    • +MargoťákTV u are good dun listen to those retard 304 lover , 304 is a
      totally unbalanced shit and must be removed from game

  187. Nice point and click skills bruhh!

  188. If you can endure the grind through the birch gun, and then get the bishop,
    then this… I think it’s worth it. I’m not one of those guys that walks
    around with a fat stash of free exp….

  189. Just because you happen to have a good game or two in a tank doesn’t mean
    it’s overpowered.

    • +Gabriel Jones Sorry I read, “skilled playerbase” and my mind jumped
      straight to skilled mm, sorry about that. I’m still under the idea of
      making it so arty do around the damage of a medium tank and a reload
      slightly longer than a heavy. I mean this isn’t a simulation game so having
      arty play actual support I feel would make most of the player base not so
      angry about the 600+ damage roll.

    • +Procrastinator7 im pretty sure u didnt played WoT ever , u just try to
      troll us dun u

    • +Procrastinator7 all in all i think arty is fairly balanced, but there are
      some SPGs which are completely broken: Obj.261, T92 and the M53/M55 are all
      OP, in addition to the british line, which, with the exception of the
      Crusader SP, is completely broken and OP starting from the FV304 and
      upwards. There are also some arties which are UP, such as the Hummel, which
      needs some serious buffing in the accuracy and aim time.

    • I said absolutely nothing about a skill based mm system, that would
      completely ruin the current game meta and stats. I do agree that the whole
      game relies too much on rng though, as more rng is implemented, more
      bullshit started to happen, and arty is a perfect example of that.

    • +Gabriel Jones WG has talked about this issue many times. They claim that
      if they were to start a skill based MM system many players would have to
      wait 10 minutes to be assigned to a battle, which wouldn’t be worth it,
      considering most battles last about 5 minutes.

  190. Playing arty in wot gets you girls!?

  191. Bert the avenger!

  192. Or not

  193. no streaming tonight?

  194. Hey guys its QuickyBaby and welcome back to World of Tanks, This time we’ve
    got the pleasure of watching Warpig117 playing in his skycancer.

  195. Livestream today

  196. Fair and balanced game mechanic, makes for more dynamic gameplay. The enemy
    shouldn’t have camped so hard.

  197. At the start, it was really weird. I knew it would be artillery, but I
    expected QB to say Light Tank >.>

  198. that SU xD I am crying…

  199. Once i got 8 kills with a bishop.

  200. My thoughts on the FV304…
    How does it carry 65 shells??? The thing is tiny… and the shells are
    114mm, pretty large, and it’s even weirder that it carries over DOUBLE the
    amount of shells of the bishop, which is massive. Heck it carries more
    shells than the T-62a which has smaller calibres of shells as well and is
    far larger.
    In my experience playing the FV304 you have to aim for engine decks and I
    preferred getting into games where I was bottom tier- infact, my first ace
    tanker game was in a fail platoon where I got into a tier 10 match and did
    over 3000 damage. This spg is meant to whittle down enemy hitpoints.
    Certain tanks seem to be more vulnerable to this thing, which I found to be:
    Churchills (For whatever reason)
    Tigers (Another tank with flat armor…)
    T1 heavies and M6s
    Hellcats, nashorns, tds with no armor
    T-34s of all types
    Light tanks who are dumb enough to sit in front of your gun
    A-44s, Object 416s (try to aim for their engine decks)
    IS-3 turret and engine top

    In general the further away a tank is, the more damage you will do because
    the shells will be dropping down on them more, and the roof armor of tanks
    is very poor.

    • +WindmillStalker And in reality artys are not meant to destroy tanks, it’s
      meant to take care of highly armoured position like bunkers, or huge things
      that don’t move, artys are not a accurate as in this game, taking down a
      tank without a direct shot is nearly impossible, or it’s a lot of luck,

    • +No Sane Person
      Yup, roofs and engine decks are your best friends. And open topped TD’s of
      course, it feels so good smacking two shells right into a Rh. Borsig and do
      max damage.

    • +No Sane Person Because its a game, realism doesn’t have to exist.
      Artillery did not historically take ridiculously long times to reload as
      most artillery in WoT do. Its adjusted to make the game play fair.

  201. Hey Quickybaby, we organized a tournament of FV304 Jousting this evening
    cause we love this arty so much. Play on Malinowka, and try to shoot the
    opposite in a drive-by-situation. what do you think about this idea?

  202. Bert The Avanger Strikes Back!

  203. Wargaming please.

  204. thumb down cause arty (: (:

  205. “Stop Camping”

    Fuck WG

  206. 9:24 #FV304Bowl #GetHype #Hype #CleganeBowl #Hype #WhatIsHype #HypeIsRealz
    #hype #TooMuchHype #CUNFIRMD

  207. Let them bitchings about op arty begin 

  208. Why is your live stream not working

  209. Arty in WoT doesn’t just need a nerf, it needs a total change.

  210. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Filthy fucking mortar.
    Tell me when someone gets twelve kills in an actual SPG using only arty
    Make sure it isn’t some OP bullshit like this thing too.

    • TheCookieMaster 212

      u know what is ‘Sarcasm’ ?

    • VeryUnfriendlySpoon

      +jim fairley
      Assholes will stop bragging in chat.
      Games will be more consistent.
      And trolls will be filtered down.

    • +Lucas K. if they make it skill based mm your win rate will drop..i don’t
      know why people cant see this..your team will be better but so will the
      enemy team…everyone will be around 50% after awhile unless your really
      really good!!!!

    • VeryUnfriendlySpoon

      +Lucas K.
      I can either play an M44 and take off half of a heavy tank’s HP once it
      leaves cover, and then let it drive away, or I can play the FV304, and hit
      that heavy behind cover, track it, and then continue to damage and track it
      until it slowly dies. The FV304 is not only unbalanced, it’s designed in
      such a way that playing against it is the most frustrating waste of time

    • Arty is balanced, I aim fully at a ARL V39 in the AMX 13 F3 so naturally
      the shot goes short and left and one shots a T25/2, arty no problem Kappa

  211. In little of a saying from mighty jingles, Bert The Avenger strike again!!!

  212. Arty life is only life, aha no jk jk.

  213. Jpanther 2 or ferdinand

  214. qb dont go on dark side dont show arty replays that will make them play
    arty even more

    • +Minecraftster148790 Arty playing isnt hard, you just need to be lucky with
      your team to hold back the enemies long enough to shoot them.

    • +Minecraftster148790 arty is pure luck and pure luck should not be in a
      game which lives from player skill

    • Minecraftster148790

      Go and play some arty and u will see how hard it is. Tell me arty is
      overpowered after u get a tier 10 arty

  215. The Anonymous Patriot

    ….. and cue the cry babies about Arty in 5…4…3…2…1

  216. Deez Nutz! Got em!

  217. Hahahahah nice game…lucker :D

  218. half the tanks of that game were killed by fv304s

  219. This has been here about 43minutes! 

  220. QB here is a suggestion for you: STOP putting spoilers in your video title!

  221. fucking pigs :)

  222. How did I know that it would be the F304? :p

  223. He should change his name to SkyPig117 ;)

  224. It’s bert, what do you want. lol

  225. just wait for the comments where people whine about how OP arty is, that it
    doesn’t require much skill and how lucky he got the entire game.

  226. i once had an amazing time with the fv304, a 3 person platoon we went full
    tank destroyer

  227. Noo, the Bert is fair and balanced

  228. I personally hate this arty,once you get your tracks blown up by anything
    that stupid lil thing starts spamming shots and if you’re lucky enough to
    get behind cover,you’ll be better hope that the fv3054 can’t get you.

  229. Broken arty.

  230. Wow. Much fair. Such balanced. Very difficult.

  231. QB do you know about the peppy stream? :o

  232. under 200 likes :P

  233. QB can you move the facecam? maybe beside the vehicle panel?

    • +ethanville I don’t have a comp to play it on so I don’t see it.

    • +Craig Cottam +ethanville I thought it was more to hide the players’ names,
      so we don’t like PM them and rage at them, but then I noticed that he had
      the names on the team side panels.

    • +ethanville see just above 😉

    • +Craig Cottam I know that the chat is abusive. I know this because I see it
      all the time when I play the game. QB doesn’t need to cover it up because
      we all see it anyway.

    • +Craig Cottam It’s prob more for those who have chat turned off, or have it
      censored etc. Easier to just cover it up

  234. That replay was from 2014…

  235. La Synaps (xX Syn4psis Xx)

    Cancer of the game

    • +DeadlyGrub 80%? Even most players from server top don’t have that good
      accuracy. I saw few months ago video with battle from player who have about
      60% wr on Grille or Hummel and 2x avg server dmg after valuable sample (I
      think that was 10-15k battles) and he plays almost always without platoon.
      He must be the luckiest guy in the world if it’s entirely reliant on RNG xD

    • +perunas86 Yes RNG is a feature of tanks but if you actually aim you will
      hit your target basically 80% of the time where as you can miss fully aimed
      shots on stationary targets in arty most of the time due to it being
      entirely reliant on RNG the only skill an arty player needs is leading the
      target other then that there isn’t any you can say due to the insane
      reliance on RNG.

    • +DeadlyGrub and of course tanks are completely not reliant on RNG, only
      pure skill xD

    • +Minecraftster148790 How hard it is to hit things because it’s completely
      reliant on RNG and almost no skill what so ever besides leading the target?

    • Minecraftster148790

      Go and play arty and u will see how hard it is

  236. Shame Shame Shame Shame

  237. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    Well it’s Bert The Avenger, what do you expect???!!

  238. thought this was going to be an arty game. not an OP TD that shoots over
    hills and building.

  239. thats sick.. cant wait one more arty then i can have one

  240. Qb your the best


  242. People will always find a reason to complain about artillery, even when
    this guy clearly carried the game and won it for his team.

  243. I also once lost 200 hp on a tank at this damn tanktrap the su 100 killed
    itself on ^^

  244. red potatoe unskilled skycancer… skilled? no, lucky moron

  245. Still hate arty

  246. holy shit his team sucked balls

  247. FV304 is the most fun arty!

  248. QuickyBaby lookin small compared to Fousey

  249. … you aren’t wearing a t-shirt. :(

  250. Arty is love….. Arty is life……

  251. 땁땁따땁따땁땁따

    Quicky baby I love u ! 😀 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  252. Totally balanced and fair eh?

  253. 12 kills with SPG? I known it was Bert :D

  254. Spg is very balanced much skill required!

  255. you look so strange in that shirt QB!!

  256. 16th comment!

  257. I’m early so let me make a joke…

    Sub to me I have no life???

  258. The best thumbnail i have ever seen!

  259. SU100M trying hard for surprise buttsex

  260. loooooooool

  261. Nice replay

  262. Nice!!

  263. OP OP OP!

  264. Wow what a game

  265. 8th

  266. 7th ohoho

  267. Under 301 reunite!

  268. Hey QB!

  269. early comment!

  270. Big Fat Juicy Orange

    First haha had to say it

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