World of Tanks – 121 3rd Mark Session Finish (Vetro)

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  1. Need to capture your “thats really unfortunate” and make an audio
    notification in-game when I bounce a shot.

  2. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    @Anfield I’m not saying you’re a fanboy, but… you sound like a fanboy
    sometimes during the video. 😉
    Sometimes the ‘awesome’ shots are not really awesome shots that hit because
    Vetro aimed so well, but completely depending on RNG. It’s to know where
    you aim that requires skill, but it’s not your skill that makes it hit
    where you aim.

  3. 121 is my favorit tank in the game

  4. He plays this tank perfectly :)

  5. Anfield will u ever do an e50m one please ;)

  6. Amazing gameplay, superb player.

  7. GOLD NOOOOOOB ! Hahaha yeah Vetro is very very good player it seems that he
    have more than two eyes watching every body on may be 4 screens 😀 Awesome
    awareness !

  8. Really nice session 😉 Thanks for the great content!

  9. Love these 3 mark series, interesting having your commentary over the top
    to explain the thought process. Keep them up!

  10. I just realised that the double chat bug is not really a bug, but in fact
    it also shows colourblind mode colours.

  11. 27:20 T-10 not repairing his tracks is probably because the T-10 often gets
    ammoracked when shot through the drive wheel. Probably thought he could get
    tracks back up in time. Very annoying thing about that tank..

  12. I’m debating if I should pick this up, had it unlocked for a long time. But
    as it is I’m still enjoying the 120, slightly shittier overall stats, but
    amazing with good matchmaking. And i really can’t see myself keeping both
    because of the crew situation. What do you guys think, is the 121 worth it
    over the 120?

  13. What is your reticle ?

  14. This was my first tier 10. I was not ready. This guy makes it look
    unstoppable. Great commentary, thanks Anfield!

  15. Keep the Good work man, Thanks a Lot.

  16. more like this please!

  17. It would be nice if 121 get gundepression -5 like 113

  18. Anfield this series is awesome, thanks for the upload

  19. looks like he is using a behind cover auto aim !! is that legal?

  20. amazing, gg

  21. I love u and ur videos no homo

  22. Live commentary is better than watching stream grind btw. Learn a lot from

  23. your_Master just finished his 113 too; I wonder if he’ll send you his
    session/ask you to feature it. Also; “incredible,” but not really because
    Vetro is a God lmao.

  24. BliBlaBlub DieDaDup

    Can I send you a M53M55 3mark session

  25. which equipment is good for the 121 ?

  26. min. 6:50 you said then you hit the front weal it is almost a guaranteed
    trak shot, is it the same with the last weal ?

  27. Richard Komendanchik

    Hey, Anfield. On the map, Overlord, I actually think the beach can be an
    effective flank sometimes. If you have a fast and well armored tank, and
    push through fast and get behind them all, it throws them into disarray. It
    has worked quite well for me, but in the right tank. IS-7 is perfect for
    it, T110E5 works as well.

  28. I learn so many strategy from these videos. I make my first two mark in
    KV-13 tank. Thank you for all videos anfield.

  29. I’m going up a few lines right now, and after them I plan on going up the
    Chinese lines. I like the play style of a medium wih decent armor, (so 113
    and 121 look good to me). Are they so similar it’s only worth getting one?
    If so, which one is better? Or should I get both?

  30. Watching this makes me actually wanna just give up and quit, will never be
    half this good.

  31. really good. apart from the grammer…”cap fasting” think you meant capping
    fast kappa :P

  32. Do you have any tips for grinding m46 patton stock-ish (90mm pershing gun,
    top engine), except using more prem rounds.

  33. Your intro brings back WWII ptsd :'(

  34. Why are people hating you? You make informative videos like this to try and
    help people learn how to be better, and you get a lot of dislikes. Why?

  35. Tutorials & Gaming


  36. What is he recticle you are using and on what settings?

  37. Legionaryeagle England

    Great video , loving them

  38. I played plat with vetro like 20 games and dude is crazy, finds best spots
    and does 5k like every game… And anfield fuck the haters ur the BEST!!!

  39. SO MANY DISLIKES ? beacause of the video quality settings ?!

  40. Richard Gustafsson

    1:30 is actually really powerful if you play it right. I know the T-62A is
    more mainstream and I like it too but the 121 has some benefits you don’t
    find on any other tier 10

  41. the 121 looks like a beast

  42. Richard Gustafsson


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