World of Tanks | 13 Reasons(Kills) To Buy A Cromwell Berlin | Full Metal Rooster | 13 Kills Rampage

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Source: Sir Havoc

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  1. wow that game he just got lucky, can I have teams and fight against teams
    like this?

  2. Great reply and well played – but – an experienced player in this tank with
    this lineup……..I would rather see a solid Cromwell Berlin game where
    the odds are not that much in favour of the player.
    And still the player and tank do good.
    BTW: congrats with your 20K subscribers, well deserved!!

  3. Great result but damn he lacked awareness in some parts of the battle. At
    5:50-6:20 he even got spotted by the Luchs casually driving to the arty
    behind him and he didn’t even take a look behind :D

  4. You know, the reason the guy was shooting ASPCR was most likely due to the
    range, you could see he lost a lot of velocity and therefore was missing
    more shots there.
    I actually am on NA and i picked this up Saturday, and it is such an
    amazing tank, it feels so good, doesn’t leave you lacking. Especially
    running tea, man the thing is a beast.
    But it sucks playing without 6th sense for those first battles, on such a
    light tank.
    Can’t wait to get it and this tank will be a super beast.

  5. I would buy the Cromwell Berlin but I have 3 MoE on the normal one and I
    don’t want to grind them again

  6. epic game. loved it so much, do you mind if you tell me what mod you use in
    the game?

  7. Aced*

  8. Sir havoc, I have a replay of a unicum game that could potentially go on
    your ‘anatomy of great games’ list. The it problem is that its on the test
    server, but that doesn’t mean I spam gold ammo. I’m a yellow player
    normally but I ave the t54 on my first game ever in it. Just wondering if
    it could be useful for you. If you want me to upload it, could you send me
    a message and I’ll post the link. I couldn’t have pulled it off without the
    help of your videos and the WoT uni comunity

  9. how many perks on crew here ?

  10. Replays don’t seem to record things like crew skills or optics when it
    shows the viewrange ring on them, with the exception of using binocs.
    Something they really need to fix sometime.

  11. Actually once his 6th sense came up i thhink he never went unspotted…
    there was an emeny scout behind him that would have kept him lit up that
    whole time….

  12. He’s got lucky man..he got 13 kills only from red tomatos

  13. first comment

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