World of Tanks || 14 KILLS – M48A1

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – M48A1. Today helgi555 from the RU server is going on a rampage in the T10 American medium the M48A1

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  1. 15 platoon kills… gg

  2. Lol I’ve only played 5k games and I have 900 games in my hellcat 🙂 almost
    got my third skill

  3. oi-experemental cause its a fucking boss

  4. My most played tank is kv4tress

    Why you may ask? LANDBATTLESHIP

  5. hmmm most played tank… my ELC… need i say more?

  6. my favorite tank is the Centurion Action X is the best tank in my opinion

  7. Lol the end part. 😀 go QB!!!!

  8. 4k games in the ELC, because I like to watch the world burn and live on the
    edge, too. ^^

  9. Hi QB! What happened to your replay site?

  10. i had 13 kills, someone else had 1 and some guy with no kill, i seeked for
    him found him and fired my shot turns out my teammate shot a bit earlier
    and i did not get the 14/15 kill medal

  11. My most played and truly beloved tank is M6A2E1 (“goose” as it named in
    russian server). When I bought it, it was pretty bad but after a buff it
    became very, very interesting vehicle)

  12. Oh box tank why would I play anything else

  13. CBETA is a girl

  14. I have better Wn8 than him and ya know why?

    Imma reroll.

  15. Finally some skill..

  16. lol my friend played nearly 100k games:P

  17. csgo& twitch highlights

    this guy had the luck of century,how many bounces

  18. Qb I have one complaint can you PLEASE not reveal any match details with
    the video title? I’d rather not know the outcome of the match.

  19. My most played tank is the Leopard 1 i have 1300+ games …

  20. what happened to the #tankbetter? there’s only been 1!

  21. Amazing. I wish the gun handling of that tank was the same on the console.

  22. _Villentretenmerth_

    Most played tank is Conqueror but soon M48 Patton will be at first place.
    Also at M48 I made my best result of damage. Over 9k also on Ensk. Great
    gun and amazing view range. Probably the best in Tier X medium tanks!

  23. I have played the Luchs more than anything and damn did I get good at
    playing it. A good amount of Top Guns trolled myself some tier 6s and 7s on
    occasion. But now the O-I exp is rising towards my most played tank. It
    already has taken the crown of my best tank as I have 2 stars of excellence
    and am quite capable of posting good results in the O-I exp even when I am
    bottom tier.

  24. That clip at the end Haha! awesome, my most played tank is the mighty KV-2
    for obvious reasons :P

  25. My most played tank is T26E4 Super Pershing, over 3.6k battles.

  26. My most played Tank is the Cromwell but then again I only have 5k games

  27. Most played tank M7 Priest 😀 Did it when it was tier IV before arty nerf
    took place. Btw, I would suggest to new players – play artilleries until
    you understand how to use minimap, because then you have enough time to
    look and learn what’s going to happen.

  28. Jesus christ i never knew tanks could be as big as a hut or something!

  29. Hey QB, would you mind turning on the colorblind setting for your videos?
    There are a lot of us red-green colorblind people around.

  30. Tast “C3aptain” Pharaoh

    Churchill 1, my only heavy and it’s fun ?

  31. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    why is it when i do 7.500 damage i only get 4 kills, although its in a T-10
    1 tier lower :L

  32. Good guy T49. Could denied that Rosieni medal.

  33. My most played tank is 112

  34. Lol it has good armor he says. I pen it evrie fukkin time ? shoot the gun.
    And u will pen it or that tumor on top

  35. shoutout to the t49 for not taking that kill

  36. Great video as always

  37. T-34-85 because its the best tank at tier 6. (my oppinion) Good DPM, speed
    and its a medium XD

  38. Most played tank? It’s the Pz 58 Mutz
    why? because the overall handling (good gun, fast and mobile, don’t have
    velcro for tracks; CDC) and also the front armor is pretty troll (bounced
    an IS-7 twice lol)

  39. the best plyer

  40. my most played tank is t54 mod 1. i have no idea how it is my most played
    tank, it just is

  41. Nice that T49 gave him the kill. He was clearly in a position to kill the
    arty there

  42. This is why I’ll be choosing the M60 this CW campaign instead of the 121B
    🙂 Already have the 907 so the M60 is the best choice, even better than the
    M48 is everything but DPM.

  43. @quickybaby what happened to your comet intro u always used to have

  44. obj140 better

  45. My most played tank is M24 Chaffee, because its a wild ride, fast, great
    vision, can take a hit or two, and the 75mm Gun M17 can put a nasty bite
    into most tanks when your playing peek a boo or just driving circles around
    them. That said, I am most surely not great or even good in it, but I love
    that tank and the only way to get better is to keep playing it.

  46. 77,000 battles?my god playing since forever guess must be a schoolkid or at
    home long time without a job~ nothing else in life to do but play tanks
    24/7, cannot be good

  47. old KV-1S is my favorite tank :)

  48. My most played tank is the HT No. VI AKA the Japanese Tiger

    It’s a Tiger at Tier VI. What more needs to be said?

  49. E 75 cuz its just a badass!!

  50. Цеци е супер пич!

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