World of Tanks || 14 KILLS – STB-1

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. No has ever got 14 kills at T10 before in World of Tanks lets see if DeathRattleShakes will be the first in the .

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World of Tanks a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.



  2. 2:35 pm.


  4. This is how you farm, people. Watch and learn. What you should do – get to
    H4 in your top tier medium then sit in that square for at least 5 minutes
    and farm until city team dies, then relocate, if in problems, just load
    skill by pressing 2 on your keyboard and finish the game by killing 1
    shots. Easy. I shit on this replay.

  5. This is an amazing game. Fun to watch, and your comments are explaining and
    to the point as always. I am inspired to grind on towards my own STB-1.
    Congratulations to the player!

  6. i was have 13 frags amd i bounce ( 320 pen, heat) on ass kv3 and team mate
    f… my rosieni… ?

  7. Wow everybody was a oneshot at the end… :/

  8. working on new mod pack?

  9. If you want to build tension, how about not spoiling the game in the title?
    Idk, just a tip :D

  10. lucky MM, almost all tomatoes

  11. Tolakos Green Love

    pause at 0:00 😛 :P

  12. My best Tier X match was in my IS-4 with 9k dmg 11 kills and just over 13k
    blocked on Ensk.

  13. Evan Chang (蛇精)

    I have a question!!!The staff member says: “• Problem: Flickering + black
    bars (can occur in hangar and in battle).
    • Solution: Run the game client in “Safe Mode” (even if mods are not
    installed).” but I don’t know what should I do!!!! please help me!!!

  14. No mastery badge ?! Surprising :(

  15. Raisenai Medal and Kolobanov’s Medal in a tier X = credit LOSS and only
    1670 xp?

    Fuck you, Wargaming.

  16. ihatemoronsofthisworld

    So maybe change the title for a history 14 kills best on wot:) ?

  17. No intro?

  18. Hi guys!
    The best tool that work is =>
    World of Tanks || 14 KILLS – STB-1

  19. MA Favourite Tank in De game!!!!

  20. Hey QB, it is the Guys in here!
    Since when you are using videos that other YouTube channels feature first?
    Not a good habit to get into…

  21. chanell or I dont know how to write this

  22. Bring back the Good guy series plz

  23. why quickybaby doesnt show is4 or object 268 or su100 replays ( I know
    there are tanks from these which are showed on this chane but they are
    little old

  24. Nice game play!

  25. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Can I add that the sound in the videos are too low, I have to turn up the
    volume on my speakers.

    And when I am finished watching the video, and go watch another video then
    the sound is screaming, so I have to turn the volume down again.

  26. I play Wot blitz but my highest tier tank is a Stug lll so I dont know why
    I watch high tier replayes lol

  27. steven van anrooij

    man, once i can start playing wot again, im going to start on the japanese
    medium tank line.

  28. of course he was from BULBA, they are the unicorns of the NA server…guess
    i’m going to have to go and msg him, I platoon with a few Bulba from time
    to time…Nice to finally see someone I somewhat know :)

  29. got 7 kills in my maus, isnt the highest result, but im proud of it as i
    love my maus

  30. I did 11 kills close to 12 but ran out of ap rounds and I had only 2 he in
    my is-3 vs a t28 prot and 7k dmg

  31. STB-1 is the best medium for me, second is T-62A. Those tanks are surely
    enjoyable :3

  32. hey QB, I saw your Thursday steam. Your review on German LT tree is
    awesome, just let you know it has been a long time since last time your put
    Leopard 1 content on Youtube channel. Keep claim and bugging(is it?) on ;)

  33. ‫אליה יצחק כהן‬‎


  34. look at the timestamp on my comments! why is 11hours ago sent after 14h
    sent!?!? (those times just to point out mine was sent 3hours after the
    comment “on top”)

  35. The most kills i could pick up in a single tier X game was 9 kills in the
    object 430

  36. 8 Kills in my E-100 and 9 Kills in Jg.d.Pz E-100!

  37. Notice how most, if not all, of the NA players QB features are BULBA or
    VILIN players.

  38. 14kills and without prem ~60k loss.. gg wargaming

  39. thenotsoradrussian _


  40. i will be the second!!just kidding..still waiting for a discount for E-100
    as it will be my first tier 10 tank

  41. Yeah middle of Abbey is unbalanced. So Wg will remove this map, like 9
    others in last two years.


  43. On there are 3 replays with 14 kills: this one, a PZ2J –
    unsurprising, and a FCM 50T replay on Ruinberg.
    AND YOU, have on Quickybaby replay site, 15 kills replays… god damn it
    QB, pay attention

  44. I have no tier 10 jet but I got 7 kills in my IS ☺☺☺

  45. I have no tier 10 jet but I got 7 kills in my IS ☺☺☺

  46. Jaylin The LaxBro

    This is a good replay, but it wasnt satisfying anymore when i saw he was a
    UNICUM and from BULBA, its expected from them to do so well.

  47. DRS is a friend of mine as well as fellow clan-mate. For those of you that
    are unaware, our clan, Bulba, is the #1 clan on the NA server. Many of the
    players, including DRS, do WGLNA gold league, so he uses zero mods. This
    video is a testament of his skill, and all of the idiots in the comments
    crying about hacks or chai-sniping have probably half of his recent WN8.

    If you spent less time hating and more time paying attention to players
    like DRS, then maybe you could have games similar to this one.

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