World of Tanks – 140 Looks Sexy Now (Session)

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Source: Anfield



  2. I know a few of you guys like these longer sessions of gameplay so here’s the stream from earlier today (stats are in the description), the end battle wasn’t included as it’s just me being purposefully TK’d by my own arty

  3. nice content

  4. Hey Anfeels, what’s your experience now with the obj140 armor, since it got lowered does it bounce more shots? Also the turret has a wider area of auto-pen for 120 mm guns now (they added huge 37mm ring before the 30 mm), do people go for it more often?

  5. So when did they change the look of the 140 gun? Or has it always been different between console and pc?

  6. lol reports type 4 for unsportsmanlike conduct, and then tells team to report him for down syndrome. Sure he did something stupid, but I’m sure in his mind he was going to help. Does that make it ok for him to do that, no.

  7. looks like a 62a now

  8. happy that i got 3moe before patch

  9. Jesus fuck anfield. You shoot way too much heat.

  10. so y hating the entire swedish line,,,,or is it just the swedes 😉

  11. You shoot too much heat Annie jesus :^)

  12. 261 is piece of shit, artilery with dpm close to tier 10 medium…

  13. Yes! another 140 session.. I’m happy. ty anfeels

  14. I don’t actually understand shooting HEAT from tier X ru meds. Not a gold crybaby, just how can you deny that lovely apcr velocity

  15. Your keyboard is making me sick..

  16. Hey, I am on the Indian panzer to get to the Leo 1 and only at the t34 for Russian meds. Should I spend more time grinding for the Leo 1 or for Russian meds?

  17. Hey anfield im thinking of getting a tier 10 russian medium. im at Obj416. Which should i get first?

  18. Was the turret vuffed afterall? Is my 62A not special anymore?

  19. i watch lots of your video’s,so is best way to play 1 tank a lot..idn 1 day ,,or is it better to change tanks ?i see u play 1 tank so i think thats better way ?idn any sugestion?

  20. Lmao so many people crying in comment section.

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