World of Tanks || 15 FRAGS – Tiger 131

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 131. Today kolinkoyura is going to have the game of his life in the T6 German premium heavy, Tiger 131.


World of Tanks is a online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of you! Plenty more videos coming before, and in, 2018!

  2. The luchs went skkyyyya, poppoppoppoppop. Ty quickybaby ?5:40

  3. You have to be lucky player with some skill and a team of dirt bags versus a team of complete autism

  4. Marry Christmas everyone! My first tank I wanted to go for was the M4E8 Sherman I thought it was a great tank and it was, I just wasn’t very good at the time. like most people when they start world of tanks for the first time. 🙂

  5. Well, I went straight to Type 5 heavy when its line came out, burning gold and free XP (literally skip O ni and type 4), but I really love that sumo wrestler.

  6. tiger is still my favorite tank in wot

  7. tiger 1 yep first grind

  8. M4 inspired me to play WOT

  9. This is basically WW2. Tiger versus 15 shermans

  10. Tiger crews were notoriously poor. Hitler had ordered that the best crews be reserved for the panther tanks, so tigers often had inexperienced crews. Perhaps that’s why tiger 131 was so easily abandoned. Crew should have simply driven the tank back to their own lines if the turret race was the only damage.

  11. Love that webcam placement!

  12. I started my line for the T-54 after one of your gameplay videos, and man I regret it now that I know WoT better. But still thank you for the great content and that you didn’t quit in such a long period of time, Merry Christmas, wish you’ll turn Christian and be saved by God one day. Btw where did 740p and above go?

  13. Fucking hate these salty sons of bitches saying all luck and shit

  14. MerryChristmas and a Happy New Year! Time for some Drunk tanking in between family gatherings and what not..cheers

  15. Amazing replay. Hats off to you! 07 But this one is to QB/viewers that do know, are your tech tree showcases available after each livestream? To your Q about lines, I liked the English tanks’ average stats with no failing points. Decided to go HT because arty wasn’t appealing (at first), TD was alien to me, and med/light just don’t fit my typical “overly cautious” approach to games.

  16. Can we call you Quicky Claus when you wear that hat? And I play Blitz…. but I was half interested in the Tiger, and the Panther…. but I wen after a couple tanks and found myself reading up on every tank I unlocked… it’s what started me into being obsessed with learning all I can about WWII…

  17. Merry Christmas to you Quickybaby!

  18. Tiger was the first tank I ever went for as well, despite rocking the E75 as my daily driver, the tiger is one of the few tanks I have kept in my garage despite not “needing” anymore.

  19. I started with the blitz version then started watching a couple of videos I kind stumbled along to watching ur videos for American heavy tank line perfect tanks except m3lee ????

  20. It was a line for the T44 because am rlly good with supporting with that tank

  21. This guy uses auto-aim way too much

  22. Time to grind for the Tier 10 Batchat medium. Up to tier 6 almost 7

  23. killing spree in the king gardern, how much is it, I will buy LOL

  24. But this is old replay….

  25. Pure Luck and Zero Skill

  26. Tiger was the tank I HAD to have. Still holds a soft spot in my heart.

  27. The use of auto aim in this replay gives me aids

  28. Like many other players, I will admit to heading straight for the German Heavy Tank line, but also the Tank Destroyer lines, for the Nashorn, the Jagdpanther and the (barely) mobile blockhouse; the Jagdtiger. The Maybach engine sounds fantastic, but for me it comes in second to the far more pedestrian, and smaller, O.680, on the noise it makes when you ask it to work hard.

  29. I actually really wanted a Maus, since I knew about it from WW2 and was annoyed that I couldn’t get the Tiger on the way 🙁 Still, the E100 was my second tier X, so I got it in the end (but was massively disappointed as I kept getting killed by IS tanks! Guess what my third tier X was?)

  30. World of tanks blitz was my first wot i played

  31. Aim bot player it is funny?? N one see that??

  32. Tiger in Sicht, Upvotepflicht!

  33. SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu

    So. How did the British capture it? (I know don’t worry)
    And it was the Shermans that brought me into the game! 😀

  34. woow the only raisenai i got was in wot blitz lmao
    edit:at tier 3?

  35. Meryy Christmas!!!!!

  36. Hey Quick …and guys in general…want to laught? look this tutorial to see words are far from reality 😛 –>

  37. JP E 100 for me. Merry Christmas!

  38. I justvstarted word of tanks pc one moth ago and sarted the amx line becouse i have played 8000 games on wot blitz 🙂

  39. for me too, I wanted to drive the tiger tank

  40. This guy played like a moron at times and got lucky. Never the less, thank you for the content QB 🙂

  41. On asian server top left hit log every shell will be yellow

  42. My ears got raped from all the auto aim callouts?

  43. This is actually how eastern front looked like… a Tiger plow through number of enemy tanks…. and I bet that after this replay ended its transmission broke lol

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  45. wow, some of the comments here showcase why WOT has such a toxic community 🙂

  46. he is using aimbot see 1:39 where his gun is following the tank and his vew stay’s the same

  47. I could never have guessed how many players in the comments already had multiple 15kill matches

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