World of Tanks || 15 KILLS – Bathtub!

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World of Tanks – S35 CA. Today we get in a time machine to look at what El Haluf used to play like as Raky2702 attempts to kill entire team!

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  1. Ahhh, that was some darn good shootin’.

  2. I remember the heavy champ days on El halluf it’s where I played my first
    game in the M6

  3. can you do a type59 review?

  4. Haloquadratum Walsbyi

    Haha gotta love 12:22 xD

  5. I like the Older Game, in regards to the fact I am an older player on more
    than 150ping. I think the balancing is better over all if I stand back,
    Just hate the need for fast reflexes taking over more and more in city
    maps, if young guys want a fast past shooter fine. Go find another game. In
    the words of Jingles ” I am old and crap so cannot play a real first person

    The improved snap on used to be my saving grace. not Aim bot just being
    able to get auto aim going now takes me 5-6 attempts, And I am in decline
    with my win rate and stats. I know auto you comment that is often over used
    is no longer an option for me. But us older possible more in-firmed players
    it was an only option

    One young pup said I should play clickers or TD’s which I hate. Playing
    more ships that tanks these days. I do enjoy your play QB. Just much of the
    advice is of no used to this old and crap player.

    I just cannot get point across in forums with out being yelled at as
    wanting a cheat, Also the comments of waiting to correctly aim is been
    thrown at me again and again, I know the weak points of my targets, It is
    impossible to get hit on anything moving now. 6% drop in hit ratio in 3
    months :(

  6. Oh look, WoT form a time when the shot went where you aimed it and the RNG
    did not screw you over 50% of the time.

  7. current is better in my opinion quicky

  8. My favorite tank

  9. Napoleon’s Mighty Bathtub is still mighty :)

  10. anybody else notice he had full health?

  11. I would love to see some old, open Maps in the rotation today. Let the
    Heavies have their City-Maps and “open” corridor maps but give some more
    open maps to the TD’s and LT’s.

  12. Matias San Martín

    The S35 CA had like 400m BASE view range those days…

  13. I remember being in the Hetzer and going up against Tiger IIs and IS-3s.
    Flatpanzer wasn’t any diffeent when it saw Maus, E100s, and back then lots
    of top of the line tier 9 medium tanks like the E50.

    Good times indeed.

  14. It also has 30 more alpha(+10%) on premium rounds -_-

  15. The map renovations is one of the main reasons I no longer play WoT
    anymore. I used to love my heavies, long range TDs, and passive scouts, but
    they aren’t really a part of the meta now.

  16. New el haluf fixed literally none of the problems, the fight still all
    happens in one corner of the map, possibly my most hated map

  17. Why does it show 0 XP at 11:15?

  18. i preferred the old version of this map. idk why but i did

  19. Instead of IS-6 Black and T34 Black. I would be better if WG released
    special gamers tanks. QB would have a special Comet, Comet Q? Jingles might
    have a special Hetzer, Hetzer is gonna hetz?

  20. I play the bathtub at the moment, I love that tank … ;)

  21. ahhh memories

  22. I’m missing some of the old maps they took down, I’m still holding hope
    there reworking them :)

  23. i wish they would rotate the maps, same shit is driving most of us crazy

  24. The old map before the change was better in my oppinion. And they took out
    all the good maps and left us with Prohorovka and Malinovka WICH ARE STILL
    CAMPING MAPS but for some reason are still ingame.

  25. 1:24 the kv2 replay, ain’t it quickybaby

  26. Bathtub? it’s a friggin toiletbowl! :P

  27. 15 kills and full HP

  28. damn the memories… I love all the older versions of maps

  29. Ok, no Quickybaby, Paris is NOT a good map. Every time I get that wretched
    stain I am always in a light tank…Maybe it has alure for heavies but I
    have yet to be graced with such luck.

  30. I miss the old map Dragon Ridge map and the old gold ammo for the Type 62
    able to HEAT pen any tier 10 tank with the 85mm gun was fun while it lasted

  31. I see that wargaming wanted more dynamic play style but I’d still like to
    see ones that are open fields like historically were tanks would be in long
    range fire.

  32. Qb you shoult talk more about maps… We need more maps!

  33. He is so calm! That is no human..

  34. I miss old accuracy before that stupid nerf.

  35. Picking up a couple of quills!

  36. Makes me want to get this tank and try it out, even though i dont like much
    the French TD line.

  37. I really really hated the old El Halluf, I take the new one any day over
    the old one.

  38. I would love to play on the old map again. Maybe as a special Event which
    could be called “Blast from the Past” with all the good old Maps.

  39. I miss the old map

  40. Anybody noticed the WoT Version?
    It’s a looooong time ago…..

  41. WoT was good about 5 years ago. I started playin in 2011…maaan the
    memories….Most of you can’t even imagine what it was like…Like heaven

  42. I miss all those old maps 🙂 they should add them once for a while 🙂 I
    would like to play the old versions of maps sometimes :)

  43. liked some of the older maps like el haluf and dragon ridge way more then
    the new ones, as well as the playstyle got to one corridor clusterfuck
    which doesnt suit the game at all

  44. It’s better now but I do miss the old map

  45. About the development of World of Tanks. I think it has come a long way and
    that the game gets better with each patch. Now what I do dislike quite a
    bit is just how extremely slow the development is… WoT was launched the
    12 of August 2010 and if we add a year of development before of release we
    reach 7 almost 8 YEARS of development. In that amount of time WoT should
    had been able to get much further than it is now but for some unknown
    reason (to me at least) it just hasn’t.

    Going to compare WoT with WT and AW.
    A couple of the thinks WoT really should had been first at was viewing
    tanks before you bought them but they are the last to do that.
    And test drives a vehicle should also, in my opinion, been in the game a
    long time ago… but it just doesn’t happen… Armored Warfare came out
    around 2015 and they have these features already.
    And my last example will be arty. Arty have been a pain in the ass in WoT
    since its release but to be fair it has gotten better (tough the last time
    arty got a big change was years ago). In AW they have chosen to REMOVE arty
    completely from the game in update 2.0. For the simple reason that even
    with support like, you know when you are being aimed at by arty and that
    arty does a lot less dmg, it is still too much of a problem for the players
    but also for the developers.

    WoT has come a long way and that’s true but it just hasn’t gotten long

  46. I can remember El Haluf before there was a town in the valley.

  47. yep its my fav too i play it today and i must say 4300 hp in one game is my
    best with i think 11 kills and so far i found 3 better dmg per battle one
    even with 5100 hp wich is really somthing considering its t5

  48. [STL_T] Steel Templars World of Tanks Clan

    They should revert the servers back to the older versions of the game as an
    April fools joke this year

  49. I remember this map 😀 It was good rock up there :D

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