World of Tanks || 15 KILLS IN A TIGER!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Tiger. Today the Japanese Tiger, Heavy Tank No. VI, is going to show why it’s a formidable beast at T6!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Lot’s of people saying this video has already been featured on other channels. I recorded this on Monday to release today.

  2. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    Wtf how a HT6 got to be top tier i literally sold HT6 because it was constantly thrown into tier 8 matches

  3. 9 in the su 76


    ZİRVE klanın üyesi aslan gardaşım ismailin oyunu… Helal olsun…

  5. I would just like to point out the 49 percent win rate. Win rate isn’t everything.

  6. Maarten van Roest

    8 kills in the challanger

  7. Definetly, tiger and hellcat got me into higher tiers

  8. One time l got 8 or 9…
    but in MS-1.?
    4 kills in T-44.

  9. War bei mir auch so :D!

  10. Yes me too whanted one but my Grandfather was in charge of batalin of tiger tanks

  11. 9kil with tiger 131

  12. 9 kills in my T28

  13. I was about to get my 10th kill on my progetto mod 46 in karelia assault mode when i told them not to kill the last 2 enemies for me to achieve the pool’s but that stupid M4a3e8 user went to steal my kill on dying strv s1. And I’m the one who actually led my team to victory.. I was really mad at him but somehow was able to get another ace tanker, top gun and high caliber award ?

  14. my highest kills where 4
    in an M3 LEE

  15. Well, actually if you start the game and you take a closer look at the tech trees and spot these legendary tanks like the Tiger then you automatically go for them first. 🙂
    What I knew about the Tiger back then: “Well, in World War 2 he was nearly inpenetratable and had a reliable gun. I have to get this one!”
    Well…what I didn’t think about: The Tiger (of course) faces other enemies than the Shermans and T34s and does not perform like in World War 2. 😀
    Nevertheless: It’s a great tank at Tier 7, and the Premium versions at Tier 6 are, in my opinion, also great.

  16. l KeepYourselfSafe_xD l

    Too bad it wasn’t the legitimate account owner playing that match

  17. Xavier Quintanilla

    I have actually got 15 kills in my fv4202

  18. I loved that bit in the end. brilliant commentary as usual.

  19. GG…match up was excellent for him but nontheless…a job well done!

  20. The most kills I got in world of tanks is 6 kills multiple times in different tanks from tiger 131, kv2, kv3, comet….

  21. Epic!
    I’ve never killed more than 6.

  22. @Quickybaby Great vid and even better that it was an iconic Tiger. I had my best game in a Tiger 1. I uploaded it to WotReplays and added your name to it, I don’t know if you ever saw it?

  23. My highest kills in the game was 7 with my M4 Sherman with deep. But just recently I picked up 9 kills in my T29

  24. 8 kills and a Kolobanov’s same match in my T-150.

  25. Wam Bam thank you ma’am!!

  26. BagelsGamingOnline

    9 kills in the…
    Skoda T40
    Pz. 38 (t)
    Obj 257

  27. Really the tiger should be upgraded to a tier x it was the deadliest tank of ww2

  28. Me too. I didn’t care about other branches nor countries. I want the perfect Deutschland engineered panzer “Tiger 1″… but i fell in love with “KV-2”. Derp~! I still have Tiger 1 but KV-2. XD

  29. No spoilers he says and video title is main spoiler 😀 gg nice one QB

    p.s good video keep it up!

  30. “don’t want to spoil it” – proceeds to write in the title the number of kills…

  31. AMX CDC 11

  32. Gratz Derman! Unreal carry. 50% more than I’ve ever done! 10 kills is my record, both in the 13 57 f.

  33. Mine highest kills ever is 12 kills in AMX 13 105 (replay is on the site, it was a big carry)

  34. The thing with the tiger is that they use to destroy the 30k t-34 URSS tanks, thats ehy are so cool, the same as the 15 shermans vs 1 E75 🙂

  35. One Dewpy potato Boi

    Omg I wanted tiger as well xD

  36. Most kills I got was 10, in the M4A3E2 Jumbo which got me my first ever Pools medal 🙂

  37. 0:00 sausage!

  38. When u change from Xbox to pc and have to start over

  39. *Victory Royale*

  40. *The one that nobody gets*


    *The one that everybody wants*

  41. 7 kills with a German tiger

  42. my max kills in a game is 11 at tier 4 lol

  43. giannhs oikonomou

    One more faill from WOT a noob with tiger kiling bots on tire IV

  44. Raisenais medal in the Pz V/IV

  45. 13 kills, fcm36pac40 op tank

  46. Nice replay! Raseiniai medal, I would love to have one because i am Lithuanian, but my best battle was 10 kills with BDR…

  47. I got 9 kills as a record and i did it whit following tanks, TVP t50/51, Centurion AX, SU122-44, Nashorn and 2 times in the batchat. Just really, CAN’T I NEVER GET 10+!??!

  48. Can i send u areplay ??

  49. I love fighting Tigers in my Blackprince. Its just no contest

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