World of Tanks || 15 KILLS – IS-6

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Savvov777 from RU server is going to have the game of his life in the T8 Soviet premium heavy the IS-6 picking up all 15 of the enemy team…

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  1. Żubr* is a polish* kinda bison, yes

  2. im only playing wot on the mobile where only 7 vs 7 fight against each
    other and my highest were 6 kills.Sry for bad english im from germany ;)

  3. The most kills I have seen were 11, performed by me actually in my SU-100Y

  4. Frikkin artillery!

  5. great game

  6. With that kind of game, only making 100k, that’s a slap in the face. That
    should be instant 1m, easily.

  7. My best game is nothing special… 8 kills in KV-1S… Back when KV-1S was
    tier 6.


  9. I’ve was in that game that you showed a year ago….the T28 prototype on
    the old El Haluf….so that was 14 kills

  10. sorry but he was extremely lucky, I cant say he did perfect job, he was

  11. I was t 34 (Soviet) and got ammo rack in one shot :;;

  12. this tank cant meet tier 10 because of bad pen,while t54 mod 1 has same pen
    and gets tier 10 alll the time

  13. Russian Towarisz Quicki Baby.

  14. Ive seen a seal clubber get 12 kills in tier 3 match 😛 If you mean medal
    territory (tier 5 and higher) then 10 kills is most Ive seen and it was ME
    😀 10 kills in JGPZ II

  15. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    The IS-6 is just like the SU-122S, or ISU-122S. (forgot the name..) It has
    a better rate of fire than the IS-3, and has better armor. The penetration
    is the same as the SU or ISU-122S, 175 mm. Now, I’m just waiting for a
    heavy tank with the Cromwell’s gun. Oh wait, Churchill. Goddamn.

  16. This is one of those games where you just sit after the game and decide
    whether or not you should jump into another game, because you know you’ll
    be let down immediately because you know you’ll likely never have another
    game like it.

  17. nice world of tanks have medal named Lithuanian city Raseiniai

  18. i sold my premium is6 after 2k btls and 2 marks of excellens.. its a piece
    of shit that anyone with brain can pen and you cant pen or hit anyone.. i
    sold it and i feel like Wot is a better game already

  19. why shootin APCR on amx 50 100? :D

  20. Love the IS6. The amour looks weak but get the angel right and you can
    stand your ground. I held a bottleneck against 5 tanks taking 56 hits and
    survived. Killed two of the tanks before help arrived.

  21. QB I wasnt loughting of your russian… I was surprised that you know
    russiian language

  22. merry cristhmas evryone!

  23. My best was only 6 with the Stug III G .

  24. Damn it QB this replay is already on YouTube! ?

  25. Quicky butchered it! Err…ehem, I mean nailed it! Awesome replay though.

  26. I’m Polish your russian is terrible like my english. Like said my english
    teacher ”don’t worry about mistakes” ;)

  27. That was a really nice Russian, I could understand most of it,
    cheers from Serbia.

  28. Quickybaby look at pizzaguy

  29. His amunation choice was pretty bad right? I mean… those apcr…

  30. The highest amount of kills i have ever seen in a match i was in was when I
    got 10 kills in my T18, and I am sad WG removed that troll tank ?

  31. I saw a guy get 14 kills with a mini maus once

  32. with my luck my internet would’ve messed up near the end

  33. ive seen this replay before

  34. That IS-3……… defenition of noobness

  35. Geralin Gran Maranga

    This was so amazing :O Good job ;)

  36. Clearly he used the premium consumable “vodka on ice”. That would explain
    his cool temper.

  37. most I’ve seen, 10, most I’ve got, 10. on blitz. I got one of these medals.
    best game I’ve had was a pools medal and still lost

  38. This is not tank on picture!

  39. I got 7 kills my self in wot blitz where the teams are made up of 7v7

  40. Manfred von Richthofen

    GJ on this guy’s part. Bad game for the dumb tomatoes not capping.

  41. That was really nice of you using the guy’s native tongue to celebrate his
    win and thank him. Maybe it’s asking too much, but I’d like to see that
    some more if some other fantastic foreign replays like this come in. Maybe
    if Sun Doo Boo Ji Ge, The ELC driver, submits another replay?

  42. Really baddie here, just spamming prem like a power donkey. Wastes all of
    those rounds on no armor targets..

  43. How come in these 8+ kill games, the enemies always have less than 500 hp?

  44. I’ve had 13 kills with my tier 7 panther. On the xbox. Now hate on me
    because i like xbox better

  45. I saw a Pz. 38H get 13 kills…big surprise there.

  46. seen this last year

  47. nice one… lucky one as well, but still amazing match.

  48. I think I’ve seen this somewhere before. Didn’t quickybaby did this video
    before ?

  49. I got 14 in my T1 cunningham :)

  50. Russian server is crazy. Cant happen on EU…

  51. 10 and it was myself

  52. Matt Maile (MattGoingPro)

    you showed this replay before

  53. lol good attempt at the Russian, QB

  54. He spoken in Russian to ukrainian player ?
    Rusian it was ?

  55. Quicky Baby rolling with those puns.

  56. so much lucky guy… all artys hitting me everytime and this guy dodge so
    much …

  57. New medal into WoT: Name; Stalin ghost rise up from dead and guide your
    shot. How to get it; drive a russian tank with worse than 0.5 acc and hit a
    target, driving at a speed of at least 20 km/h from over 500m. Now thats
    true stronk engineering! +QuickBaby

  58. CronoGamer Gamerforlife

    Give us a sub if u feel life it

  59. He killed most of those tanks with one shot. His teammates did a good job
    of getting him set up to kill them.

  60. Jingles shared this exact same replay.

  61. is this done on russian server? it seems it very easy to achieve 15 kills
    on russian server cuz the amount of noobs there

  62. BaZeKiLLeRZz Daily Destiny (Bald!)

    Haha I did understand about 5 russian words that you said. Even if I am
    from russia :D

  63. LOL, typical, Sky Cancer nearly ruined a perfect game. GG on that Ruskie
    takin it to the entire enemy team!

  64. QuickyBabyTV I’ve seen this video a year ago.. you’re pretty much copying
    Erddem, That’s the original channel it was post on a year ago, This is very
    disappointing due to thousands of people sending you replays ever week and
    you have to copy OLD content that 50% of the people here have already
    watch. Please don’t do this again. it disappointed me. -adsrean13 NA

  65. Crazy amount of luck and a very stupid enemy team but GG after all.

  66. quite annoying how QB tries to make it interesting by not saying what a
    crazy results he gets. BUT writes it in big letters in the thumbnail. woah.
    Big surprise that he got 15 kills.

  67. I swear QB speaks like every language! what a game tho

  68. Merry Christmas QB

  69. Keanu Steensland (Sir Noodle Hammer)

    i have been in a game where an artillery got 8 kills, his name was scyodude
    i believe. we called him sky jesus.

  70. Mateusz Dobrzyniecki


  71. QB — This was a fantastic game in the IS6 but half the excitement was your
    running commentary! Well done, looking forward to more of these epic games
    over the Holidays! ;-)

  72. Alisa Omerović Vasiljević

    i saw a E50 m get 14 kils on my team 1 and a half yearago

  73. Wow what a play, give that man a medal.

  74. the t34 didn’t load in the game as his name was greyed out in the team list

  75. 6661 Damage?! WutFace

  76. got 7 kills in the pz Iv H firing that derp gun :)

  77. QB For the lolz prepare for the HD model !!!

  78. The highest I ever seen in a battle I have participated in is my battle in
    Churchill III. 14 kills

  79. And I saw some one get 16 kills. He team killed the last guy on his team to
    get all 15. Even though it subtracts one, it was still 16 in my heart

  80. T34 never connected

  81. sorry bud, but you absolutely butchered that…
    But still very good first try GJ!

  82. i got scared because i heard Premium Tier 7 IS-6.

  83. Looks like Russians just don’t care about being careful in the game.

  84. 7 I play world of tanks blitz

  85. His luck seems to be endless, he made lots of Missplays for example Gold
    against 50 100 Or going out in that angle against the su 100, But he Had an
    absolutly awesome Game, so congrats

  86. He was ??

  87. @QuickyBabyTV You forgot to say your catch phrase for the Kolobanov’s
    ‘..and the one everyone wants…’
    Good replay, never seen a 15kill game before.

  88. Wargaming pressuring Quickybaby to show IS6 doing well so we all go out and
    buy both tanks (is6 and IS3a ofc). GG. Sorry Quicky but you state he’s
    focusing the right targets etc etc etc VK 36 before a KV 4? Both one shots?
    Lets think here, the VK can NEVER, I repeat NEVER pen him frontally…..
    Don’t mind me I’m just being a fucking twat cos of a bad day but just
    popped into my mind while watching. Thanks for the vid regardless. APCR vs
    50-100 and not even a mention. Watch and learn kids, good example of how to
    play bad yet still gain massive results. Then I go in my patton do 8k
    damage shoot 2 prem rounds yet still have to pay 20k for the joy of the
    game. Thank you wargaming you absolute cunts.

  89. 2:41 It is indeed, as Peppy said. And, why do I know that if I’m Spaniard?
    Easy: because of Zubrowka, a Polish brand of vodka. :D

  90. I haven’t seen any real big scores, but I once had a clean sweep in my
    Matilda in a 7v7 game. 7 kills at tier 4 is kinda the same as 15 at tier 8,
    right? Replay on QB’s site, but I can’t paste link here – search id 125224,
    ver 9.8

  91. this is old replay

  92. QB – that was actually fantastic Russian pronunciation, and a very HIGH
    CLASS thing to do! (Props to Peppity for coaching you up to such a fluent

  93. Sad that we can’t see the chat :(

  94. wait what?
    QB speaks Russian?
    where is my KV-4 and storm the settlements!

  95. wasted so much apcr on weak targets

  96. 20 years ago, I had Russian in school for 6 years, but I don’t understand
    it now… Your German pronnunciation is well, too. Do you speek German too?

  97. People get 15 kills, and still don’t know that you can shoot AP at an AMX
    50 100.

  98. any tanker can tank with only 45 ping try doing the same with a constant
    250 to 298 ping good fight tho mate 07

  99. i have the is6 its awsome noway op, the gun is poor so the slopped armour
    is defo needed. a gun with 175 pen defo needs a few gold rounds putting
    through it especialy wen meets tier 9s. a great game to watch thnk most
    kills ive had in mine is 6. good money making tank aswell

  100. why did the is-6 keep pointing his gun up in the sky when he was not
    engaging an enemy ?

  101. ”By Erdeem” page posted this almost one year ago… too bad, too late…

  102. VideosFuerDich WoT u. LS15

    So much luck and RNG : )

  103. I’m loving your video every day QB till the new year! May I ask for some
    Conqueror gameplay! Or more Japanese action!

  104. why is every premium tier 8 tank on my team always a complete shit tomato

  105. Mattias van der Wal

    i dont know it anymore.. are you Russian or English?

  106. The most ive seen is 12 kills by an su-26 before nerf

  107. how does peppy know russian?

  108. t34 is not loaded into game so its client fault!

  109. That game was ridiculous! jajaja i pray everyday to have that good RNG!

  110. not that good nearly all his kills were were one shots he just spammed gold
    for most of the game plus the enemt team did not rush him together for me
    not that impressed

  111. its rare when i see a match ending cuz i die fast in a game sometimes i
    survive the whole match but when i die early i go back to garage so my
    score of the highest kills was 7 but other players in my team had always
    around 3 or 4 kills except for the players that i didnt saw because of
    going back to garage

  112. didn’t I see that from another stream?

  113. quickybaby have a very merry christmas and all best wishes for 2016 for you
    and your girly girly

  114. good, but he was REALLY careless with the artillery at the end, could have
    easily died and thrown it all away…

  115. wow that was match of his life for sure!

  116. Call of duty gameplay

    Wait does he play this game or get other people replays and react

  117. i killed one time 14 tanks one tier 1 lol, en i was new :D

  118. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    What a wonderful and epic game this guy made !! Never seen someone before
    able to get 15 kills. He carried the game from the begining to the last
    second. Thanks once again Quicky for that excelent replay and your russian
    is just lovely gg

  119. i got 10 kills on my VK 36.01h

  120. Hrvoje Mihalić (necro1608)

    Old butt gold

  121. oh but I can top that! Great game aside, I have gotten 8 kills in a LeFHB2
    while doing under 200 damage :P… muahaha

    Great Game!

  122. look at QB’s hands when he speaks russian

  123. isnt this quite a old replay

  124. salut je suis français et j’adore t’ai vidéo :)

  125. I got 12 Kills in the T40, and 12 in the Loltraktor…but i am only a 1350
    WN8- Tanker, nothing Special. Mostly it is Luck- and a good amount of
    knowledge and Mapawareness.
    (F)rohes Fest from Hamburg, Germany^^

  126. This was a badass replay your Russian on point I have only seen one man
    have 13 kills last year

  127. Hey QuickyBaby, do you accept Armored Warfare replays?

  128. icomastera2002

  129. @QuickybabyTV The Graphics look really. Old I guess since it is from a Year
    ago and the fact that you need to use an older client. Though My Game on
    Max looks way different to yours for some reason ( im talking about when
    viewing on stream not this video in specific ). I use the same graphics
    card , or possibly the better one ( Im not sure if your using a 980 or
    980ti but im using the 980ti) I guess the Post processing , Motion Blurr
    etc and Possibly the Fact that I use the 1940’s filter option, In my
    opinion I wouldnt think it would make much of a difference but it for me in
    my own opinion looks way better and there is minimal frame reduction as I
    can run it at a constant 60FPS. If you end up reading this comment which i
    highly doubt May i suggest you try out the filters especially the 1940’s
    one as it is my favorite.

    Keep up the Great Work.
    Your Sincerely Harry.

  130. Can someone help me.
    Im gonna buy a prem tanks amx cdc or game style is trolling with
    fast hevy tank but i kinda like amx cdc 2. Btw ive already have t34

  131. This is amazing luck. When i sitting in this tank in first minute hit me
    arti but this guy have fu****** luck.

  132. 10 kills in my IS-6

  133. this is a good replay. already saw this one a while ago. as you said it was
    a year ago.

  134. I am pretty sure that I have seen this replay before and it is the only 15
    kill replay that I have seen before…

  135. This is old replay or not.I know it, I think know.Maybe.

  136. I wish i was here. This must be so exciting.

  137. D. Aleczander Hinze

    my highest is 5 Dang I suck but my friend got 13 one time

  138. Your question reminds me one of my earliest games in WoT. I got nine kills
    on old Redshire with my Matilda, receiving only track damage and getting
    the first Top Gun in my career.

  139. ffs 15 kills Is bot hard! I get that everygame

  140. pretty old replay

  141. Wonderful replay… 🙂 And not so bad russian as well..

  142. +Quickybaby i send you a epic replay with IS-3. i’ve done 11 kills. Replay
    name: 11 kills with my IS-3 by Alex902. I hope you like it.

  143. qb i wish you would show us the chat

  144. Quickybaby have sex with me

  145. Does the IS-6 still have that 175 pen gun? Until I recently found out about
    their weak turret I hated to run across these with my IS-3. But if it only
    has 175 pen…why did I ever have any issues.

  146. Highest kills in my games was I think 9

  147. I have seen this before

  148. Ukrajinac :)

  149. Buildersquish Gaming

    Gold on the 50 100: not needed, gold on the VK 36 01 H: not needed. Great
    replay but could of used his ammo better

  150. PRO battle

  151. Savvov666 would suit better

  152. I have see 13 kills in a gameand the most I have got was been 10

  153. Your German pronunciations are accented but by no means offensive. Your
    Russian pronunciation? Doctor P***nóv would have beaten you with a stick.

    Great effort though. I’m sure it took real courage. Makes me want to go
    find some texts and go back where I left off many years ago.

    Spaseebo balhshoje ee za video ee vashje rabotoo.

    I’m almost sure I got the cases wrong. ;-).

  154. I have seen 13 kills from enemy KV-1 :(

  155. QuickyBaby can you make a World Of Tanks Blitz gameplays, It’s available in
    the Windows 10

  156. OMG, Russian Baby :P

  157. the t-34 never loaded in, that’s why his name is grey, fyi.

  158. wow nice match. but that m40/43 is so OP man, didn’t even hit him and
    shaved off half of his HP

  159. Lol I cant even het 15 kills in a tier 1 match, sneaky loyyd GC got the
    15th kill!

  160. He wasted almost all of his prem Shells

  161. This is a hell of a old replay….

  162. Scumbags gonna scum!

  163. I died when QB started speaking russian…the cringe is strong 😉 Great
    game though. Very impressive result

  164. mine is 12 by me

  165. now this is getting ridiculous…

  166. and that’s exactly why i can’t stand people saying T34 is one of the best
    hull down tanks in the game. Even an unborn child knows that his big cupola
    or the top of his turret is very weak.

  167. Эдгар Maцкис

    That was half Russian half Polish :D

  168. Ago* :D

  169. bro 300k game right here

  170. The IS6 is still the best Premium Tank ??

  171. Wyrewolwyrowany Rewolwerowiec

    its very old replay why you recording it now :)?

  172. whats his wn8 after such a battle?

  173. old video…

  174. I just got the is-6 today

  175. Eeeey, Ukrainian flag!

  176. everything went this guy’s way, afk arty, teammates weakened most of the
    enemy team, the enemy reloading when he shows up, and enemy not penetrating
    him at all, 1550 hp with 7 kills, enemies couldn’t do any dmg to him until
    the end.

  177. This replay has already been uploaded on WoT Best Replays but it isn’t
    commemted xD

  178. merry x-mas qb :)

  179. The highest kills i have seen anyone make was in a tier 7/8 battle (luckly
    he was in my team) it was a IS who took 11 enemys down. He sasly died when
    he was pushed in a river and drowned…. I took the other 4 down and we
    ended in a win.

  180. Iv seen poeple get 11

  181. I have already watched this
    WoT best replay (maybe)

  182. Both teams sucked except for this guy, still gg though.
    BTW: The accuracy on the IS6 gun sucks, he certainly was lucky with a few
    of those shots.

  183. show us chat man

  184. …becouse RUSSIA

  185. If War Gaming saw that video they MUST create a new medal for 15 kills and
    give it right a way to him just great job he makes look ease and that’s how
    you know it’s the most difficult task

  186. So many factors could have changed the outcome of this match… If the T34
    wasn’t afk, if the enemy m44 wasn’t afk, if the enemy is-3 player wasn’t
    such a fucking twat and gave him that kill, the enemy team should have
    easily won. The IS-6 driver wasn’t anything special, he missed a lot of
    poorly aimed shots, he made a few big mistakes when going up against arty,
    I don’t think he deserved the 15 kills, but he should have only received a
    maximum of 10.

  187. he’s ukrianian…

  188. In world of tanks blitz there are matches 7vs7. I’ve got 11 rasieni medals
    securing 7 kills ^^

  189. What a crazy result. Congratulations!!

  190. I remember when quickybaby posted that 15 kill t28 proto game, that was
    crazy too.

  191. Quickybaby move you’re face cam so we can see the bloody chat bar pleaseeee

  192. I got one time 12 kills in my badazz Matilda at Hillmsdorf. 7 of them when
    I was standing alone.

  193. Great IS-6 game there.
    I have to ask yet again QB since you dont seem to have acknowledged it. Can
    you please switch to color blind mode. I have a hard time actually reading
    the red text, and telling what tanks are with the red text and I am sure I
    cant be the only one to have this problem.

  194. cyka blyat

  195. QB, prove that you read the comments !

  196. QB, lol) your russian pronounciation was terrible but funny) you made me
    laugh) I understood what you’ve said only after several attempts though I’m
    from Belarus))

  197. QB! I got a question that might be a bit dumb, but what do the little
    swords and shields in the bottom left corner mean? Also when i press alt
    they get colors and change the numbers they show. I am using xvm.

  198. this replay is so old

  199. This guy is a fucking pro!

  200. I have see the video be for

  201. Is 6 or is3 auto???
    I have played many games in russian tanks and i want a premium, so that i
    can earn more credits. (My favorite tanks so far: t34 85, is3 and is)
    Which tank should i buy???

  202. merry xmas qb.

  203. I dont know why, but i saw this replay. Are you sure you dont reuploaded
    this one? I never watch replays form your website.

  204. I wonder what the offer is tomorrow..and the hidden code

  205. Gold rounds for a VK and an AMX? I would have used them on the IS-3.

  206. daaaaat russian xD

  207. Why do you always spoil the entire video in the title and description?

  208. audio and video aren’t in sync :/

  209. Your Russion sounds like German lol

  210. he was lucky because the enemy team was playing around and he just picked
    off every tank one by one and also my heart was pounding even though i
    wasn’t playing.

  211. 15 kills… I don’t know what’s more impressive: the fact that someone
    managed to get 15 kills or the fact that any team was so bad that one
    person was able to score all the kills for one team…

  212. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    cyka blyat :v

  213. thats the old game :)

  214. I Got 12 kills in my SU-100 without using any APCR or HE, just AP ?

  215. Damn…

  216. i seen this like 40 fuckin times he uses almost all of his ammo

  217. That was excellent Russian accent :D

  218. Marco Pfander Pfander

    but it was cool to watch anways :)

  219. *A truly FANTASTIC GAME!* Great stuff QB. HAppy X Mass!

  220. Marco Pfander Pfander

    You already made a Video about this replay

  221. that m40 /43 was a classic retard player.great game and gj QB

  222. Russian baby!

  223. he kind of wasted his apcr on that AMX 50 100…

  224. hardcoreminecrafter9

    my best was only 7 with a Dicker max

  225. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Very early on in my WoT career, I was playing my Valentine AT. It was my
    first match ever on Ruinberg, and I managed to kill an M3 Lee before dying.
    Being new, I thought I had done pretty good. I decided to watch the rest of
    the match and boy was I glad I did. Our T1 Heavy went on to kill the other
    14 members of the enemy team. He even survived a 1v6 right at the end of
    the match. Sadly I don’t have the replay, because that was the game that
    convinced me to enable battle recording.

  226. game won by shells wich were caring by Stalin Hand and ammo rack of SU.
    Pure bullshit
    Bad play and bad used shells.

  227. You should give him a reward gold? Tank? Cromwell B?

  228. lol 90% luck 10% skill.

  229. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    M40 HE shells magnetise to gun barrels. Happens so often it’s not a
    surprise anymore.

  230. Haha funny to hear quickybaby speak Russian! 😀 I dont know what he said
    but it sound like he did good xD

  231. he desydse not to fap arround -quickybaby 2015???

  232. Whats your wife’s real name? I feel like she is a Lilly or a Kerry.

  233. Holy shiat

  234. i got 13 kills in my Matilda :)

  235. Again!? God dammit this tank! I don’t know what it is with this russians
    tanks man but… they seem to just rock! :))

  236. OMG,15 kills=DAFUQ…!!!

  237. Actually, you have a replay up if i remember correctly of a t28 prot with
    15 kills. this would be the second time. ^.^

  238. Hi, QB. I always watch your video but this time you have disapointed me.
    This replay was posted for a long time on Youtube and is from Ru-claster of
    the GAME. Anyway, you commented the replay very good. Viktor (Ukraine).

  239. It was a’ight.

  240. Great match, comrade!

  241. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this or not, but both the KV-4 and IS-3
    on the enemy team were using the stock 122mm gun. If either of them had had
    the top gun it would have been a lot harder for Savvov to win. I guess
    that’s part of the stars aligning you need to get this kind of game. Don’t
    get me wrong: Savvov played amazingly well. I just think it show you still
    have to get really lucky in order to get a game of this caliber. I guess
    I’m just jealous…

  242. lel

  243. Hello, asked: How to I can show the 0.9.xx archives replays in the version
    WOT 0.9.13 game??? Thanks.

  244. 1153rd!

  245. The best replay ever on this channel hats of to savov

  246. Largest number for me was myself, racking up 11 in the Experimental.

  247. ive seen someone kill 1000 people in one game

  248. Best game I’ve ever seen

  249. way to intense. My hands would be sweating buckets.

  250. 12, me.

  251. didnt we see this before?.. anyhow, also shame for the spoiler

  252. QB, I’m Russian and your Russian speaking was honostly terrible lol, I only
    understood a few words.. but you tried! :)

  253. he killed the 50100 with prem rounds!!! LOOOL
    and i can pen a kv-4 front with a t37 (got 150pen) soo he didnt need to
    shoot apcr at the kv

  254. Perfect Russian pronunciation, GJ QB :)

  255. BaluXD10 és ECking12


  256. my kill record in one match is 8!

  257. yoann “ZeBra66” llareus

    I saw 14 kills on your channel with the SU-122-44 replay that you showed us

  258. Welcome to the World Of Bots

  259. it was in 2014 is it?

  260. shim shim shim hahahaha

  261. I got 14 kills with the old T-18

  262. QB… Żubr is Polish not Russian 😉 And we still have some of them.

  263. Damnit why did you cover up chat for this game!! lol

  264. Flawless game, HEAVILY aided by RNG. The times I have had in this tank
    where I couldnt be penned by multiple opponents, yet I was bouncing my
    shots against paper T7s and Pershing/T34 lower plates right in front of me

    This guy deserves all the credit in the world 😀

    How was his russian pronunciation guys? :D

  265. This Replay Is Old Lol But Cool

  266. This replay is soooo old, pls QB can you do recent?

  267. Already saw this but still a good video, Keep it up QB

  268. Oh…my…god

  269. hooly crap, wp and lucky boy :D

  270. At least 42 of them

  271. the medal for this should be “whattheactualfuck”

  272. Old movie and this guy got it when they introduced the IS-6 on the RU

  273. Nice. Craziest thing i ve seen

  274. what the fuck?

  275. First!

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