World of Tanks || 15 KILLS – Rudy

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Rudy. Today BrainStriker from the RU server is going on a rampage with the T6 premium Soviet tank the Rudy.

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  1. T29, Strv 74, KV-2, Hetzer, M4, Tiger P, Pz IV H.

  2. VK 30.01 P replay please ;)

  3. would you be able to do a tier 1 review or maby the t45 premium gift tank

  4. Feature tanks like the M4 or more arty gameplay

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen gameplay of either the T20, the Pershing, or
    the M46 Patton on your channel. It’d be cool to see those tanks, since you
    like the M48 so much.

  6. M10 Wolverine

  7. I wish QB watch this replay and review about it, there isn’t any gameplay
    at all, but interesting stuff happens in the team chat, i hope you enjoy :D

  8. Kenneth Wojtalewicz

    QB you should show videos of the at-2 you haven’t done one in a long time,
    or could you show a video of the Chaffee or the M4

  9. Your Dicker Max review is so old. Also you haven’t done any Pz T 25
    reviews. I think you should make videos about them.

  10. ELC 😀 lol

  11. Do a video on the german VII Panther!!

  12. haha – QB does tank review for Rudy….inb4 Rudy comes up in Advent
    Calendar! Co-incidence….I think not?

  13. T69, Pershing, Panther, T25 AT, T25/2 plz :)

  14. Jap tiger or Ht no. VI i have acquired many ace tankers in this tank

  15. do the stug iii g

  16. #tankbetter soon? :)

  17. I would like you to feature an amx 13 75 replay

  18. Austin Elke (Pajama Guy)

    QuickyBaby….. Just PZ 1c matches my clan has tons of gameplay in those
    little devils please message me so i can give you some replays

  19. Feature the American Tier 5 medium, the M7

  20. So odd now that people in heavy tanks are firing HE rounds. A lot. Hoping
    for that 1 pen that will take out a tank at full health? Whatever. Just
    keep it up while I rip you apart.

  21. would be nice to just have a lower tier match (4-6) fairly regularly –
    inspiration for the rest of us mere mortals :). I’m personally trying to
    stay in the 4-6 range until I have learned enough to move into the higher
    tiers, so it is quite refreshing and motivating to see achievements like
    this, at this level. Thanks for the time & effort you put into the channel
    – appreciated!!

  22. M4 Sherman / Tiger 2 / KV-1/ AMX 13 90 / Carnarvon / Conqueror

  23. I play wot blitz on my phone. the max number of enemies is 7 and with my
    very own Rudy, I got all 7 kills before ?

  24. Does anyone else have a problem getting to the Quickybaby replay site to
    upload your replays?

  25. Quickybaby, could you feature the churchill VII?

  26. Quiclybaby pls do a awesome round on the Skoda T25!!!!! (tier 6 CZ tank)

  27. Can you do a KV-2 review? Love your videos, thanks!

  28. maybe some other tier 6 tanks

  29. He loaded his Rudy with so much APCR that it took almost half the total
    ammo capacity… You don’t need that much…

  30. hey quickibaby, you sound tired here, whats wrong ?

  31. Any chance you could show us a really good 59-16 game? It’s so underrated
    because of its supposedly terrible guns, but it’s one of my favourite tanks
    in the game.

  32. How about the Russian T-28! My favorite tank to play!

  33. The T-34-85 is close or in the OP area, making this shit another pay to win

  34. QB can u do Hellcat or regular85 plz

  35. @Quickybaby thx for the work with the szarik mod. i know this game is ure
    passion, but now i realize what does it means:-) *bigszarikfan* 🙂
    btw. kickass replay… so many situations in that this could go wrong:P…

  36. I would like to see some midtier light tanks, like the VK 28.01 or the T37.
    That are the tanks where i think i could learn the most.

  37. LTP, Leichtraktor, vk 30.01 p

  38. cromwell berlin retard no belin

  39. can you please feature a amx elc bis replay?

  40. Did he know he was firing APCR when he had HE, against artillery? I can’t
    attribute this play to skill.

  41. The SU-85

  42. PZ 2 J and BT-SV!!

  43. it’s fun to watch some low tier tanks like pz.38t

  44. Feature the Churchill Gun Carrier please! Give that British TD some love!

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