World of Tanks || 15 KILLS – SU-122-44

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Marvovsky is going to have the game of his life in the T7 Soviet Destroyer the SU-122-44… 15

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  1. I saw another 15 kill a year or so back – in I believe the tier 7 german TD
    (Jagdpanther?) Just do a youtube search on WoT 15 kill.

  2. The enemies were really fair-play to come in one by one.

    Where do I sign to get that kind of enemies each time I play WoT? :p

  3. I love mine SU 122-44 too. It has one of the best winrates of all Tanks
    69%. That´s because it is not OP. ;)

  4. 15 kills medal would be cool

  5. please don’t hide chat in your videos

  6. Has QB ever shown a replay that’s not from a super unicum?

  7. arty, go find some enemies! by SU-12244

  8. if the last shot without aiming could kill the arty, that means this player
    100% cheating on game.
    Why the fuck player like shooting without aiming?

  9. well angled stalinwood xD

  10. This replay clearly shows that with a bad player, a whole lot of luck, and
    an enemy team with their thumbs up their asses, anything is possible in
    WOT. This 122 player made a lot of mistakes in the game and with that OP
    gun in that MM, I easily earned 7 kills and did well over 6k damage. But im
    only a tomato 😉 Nothing surprising here…

  11. will you do me one favour please and please pronounce soviet properly
    instead of the way you say it, proper grips my shit haha

  12. Why enemies didn’t cap?(lol

  13. Jamie Robinson-Woods

    congrats on 500 vids QB

  14. Anyone still have the leFh french arty?

  15. Is there a medal for all 15 kills?

  16. How the actual fuck did the unicum not get a single kill…

  17. All he did was kill low hp targets? I’ve done 5000 dmg in my IS only 1

  18. LOL that type, never seen this before… Set on fire, fire ticks ammorack

  19. so funny pronouncation when qb sais raseiniai :D

  20. Tier 10 DPM at tier 7 with a highly mobile platform AND insane camo rating.
    If you’re going to get 15 kills, you do it with this pay to win-er.

  21. Su 122 44 nerf incoming?

  22. quickybaby if u got 4 frags and score 1 u got 5 not 6 :DDD love ya 🙂
    awesome rep :)Yes, he had perfect mm but still…come on 15 frags…:) one
    of best games ive ever seen :)

  23. what an amazing game…..

  24. I use Rammer+GLD+Vent, because it’s more of a mobile assault gun rather
    than a camping sniping TD

  25. 2:56 That Type58:s was ammoracked by fire!

  26. Do u like me quickybaby ):

  27. What I see in this video:

    -Noob enemys
    -even more Noob teammates
    -shoot at everything that appears
    -back off between kills

  28. Got to love how the enemy just comes in one at a time… Most of the
    players in this game should never breed.

  29. yep this tank is totally not OP at all.

  30. No marks of excelence nor ace tanker?? Why? He only had 2 marks of
    excelence on the tank, what do you have to do to make the third?

  31. Althoug I can’t deny he had a brilliant game in the SU 122-44, I did notice
    * he is top Tier (why do I always seem te get thrown into Tier 9 or 8
    battles in this tank?)
    * after he took a shot and got spotted, he hid behind the Dicker Max, who
    got shot in turn. Not what I call team friendly gameplay.
    * he got quite a lot of one shot kills presented to him
    * and AGAIN, the enemy team demonstrated how NOT to coordinate their
    attack, which allowed him to take them down one by one, just very
    bad play by the enemy team
    * the rest of his team was….not very good, allowing him to have so many

  32. Archibald Fooster

    Any other tank gets 15 kills and it’s fine, but if a RUSSIAN tank gets 15
    kills, it’s op.

  33. kinda right about the chinese soviet heavy tank hahaha

  34. quickybaby u lied u have seen another 15 kills replay
    it was on a Cromwell at tier 6

  35. I hope that not another wawe of blunt hate arises from my next comment on
    this channel….

    A nice game, BUT you seen the teams? A red sea and a lone GREEN like moses
    in it…. YOU just can achieve such MEDAL only by LUCK when you lucky
    enought to:
    1) get lol noob team mates and even worse enemy players
    2) you get a rare favourable MM

    So Imsee nothing so special on that medal, cause you get it solely trough
    luck, incompetence of other players and RNG

  36. i would use him as armor if he is in front of me!!!

  37. wg, why not make a 15 kills medal ffs? why the hell stop at 14? and since
    it’s very rare for someone to get all that kills, they should reward
    whoever can pull this kind of play, a 300 gold maybe? 🙂 btw, he should
    have tk’ed his teammate arty. he could have gotten the kolobanov’s medal as
    well. but then again that arty somehow did some spotting for him.

  38. So how much spotting damage did the arty do?

  39. broken op td vs group of bottom tier shitlords… news at 11

  40. nice indoor plant

  41. I was able to facehug an IS and kill him from 100% to 0 while he just
    bounced off. One of my favorite purchases.


  43. While I cannot deny that Marvovsky made some good decisions in this match,
    there was also a large element of luck in order for him to accomplish what
    he did. For example, the fact that the EIGHT remaining enemy tanks decided
    to approach him one at a time was pretty lucky on his part. However, not
    trying to rain on his parade. He did an awesome job, and kudos to him for
    the great match.

  44. is the su-122-44 a premium tier 7 or 8??

  45. WoT should provide a special tank for those who got the Raseiniai medal, i

  46. I guess I’ve seen a t34 had its 15kills juz on YouTube

  47. If that arty died it would have been like if a dog died

  48. That Russian armor bias though…oh wait, I AM playing a Russian game. That

  49. So how do you get 15 kills, 6000+ damage and no Ace Tanker? Or did I miss

  50. 15 kill omg how bad are the wot players …

  51. That’s nowt but pure luck vs donkeys. I’ve killed 15 tanks many times
    without even trying. It’s easy. You lie down Go to sleep and dream you did
    it, Anyone can do that!

  52. Qb it is your 500th video uploaded to Youtube. Congratulations to you for
    bringing entertainment to me and every other fellow subscriber. Well

  53. How does the Jägtiger 88’s camo rating work?

  54. there’s a video of a hetzer getting 15 kills..

  55. A somewhat OP tier 7 tank destroyer in Tier 7 match up with being 1 of the
    only few tier 7 tanks in the entire match up getting the kill shots on all
    15 enemy tanks. Kill shots with teammates alive on maps like these and
    longer ranges takes a good portion of luck. Certainly a cool replay and
    amazing feat but meh…

  56. I thought u said the Chinese soviet peppy tank lol

  57. amazing

  58. When he said scout arty piece I had to double check it wasn’t a 304 lol

  59. lol beast game

  60. “making a Muppet of myself”

  61. Damn good

  62. Goddamn QB stop ruining the clip by putting the spoiler in the title!

  63. QB, can You show tu us “damage upon spotting” from M41? :D

  64. AWSOME vid quicky and a great game for the SU. Congrats on 500!!! Vids keep
    making videos and pleasing people like me. You made my day when I met you
    at Tankfest. Don’t give up on YouTube

  65. so, a relatively good player in an insanely over powered tank carries a
    game against a team full of donkeys while being top tier. don’t get me
    wrong, he had a great game. I just think it doesn’t deserve to be featured.
    anyone can have a great game like this if the cards are all in your favor
    like they were with him

  66. my squongelies is wet from constant ejaculation


  67. Frederick Schulze

    The last comment on this comment will get a subscriber

  68. Does anyone know if premium td’s added to the game after the camo nerf also
    have the ‘broken’ camo bonus? ISU-122S for example. Or do only premium td’s
    prior to that patch get the camo bonus?

  69. arty was only there so he doesnt get kolobanovs. :3

  70. Dawson “warhawk15” Carr

    Most kills ive ever gotten was on redshire… 12 kills with you guessed it.
    Tier 8 match tho

  71. why you release this video!?, Devs gonna nerf it :)

  72. i got fiften kills in a hetzer and my friend did in the deathstar

  73. GeekControl2MajorTim

    It’s weird that they don’t have a medal specifically for 15 kills. You’d
    think they’d have one for 14, and one for 15. I’m glad that they have such
    prestigious medals, as these kinds of results don’t come along often
    (except for t18 and matilda drivers, but low tiers don’t count).

  74. Tbh, his team did shoot enough to make the other team mostly a one shot for
    him, so it wasn’t all him.

  75. s anagnostopoylos

    QB stop showing such replays, i can hear the nerfhammer from over here….

  76. What’s the map mod you use?

  77. Didn’t see any 15 kills battle since the Hetzer one Also (taking your
    friend as a cover isn’t nobel) Edit again showing us the comment would be
    better :)

  78. TBH i dint like the way that he played this match; a good artillery player
    would have noticed the tree being pushed over and pre-aimed but I suppose
    that’s what happens in a game where you in a top tier premium tank.

  79. Did anyone else notice the engine fire – ammo rack chain reaction at 2:57 ?

  80. Can I have enemies as dumb as this plz?

  81. QB you’re not incorrect in saying the IS-2 is a Chinese/Soviet tier 7 heavy
    tank. It’s an exact copy of the IS-2 Mod. 1944/M. The Chinese simply
    purchased the tanks directly off of the Soviet Union and purchased the
    design so they could manufacture it themselves.

  82. 330m view range :(

  83. Quicky baby math 4+1=6 :D

  84. 122 44 is so OP when top tier, almost makes me take a ride on mine…. but
    i keep geting tier IX games all the time =( Im not kidding, i must be top
    tier in mine just about 10% of the time or less

  85. Dawm QuickyBaby, I was gonna make the replay of this replay… but your is
    better anyway :)

  86. Qb I just bought box tank the gun is so troll ?

  87. WTF 15 kills, never see that in my 30k battle career O.O

  88. My ears hurt when you say Raseiniai lol

  89. this has nothing to do with what you said. it was due to terrible teams and
    the enemy coming 1 by 1.

  90. You did upload a Cromwell or a Comet getting 15 kills once.

  91. Legion Of Eclaires

    Wow… Just wow.

  92. With this result this poor bloke must have had a lot of shitty games before
    and after that one – considering the rules of rng-esus

  93. And THIS is why this I my favourite tank I have, got my 13 kill game in a
    similar matter as this. Luckily it’s balanced since the gun isn’t that
    accurate and utterly useless against higher tier tanks

    • +Malcolm Hamilton Ahhhh, so refreshing to see someone say it’s something
      other than OP. I get so sick of all the black/white OP/UP bullshit.
      Personally I feel the SU-122-44 is very player-friendly (as is most of the
      Russian tree), easy to master and, therefore, easy to do well in….. most
      likely why it gets a rep of being OP.
      I played predominantly German TD’s (especially JP) and found the SU-122-44
      to be a good, well rounded and versatile TD……blisteringly fun and not
      even close to OP.

  94. Free gold/tank with 15 kills. Plus the medal of course.

  95. I actual saw this replay on the website congrats Marvovsky awesome game!

  96. Borderline OP top tier, Borderline useless bottom tier xD

  97. 15 kills is nothing.

    I’ve had more kills in one game than that.

  98. Not OP at all….that aside, this is the guy to point to when people say
    you can’t influence your win % :D

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