World of Tanks || 2 x JPN Tigers vs Tiger II with Jingles!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

See what happens when I get together with Jingles, Phil, Zaonce one very drunk Norwegian to fight two Japanese Tigers versus a German Tiger II to raise money for charity.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. my android device freezes on your videos , have you changed your workflow
    in the last month?

  2. i’ve seen this game from Jingles and it was hilarious!!!…

  3. Happy New Years! From Canada

  4. liking or disliking it really helps the channel out LMAO

  5. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    quickybaby il one of thé first 100 subs. and i didnt gone out. as u make
    awsome vidéos keep up thé good work.

  6. Mrdoctile .Mrdoctile

    Give this video a “Like” or we will send a Drunk Norwegian to come live
    with you!

  7. There needs to be more streams like this one. Oh my God, this is hilarious!

  8. That night I was laughing so much drunk Ik was so funny. The best live
    stream ever… thx guys

  9. does your name mean sex? “quicky bb”

  10. LOL the Ragnaros image made the video hahahahhaha

  11. did ik go to a bar for lots of beer?

  12. Happy New Year Mr.Quickybaby

  13. Happy New Year

  14. Great 2015 QB!!!!! I love your videos!!!! Keep up the great videos!!!!

  15. Love your videos I’ve been subscribed for about a year and haven’t
    regretted it. Your content is both entertaining and informative, the best
    of both worlds and not to mention you’re pretty comedic as well! Also on a
    personal request I would love to see a tank review on the FV215B heavy and
    the IS-4 ^,,^/

  16. Quickybaby – Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all the Great posts, looking forward to watching your WoT
    uploads next year !
    ( How about a few Armored Warfare reviews too ) :)

  17. Wait, is the guy growling Ike?

  18. Quicky I like your MadMax fury road T-shirt

  19. Possibly the best stream of 2015!! Thank you QB for all you do in raising
    money and awareness for cancer!! You are the best!!!

  20. Probably the best video of the whole year.

  21. happy new year QB! thank you for your videos and streams, they brought me
    so much joy and laughter in the past few tough mouths. really appreciate
    it!!!! thank you and good luck!!

  22. Congrats on the great year Quicky. You are a class act. Keep up the good

  23. so far this is litterally the best year of his life

  24. I could’ve sworn I have already saw this…

  25. Happy new year.

  26. Awesome ending to a great year. Happy new year QuickyBaby!

  27. I started my new year by watching this video :D

  28. Quickybaby already had a phd degree in something else long before he
    graduated college. And that would be a PHD in world of tanks

  29. This explains pub gameplay quite well.

  30. funny fukers 07 bogan1

  31. I saw this my first time ever watching one of QB
    Iivestreams live :)

  32. i missed th stream :(

  33. strongproudandfree


  34. Happy new year quickybaby

  35. you look a little tired getting enough sleep

  36. Wait,who was drunk again?

  37. t-shirt mad max?

  38. Jonathan quintana


  39. Oh Ik, you so silly! xD

  40. Best thing to wake up to and watch with a hang over. Happy New Year from
    New Zealand.

  41. Iks voice was hilarious.

  42. quickybaby you should do more little battles like this there funny and
    awesome to wacth

  43. happy new year QB, you’re by far my favorite WoT channel. Would loved to
    see more Armored Warfare content from you going into 2016.

  44. Binimiester Awesomesauce

    Tiger 2 sucked

  45. Why do they say Swedish flag when it’s Norway’s flag?

  46. hey quickybaby i m F444 in WoT and if you want to come in Naples i have a
    bed and breakfast so im waiting for you!(P.S. please come in naples i
    really really want to see you an talk with you )

  47. Thx QB. Happy new year to you :-)

  48. Nice to see Jingles playing with you again.
    A happy new year to Peppy and you!
    Cheers mate


  50. Who watches this 2014?

  51. Niu “niumeLT” Me

    what voice

  52. See you next year quicky

  53. Professor Quickfingers. It has a ring to it, I can feel it in my loins.

  54. When you get the t-92 can make a video on it

  55. WELL weeell well…

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!????????????

  56. that was pain

  57. 24K pounds?!?!?! That’s a lot of weight!

  58. Happy New Year QuickyBaby!

  59. That was so funny, happy New year Year.

  60. That was hilarious XD

  61. Hey quickybaby Great video and hope you have an awesome new year. I just
    wanted to say that it s my birthday today and I wish you have a suer

  62. behold ragnaros, the firelord! he who was acient when this World was young!
    bow before him, mortals! bow before your ending!
    the ending of 2015 😀

    happy new year everyone :D

  63. Ik channeling Conan. Very amusing. :)

  64. i laughed 100x more than the times i laugh at the ‘meanwhile’ videos ahahah

  65. DIE! insects!

  66. GJ QB youre uploading a lot of videos!

  67. Tiger 2

  68. you should do this a lot more just make sure he’s drunk every time
    it happens.

  69. Happy New Year!

  70. I saw this match from the view of Jingles, it was the funniest match ever.
    Wish you all the best for 2016!

  71. This was a very very fun video to watch

  72. Good Bye 2015 and Hello 2016 !!!!

  73. YES!!!!!

  74. Happy new year Quickbaby 😀 from argentina!!! see you on next year…

  75. Next time do 1 VK 45.02 B in a corner vs 15 T110E5s. Should be a fair

  76. lol…hahah

  77. Geometry Dash IHateWaves

    Hi all, have a happy new year, and good luck for the new year ;3; /)

  78. I saw on stream that you think the t25
    Czech tank at tier 6 is good. So I thing you should check out the one at
    tier 5

  79. happy new year.

  80. cripes the Swed could do voice over for a Dalek without use of a voice
    machine. Funny

  81. happy new year man :)

  82. happy new year

  83. QB thanks for some funny and informative moments this year. Have a
    great New Years celebration and I look forward to more great content in
    2016. Kitos.

  84. Happy New Year for You too Quickybaby YOU ARE EPIC:D

  85. During that stream, I was laughing so much that I could not even hold a
    pen. GG, guys, GG. Also, QB, I have a very personal thank-you kind of
    message that I want to tell you really, really much, is there any way I can
    do it?

  86. Blazer Project “Nick Smith”

    KV2 vs Maus

  87. Evan Younger (Titanium2001)

    Ike, you’re drunk, go home!

  88. lmao nice vid had me laughing

  89. Happy new year, QB :)

  90. theNEXTBIGTHING 44


  91. been so long since i’ve heard ik. xD

  92. What the hell had IK been drinking… Good video BTW QB. Happy New Year :)

  93. not a swedish flag, its a Norwegain flag on turrent, btw im swedish xD

  94. 2 Type 5 heavy vs 2 maus

  95. LOL…Drunk Norwegian… I love it.
    You probably wont read this QuickyBaby but in the new year I have tip for
    Platoon up with your fans and play with us….or something similar, would
    give you even more subribers and followers on Twitch.
    Just an idea.

  96. I have 200€ for of fireworks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  97. happy new year in advance QB & Peppy, may 2016 be a great year!
    greetings from Holland

  98. Sweden is better than Norway cause I am from Sweden.

  99. i want to see how many m3 lees it takes to kill quicky in a comet on a map
    of his choice!

  100. I didnt know that Ragnaros played WoT? Lol

  101. Arvin Dave Velasco

    Happy New Year QB and Peppy!!!

  102. kristopher koperski

    jingles posted this awhile ago

  103. QB u r the best

  104. +QuickyBabyTV My dear QB, how dare you not include the King of Norway in
    this title! He is worthy of far more than only the description!

  105. Happy New Year QB ;-)

  106. Ik goes ape.

  107. Cristofeurkal Kal

    Have a nice & happy new year =D

  108. Jonathan Benramdame

    Happy new year. And that was an enjoyable epic battle.

  109. Ik wasn’t drunk, he was in high spirits ;-)

  110. Best vid this year. Congrats on your marriage with Peppy. Happy New Year to
    the both of you.

  111. 1:13 “So if that’s gonna offend you…” you should stop being a pussy.

  112. I like that you are playing Ronald Jenkees.

  113. Happy New Yer !!!

  114. Thank YOU quicky

  115. Happy new year to QB =) but I want like to see a replay on your arty game
    with Spicial Effect gear from you 12 hour maraton, plz plz plz QB =P


  117. Alexander kjellberg

    swedish flag made me go lol

  118. Drunk Ik is best Ik <3

  119. Great Video, it is great :p hé QB what do you think about the AT15A ?

  120. Hey qb I’m a relatively new sub and I found you through the beard guys who
    play world of tanks Xbox and he showed us a video when he killed you when
    you did the live stream on Xbox and I thought I should check someone with
    that kind of fame out and I love the vids even if there for pc and I can
    only play Xbox

  121. Happy new year everyone!

  122. Stålet,

    t(h)anks for all the hard word whit all the vidros you have made this year.
    keep it up. happy new year Mr Qb.

  123. happy new year!!!!?

  124. I’m laughing so much that I might throw up…

  125. Happy new year sir.

  126. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    This video was good…. Ike made it a great video. ?

  127. Happy New Year QuickyBaby

  128. i wish the regular tiger was tier 6 too, then the tiger p was a cross over
    at tier 7. it would be way more realistic, maybe drop everything below the
    tiger down one and get rid of the DW2

  129. Sebastian Rademaker

    QuickyBaby you are a MadMax fan!!! ( nice T-shirt :D)

    Best Movie ever!!!

  130. happy new new qb thanks for info throughout the year happy tanking you’ve
    been epic and I’ll see you soon lol

  131. Bro thank for everything you. And Have A Happy New Year ?????
    -From Philippines

  132. <-- This is a swedish flag. That was a norwegian flag

  133. Drunk Ik was just hilarious to listen too. I AM MEGATRON

  134. so much better than jingles video the other week. not that his was bad but
    this one was actually comical

  135. I’m not playing any more but I still waiting for you videos every day!

  136. Thank you QB! Happy New Year.

  137. nice video ^^

  138. 7:30 thats a not a swedish flag thats norways flag.

  139. when you say “Ragnaros”…I was in schok…You know the hardest boss in WoW
    in raid

  140. Happy New year QuickyBaby cheers form Tirol ,Austria :D

  141. Honestly, that was great. UK’s voice and rage made me laugh so hard.
    Happy new year Quivkybaby!!!

  142. Anyone watching this in 2016?

  143. happy new year

    you are a good man
    i like and enjoy every one of your videos

    keep doing this

    and go to kick some butt in world of tanks ;)

  144. Ik sound like a drunk Yoda. haha

  145. you can include the one with VK 3601 H where he burned to death :D

  146. TheCrazySerbianBoy

    happy New Year!

  147. Richards Slebonick

    Hi quicky!! I do not know if it landed in the spam box, but I sent you an
    ace tanker gameplay with the ru 251 doing 7k damage. Just asking if you got
    it! Happy new years

  148. This was so funny live

  149. I LOVE the daily videos!

  150. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    Quickybabytv wtf is your problem with the Swedish and Norwey?!?! answer
    little coward

  151. Wishing you and all tankers a very safe, healthy, prosperous and Happy New

  152. happy new years quickybaby!!

  153. im just loving u soooo much QB 🙂 i was just a stupid tomato, N thx to u, I
    became much much better! hope u and ur “new wife :D” a happy new year and
    for all the channel’s subs and watchers and everybody who loves
    (QB,IK,Jingles,….) and all bodies making content for WoT. And as this is
    the 1st thing I suggest u to be doing out of my 3 years of watching u, i
    just “please im begging pls pls plzzzz” want u to make WoT Blitz content
    also 🙂 . i will provide u with all i can to make u do so :). HAPPY NEW

  154. Happy new year :)


  156. i wish you all the best too HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  157. Happy new year QB you are the best in the world!

  158. Happy New Year QB ..!! ;)

  159. Such an amazing youtuber , thanks a lot for all the hard work you’ve done ,
    keep it up , we’ll be there in 2016 !

  160. thank u quicky baby i learnt much from u

  161. you deserve it

  162. Fire dragon loses… To small people( or tanks really )

  163. couldn’t watch it through because of that fucking pathetic virgin who
    drives the tiger II. This is so fucking embarrassing

  164. hhhahaahahahahhh funny!! xD

  165. Quickybaby, what equipment do you run on your cdc?

  166. death to Sweden 🙁 wä wä

  167. i love you and your comment form. Cheers From Spain !!!! :)

  168. Happy New Year Quickybaby.
    Continuou the good work.;-)

  169. Fully drunken ike :)

  170. I really didnt care about gameplay! Ikzor stole the show with that voice
    acting :D

  171. How couldnt you have died of laughter?

  172. Drunk Ik is fucking amazing!

  173. Happy new year to all !

  174. SHiN☯Bi トランクス

    Happy new year people????

  175. QB you have been amazing I love your videos and I tune in to every stream I
    can you make fantastic content

  176. @quickbaby, you have made WoT much more enjoyable, and have made me look
    forward to what you have to say and do each and every day. Merci beaucoup!
    Danke schoen! Gratis! Спасибо! And, in my native language, thank you!

  177. happy new year QuickyBaby!

  178. jingles posted this awhile ago ;p

  179. Thank You very much for that amazing stream and this event.
    I had so much fun when I was watching it.

    Happy new year and all the best to You and to Your wife!

    P.S.: looking forward for more happenings like that

  180. I like how the japanese tiger is actually closer to the real tiger than the
    actual tiger.

  181. Tiger II lost because he didn’t go to the hill, so he was flanked. On the
    hill it would have been an easy win, even if the tiger’s were already

  182. Ik is sutch a lad, what an awesome person!

  183. Im sweden XD

  184. Happy new years ! – Leroy

  185. Fridolin Kringelbach

    your welcome :)

  186. I don’t even play WoT but I still have watched all of QBs videos. Love

  187. jingles already posted that video on his channel

  188. Happy new year champ! :)

  189. Zaonce – “I shall be licking the salt from your swedish tears, when you cry”

    Jingles – “Oh, Shotsfired!”

  190. XD ( HAPPY NEW YEAR )

  191. Do more videos like this 🙂 :-)

  192. i cant go on the replay site ??

  193. happy new year

  194. “Exceedingly drunk Norwegian”
    Yeah that’s us Norwegian folks most days XD

  195. how to move freely in replays or when you are spectating?

  196. By fire be purged !

  197. Quickybaby how do you fly when in replays

  198. All the best for you too QB and thanks for all you ‘re doing for us!!!!!!!!

  199. Happy New Year !

  200. Happy NEW YEAR QB ! :-)

  201. happy New year QB
    and can you pls do a gameplay review on the object 416?

  202. i was live in the stream it was so funny :D

  203. Wish the video was longer

  204. Great year QB, Happy new year!

  205. ZenithRadProductions

    I hear Ronald Jenkees! <3

  206. Play World of tank
    my fingers

  207. Happy new year Quickbaby, and happy new year to everyone who plays World of
    Tanks, Warthunder, Armored Warfare or all of them :)

  208. Qb can you post more videos like this? 

  209. swedish flag?

  210. Matīss Brikmanis

    i so want more streams with jingles


  212. Ik on drugs

  213. happy new year

  214. William Richardson

    tigerpoo hahahha

  215. Quibster, you ever get tired of WOT? If so what else do you play?

  216. i love you QB ♡♥

  217. QuicklyBabyTV U rule

  218. Perspective Murder

    Yo yo yo

  219. anthony gaspar laurente

    Happy New Year QuickBaby

  220. William Richardson


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