World of Tanks | 20,000 Sub Give Away Competition | IS-2 , Cromwell Berlin, Rudy

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | 20,000 Sub Give Away | Military Parade Tanks -2 , Cromwell Berlin, T34-85 Rudy NA & EU
Please watch the video and do as explained to enter the Give Away Competition!!

►All replays must be submitted by 2 December
►All replays must be Version 9.12 or 9.13 WoT
►You can only your own gameplay (the person in the replay wins not the uploader)
► (Post Replays Here)

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  1. Would I be able to submit a fairly recent replay (9.10 I believe) I had
    where a whole group did basically everything wrong to take out one tank for
    the compilation without entering the contest? I’ve already got all the
    Berlin tanks so I don’t see any need to enter.

  2. Replays can be from older game versions ,right ?

  3. Yay!!! 20k. Awesome mate.
    Looking forward to 50k :D

  4. How many replays can we submit? If we submit a clip, but then get another
    one, can we still submit it?

  5. also quickybaby’s winners where all of the most OP tanks in the game

  6. EU nick grzegorz1973r

  7. You start to say at the beginning that your not going to reward the super
    players and that sounds GREAT BUT then you turn right around and say one of
    the ways to win is to have an epic moment. Well who do you think is more
    likely to have epic moments, yes the super players so that defeats your
    whole point.

  8. Havoc you deserve the subscribers you and your clan have help t me got to
    tanks I hated and gave me some funny memory’s. I wish you luck and I hope
    you keep doing what you’re doing you’re amazing. :)

  9. I’m just giving up I’ve tried every thing

  10. Can it be an older replay? Like one from 9.8?

  11. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    no SEA server why ?

  12. Gj and congrats man, I hope to be doing some of these (give away’s) in the
    future !!!

  13. Nice job man, congratulation!!! You are the best keep making great

  14. Hooray 20k. That was so fast. Let’s keep the ball rolling guys. Sir Havoc
    cheers to you my friend.

  15. congratulations! W-Uni2 here and this community has really jump started my
    ability to play well and have fun while doing so. so happy that we are
    really beginning to expand to new heights.

  16. SEA server?

  17. Giveaways are cool, but unfortunately I am lazy xD. The Crommie B is an
    amazing tank, just got it from the X-mas specials. Also, most
    importantly… thank you so much for your academy videos and such. I have
    learned much more fro. your videos than anyone else’s or even just playing
    around. Keep on doing what you do.

  18. Dang !! Now I have to figure out how to make/access replays!!! and edit etc
    …. I’d love a Cromwell B … I missed out on the recent reindeer day sale
    of it.

  19. Thanks for doing this. Just had an incredible game and uploaded it for this

  20. Best youtuber out there! Great videos and competitions!

  21. What, no counting giraffe heads? Man you are getting sophisticated now!
    Great idea for the different replays.

  22. good idea for a giveaway!

  23. Just had a great moment in my t37 and uploaded my replay. All thanks for
    the teachings of SirHavoc, hope you get more subs man.

  24. I enjoy watching your videos and I’ve learned a lot from them. I’m still a
    tomato player but at least I’m trying to improve. Thanks for your videos
    and keep up the good work! Cheers mate!

  25. I wish I could get a premium tank that’s over tier 2 but I don’t really
    have many replays. and I’m crap so I can’t figure out how to submit them.
    even if people walk me through it. never dose work out

  26. Growing up awesome. here comes the big 50k!, i know it.

  27. IS-2 is a Chinese Tank.

  28. do I just use bandicam or something like that

  29. I will try my best….I am crap so I will win f:%@ all…… Well done
    SirHavoc… Carry on with streaming and posting great videos… Learned a
    lot from you. Thanks

  30. Nice one, keep it going ;)

  31. whats the closing date

  32. 9.12 ??

  33. By the way….no more made up words! :)

  34. EU server? D:

  35. Next stop 50K!

    You Go Pete!! Good Luck in the future with YouTube!

  36. what recording things can I use to record this

  37. Grats Mate

  38. Well done Pete …. roll on 50K

  39. 1st comment Woot :)

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