World of Tanks 2019 recap.

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Source: TheFochYou

who’s not dead and still whining!

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  1. Finally someone who speaks up about the absurd French wheeled vehicles.
    Those are 17 tonne vehicles changing directions in a way that a Formula 1 car would be jealous of ?

  2. “Look who’s not dead and still whining!” 😀 😀 😀

  3. Wheeled fuck the game if you noticed we have more campers in the game more than ever all tanks out spotted by wheeled vehicles so only suckers play active in this game and the result is more camping = no saspens players bored quickly static game gg wargaming

  4. We welcome back an intelligent an honest view of the game.

  5. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t want to play this game again. I quit just over a year ago

  6. Foch was in a rehab, fighting his alcoholism.

  7. And now soon 2020 will start with double barreled line patch gg

  8. But yeah, the ‘ebr’ is a typical WG braindead add. What’s next? A Hummer with a gun?

  9. Great to see you back, hope you consider putting out more content this year, missed having you telling WG the raw truth about how they fukd up all the different shit!
    Have to agree on the ridiculous fukn RBR’s, they’ve become a cancerous menace to WoT game play!

  10. John Tamosaitis 2006

    Glad to see you back again. It’s come to the point where I’m a little scared to see the new ammo rebalance. If it’s done by the same people who developed the wheeled vehicles, it could be bad for many tanks.

  11. Tfw no 30 min video from foch

    Why live?”

  12. It’s been a long time since i liked this like button

  13. Foch play war thunder or company of heroes 2!

  14. Recap 2019:
    Stopped playing the game entirely

  15. 3 idiots dislike this

  16. Also I forgot to talk about the British light tanks, but then again wg “forgot” to make them above trash tier so not really missing out on much

  17. More Summer Car please Foch 😉
    Hope you had a decent holiday.

  18. What the fuck a video from you finnaly

  19. Recap of SirFoch 2019 – “I posted 3 videos and then quit”

  20. The EBR branch has all but ruined the bloody game.

  21. they lost me at itroducing tier 10 lts

  22. Konstantinos Savvanidis

    Totally agree with you on the Veeled Whehicles point. Massive game destroyer, I reacted by staying away from high tiers.

  23. My personal recap

    Stopped playing the game in late 2019

  24. Ooooble goooble…oooble goooble!!

  25. 2019 recap, didnt play at all bc WG destroyed the game

  26. The EBR is not “game breakingly overpowered” in my opinion, but rather, the rest of the light tanks are ridiculously underwhelming. When the tier 10 lights were being tested (on the sandbox server I believe) they had really high view range, and for some reason, Wargaming felt the reason to nerf that. In the game currently, the highest base view range on a tier 10 light is 420. The highest base view range on a tier 10 medium is also 420… so what’s the point of driving a tier 10 light if a medium can spot just as well, and actually has a gun that can shoot back? The EBR has trash base view range, but you can boost it up to 445, and the mobility makes it able to get into a dangerous situation to get spots, then run away without taking too many (or perhaps ANY) hits. At the end of the day, what the EBR does is what all light tanks SHOULD be able to do – spot the enemy without dying for it. If all tier 10 lights had a MINIMUM of 420 base view range up to maybe 450 or 460 base, so you could easily boost it over 500, maybe even 550, the normal lights would have a significant advantage in some situations, and would have something to defend itself with against the EBR (normal light has enough view range to spot active EBR before EBR spots it).

    TL;DR: EBR is not overpowered, the rest of tier 10 lights are UNDERPOWERED. EBR should not be nerfed, the rest of tier 10 lights should be BUFFED (specifically their view range and maybe mobility).

  27. My 2019 recap:
    Also uninstalled the game recently…

  28. 2019 aka the year in which I played WoT the absolute least by far ?

  29. A few less “fucking” this and “fucking” that and you *would* have had more time to make carefully considered suggestions for improvement that WG might actually listen to.

  30. Just checked your channel a few days ago, just to see what happend to WoT. 2019 was the first year with zero matches played for me – just to fed up with the small indie company. But then, maybe i just was too much of a fan. Still enjoy your salt! Happy 2020

  31. Interesting check-in! I quit in 2016 or so, as it was obvious power creep and pay-to-win were intentional business decisions by Wargaming.
    I see nothing’s changed, you even have loot boxes now!

  32. Agree about those wheeled shit scouts….also stop trying to skill MM all the players WG


  34. You left out the “Homefront”, the racing game and that other battle royale with the in game upgradable American/Russian/German tank versions…

  35. And of course you have 666 likes

  36. the anonimyzer its easy to solve, just remove all mods from the game, play vanilla like without stats and green and red players, and its more healthy for your brain. Its interesting youtubers that promoted xvm are those who complain more about being focused by enemys lol

  37. Nine flat earthers from Australia liked this video.

  38. i’d pay to get one of these but with helium voice.

  39. Lads, is this youtuber which do not use a gold (premium) ammo?

  40. They screwed the maps, they screwed the game play with those wheeled cars, I guess they just want to kill the game and retire and spend there ill gotten money . good to see you FochYou

  41. Foch i have a confession, i have been slacking when it comes to your streams. I have night shifts now and i am usually sleeping during the day. Forgive me senpai.

  42. We all know wheel cancer is cancer lol
    I’m actually quite surprised (not really) how oblivious/low IQ the community is, arguing that wheel cancer is fair when I mention it in-game lol
    Pay2win cancer is cancer

  43. My 2019 recap, played about 15 games before deciding there were more enjoyable games out there…

  44. 7 months according to the log but good to see another vid from you

  45. Foch, never change

  46. agree 100% about wheeled klown cars, especially starting at tier 8 are broken.

  47. Thanks for the update, Foch. See you next year, buddy. Love you.

  48. Dude finnaly youtube video. Love your content please keep it up?

  49. Haven’t played for years now. Glad do see nothing’s changed.

  50. marquitoescort2011

    So true.

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