World of Tanks || 23 KILLS – 10 MINUTES

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m satisfying all the aggressive out there with the most kills I’ve put into a single – 23 kills in 10 minutes!

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. 3 F U C K I N G B A R R E L R I N G S

  2. 23 kills … when most of them weren’t shooting back. I’m not sure what to
    make of this turkey shoot. It was like QB was just picking-off bots.

  3. Hi QB, im your biggest fan. I know you are ruler of this game, but i can’t
    understand how is posible that enemy team gets on positions that suit you
    best so often??? Last map on this video Ruinberg; when i play it, with
    positions that you get i will be dead in second minute of battle. First of
    all enemy will be shoting at me from middle. Second enemy often has few
    aggresive spotters that will go near first position of your cromwell and
    they will spot me. And third; that SU8 will stay at base and heat me from
    there when will be spotted… Ok, middle was taken by allies, but where is
    enemy on left flank so long… I tried your positions on various maps, but
    that positions are relatively good, not so often, it depends on how enemy
    is arranged. Only good thing is that many tankers use your position on sand
    river, and when my team attacking i always wait at start of battle and put
    few shells on spotters that get from that middle spot… :)

  4. My is Luchs!

  5. It was in a row?

  6. Favorite is probably still the Tier 4 Hetzer. With the 105mm derp gun of

  7. The KV-2 had the ZiS..
    You could tell by the outline :D

  8. My KV-2
    Entering tier 6 battles with him is close to obscene because my 3 skills
    crew just goes around “Hi bud, bye bud” *click* BOOM
    And heck, tier 8? “Hi, take those 3 modules damage and 400 hp in your super
    strong frontal armor”

  9. LOL U MISS THE FV (big turrent with no armor) but u hit the scorpion’s tiny
    turrent what a troll LOVE THE VIDS

  10. the kv2 used the stock derp gun

  11. Curiosly, i prefer the more underdog Tanks to play if i get too mad. For
    example the T69: I barely see them at Tier 8, and only the T57 heavy at
    sometimes. But the T69 makes me fun to play as you can make some serious
    trouble if you platoon up and talk to your friends. Or, if i need some
    Credits, the SU-76I (Yes, i have one of these god damn sealclubbing, quite
    well armored TDs bought for 4 € XP) If you get on your own Tier you just
    rip apart your enemies and you still can stay stealthy quite good, but you
    also can relocate fast enough to stay where you need to be and restart
    ripping tanks apart XP For a TD, it’s quite OP in my eyes and i’m glad WG
    decided to never bring it back again. Why? Because, not like the No-Hype
    59, it has a reason.

  12. sp 1c, vk 28.01, t67, elc, amx 12t

  13. Cromwell B and ELC AMX :D

  14. And I thought u made some teamkills

  15. This dude still plays this game?

  16. lol I though it was going to be something like the player gets a lot of
    kills on enemy and also tk lots of allies

  17. Always having fun in the ELC AMX


    I like being in the T82 with the 105 howitzer (I play blitz)

  19. VK 36H. She never fails me. What’s very strange is no matter what I almost
    always get four kills in it, no more, no less. If I get a kill I’ll get
    three more, if I don’t get a kill than I don’t get a kill. But I haven’t
    seen less than four kills on it in a very long time.

  20. Hey QB, can you maybe make a video about artillery weak spots?? How to take
    them out effectively with HE?? I have tried to kill some of those Big USSR
    Arties with HE and they mostly do no damage. Where are the weak spots???
    Would love to see some videos about that..

  21. MT-25 the little tank that could!

  22. that KV2 has long 107mm gun… not 152mm…

  23. I like to play the batchat 25t Just one clipping meds makes me laugh

  24. Was the kv2 fireing HE with the 107mm?

  25. Pz I C in tier III battles. Most fun

  26. The Funnel Web Spider is a little particular about its desert! A little
    more particular and a little less greedy! :)

  27. ISU-122S

  28. i like this variation of gameplayvids qb, as usual great work!

  29. Hy QB… I think there is a problem with your last mods release (
    Shoot sound in sniper mode, and fireline in minimap.
    I try to clean res_mods folder, and paste your files 3 times always same
    result. Anyone have same problems?

  30. My fav tank will be the Hellcat

  31. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    The All Mighty Luchs.

  32. why do you always use prem consumables QB? I guess a good player like you
    wouldn’t need the payed advantage premium consumables like coffee give over
    other players.. And don’t tell me it is not much, cause i have seen in most
    games you post you use prem consumables, meaning you actually know exactly
    what kind of difference they play in spot, in cammo, in targeting and in
    reload. In general you play with alot better stats in all aspects of the
    tank, stats that you just bought… I would expect better from you QB!

  33. you bastard, now i realised why i didnt get ace tanker in a type 64 this
    morning, i got like 2400 dmg 1000 assistance and 4 kills, and i was
    spotting for myself on that E1 bush in prokhorovka with no tanks behind me.
    i got like 900xp for that :D

  34. Of course my favorite tank to drive around like a madman getting kill after
    kill is the E25 >:D

  35. Very nice video, loved the place you used on Siegfried Line, i’ll remember
    that :p
    When i wanna go wild, i play my 13 75 or my Cromwell B… Light and medium
    tanks are so much fun. I dont have anymore fun playing a heavy now

  36. don’t mind the title. this is example of real pro player. I definately
    can’t play like him

  37. hi QB.. full heat…! LoLz

  38. I thought this video is about a replay with 15 enemy kills and 8 ally kills
    lol maybe i thought too much…

  39. 8:50 SHOTS FIRED!!!!!

  40. Super Pershing, M41 90, Cromwell Berlin, T54 Prototype the new Skorpian and
    the Type 59 Patton, don’t have the Type 59 next best thing.

  41. goffa rekt ?

  42. God like

  43. It’s so cruel :(

  44. Ill pick m41 bulldog

  45. 23 kills in 10 minutes? qb must have gone mad and TKed people

  46. HAHA Goffa befigyel XDDDDDD

  47. I destroyed 34 vechiles in 10 minutes first match :D


    Hey Quickybaby that KV-2 that shot u was using the AP gun on the KV-2

  49. It would take me well over 90 mins to get 23 kills, gg.

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