World of Tanks || 4 Shots, 6 Kills…

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Here HeavyD obliterating the opposition with his T10 SPG the Gun Carriage!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I think all arty should be removed from the game!
    It completely ruins the gameplay.

  2. Arty is good for campers but now with all that stupid missions playn a
    heavy is a nightmare. 3-4 damn artys tier IX or X on prokhorvka and me,
    playn with Maus or E100… And i get that alot…so @s&*€# arty :)

  3. lol if I took the shot that killed the type 61’s I would have hit the
    jagpanzer e100

  4. Whats this map? 

  5. arty is not bad. you have most likely gotten killed more times from a td or
    any other class then arty…-_-

  6. Quickybaby says: They are both in a platoon I wonder what those guys were
    The 2 guys : Did you see that ? 1 shot killed us both ! Man this game is
    broken , arty is too op and developers are too lazy to create something
    like this! Lets play warthunder arty is not OP there !!! And then arty
    noobs start to bitch !

  7. it’s a miracle! he’s alive!

  8. proof that arty should be nerfed

  9. “So much skill!!! He carried so hard! and he was so good at killing those

    I play like this all the time, difference is that I’m in the BC which means
    I don’t do dmg unless I hit within 1 meter of the targets. Also, you should
    really spessify that this guy was firing premium splash exclusively.

  10. Aaah vury stronk tenk, vury feer ent belencand!! look at all dat skiel,
    hiet eqol tir eniemi tenk for 2K demage not bruken et all. will kliked sir,
    yur fienger most be tierd.

  11. I cant get even 1 bombardier medal

  12. What xvm mod are you using?

  13. OK…. I will continue my UK SPG branch

  14. Did u see that fast foward around 7:00 any idiot would think whoa that aim

  15. Oof i love the high tier arty games that just annihilate people. I’d hate
    to play against it but to watch is fantastic.

  16. Nice one

  17. Ugh, what a vomit inducing gameplay video. Exemplifies why arty is so
    frustrating to have in a game, showing how broken it is when you get lucky.
    And this round was heavily based on being lucky and having his shells go
    where he aimed.
    Of course, the fact that he spammed gold rounds didn’t hurt his damage

  18. 2100 damage in one shot from the other side of the map while the enemy is
    unable to return fire. Fair and balanced if you ask me!

    This is exactly the reason why most epic carry matches in T8+ for normal
    tanks are in those matches that have little or no artillery in them. With
    this kind of orbital laser fire going on while you are trying to play the
    game it’s hard to be effective unless you want to spend the whole match
    glued to a piece of solid cover out of arty shot.

  19. i love qb’s videos, but i hate arties very very much… so i don’t click
    anything ^o^


  21. This shit should be nerfed
    It is too op compare with other T10 arty
    Arty required skills but this shit doesn’t.
    Look forward to see this shit be removed

  22. Master of Arty.Great Job

  23. It is an old replay, but it checks out.

  24. Artillery is one of those vehicles that is very very situational. I play
    artillery albeit am not yet any good and if you are in the wrong place at
    the wrong time there really is nothing you can do about it. This I have to
    say was an exceptional game in the CGC. 

  25. Oh the anti clickers are gonna luv this Lol

  26. only gold shells in the most OP scumbag with gold consumables. -1

  27. lite op

  28. This replay just show how unbalanced high tiers arties are. When a tank get
    the alpha of the biggest TD of its tier, but can fire at you without being
    spotted, without any idea that you are going to be fired at, and by an
    angle that make his shot devastating… i prefer get a JPE100 in front of

    Arty after tier 6 gets so huges guns it is clearly unbalanced

    And by the way, none cares this guys is only using gold HE ? For sure he
    gets an huge splash radius with this.

  29. When you don’t wanna play World Of Tanks, you play artillery.

  30. At last, a conqueror GC commentated video!

  31. though WG delete this map already @@

  32. Arty needs some serious buffs (no sarcasm)

  33. Working as intended.

  34. Only golds .. :/

  35. Arty is completely fair and balanced.

  36. Holy shit he is the best!!

  37. I struggel by the Arty mission 15 with my french tier X arty…
    But never mind I am already on the grind for british tier VIII and that
    should be a piece of cake then…

    It is NOT about the SKILL, arty is about the maschine. Everybody says
    different is just not honest.

    And I play arties, and yes NO SKILL required. Pire luck and RNG factor.
    In my lights and meds I primerely hunt down arties. I just hate those one
    click Heroes ;o)

  38. Arty = the cancer off the game…..

  39. I just love how the arty with 1.1 accuracy hits more direct shots than my
    French arty with 0.7 accuracy…-.-

  40. I completed my arty mission in my fv304. British arty are awesome in there
    own way.

  41. Wait is this map still in the game? Havnt seen it in a looooooooong ass

  42. The CGC is always in demand for Clan Wars. I love one-shotting soft
    targets! They no happy!

  43. Honestly, I think the main issue people have with arty isn’t that it’s op
    or anything but rather that it is completely unreliable and RNG reliant,
    even by WoT standards. Getting killed is doubly annoying when you know
    that, in the same situation, another might have avoided most or all of the
    damage by pure luck.

    Honestly, if anything, the highest tier arties like the Conqueror GC are
    the least egregious because you aren’t so much praying for the shot to land
    (because your damage and splash are so high) as planning when to fire, and
    what at (because it’s hard to switch targets, and you take a geological era
    or two to reload), so the gameplay shifts from mostly RNG to a more
    strategic challenge of prioritizing and decision making.

  44. HeavyD just offered his life to the RNG gods to get this kind of match. The
    next arty match he probably missed every shot he fired.

  45. Louis-Philippe Nault

    wait bombardier in congGC woooooow…. lol c mon that thing has t92
    splash with fv 304 gun ark ,,,

  46. Hard to get a Radleys’ in arty? Pfft, I got 5 or 6 in my leFH, haha!

  47. arty is very difficult to play, with the incredibly brutal RNG and even
    with a fully aimed reticle, you’re shell just wants to go 10 meters away
    and completely miss the target. people say “oh but you dont get shot back”.
    arty has such a long reload and is COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS on their own.
    even with point blank range, there are times when arty miss becuase the
    reticle is so huge. people just dont want to be killed for camping or
    merely staying within the same vicinity. had the enemy team in this video
    pushed hard and the flank collapsed, this arty player would have been
    mercifully executed. people who smack talk on arty do not know how to play
    this game and refuse to learn how to counter against arty. keep crying,
    you’re the only one raging.

  48. So much scumbaggery.

  49. The most broken arty in the game firing exclusively gold ammo…..

  50. hate it or love it this was a grate example of ARTY POWER. Me personality I
    love it

  51. I’m definitely taking that tech tree.

  52. That is a well played Artillery played by a very skilled arty player at its
    finest. One good arty can do so much for their team, and this is a case
    point of just that, he opened up an entire flank for his team by dropping
    just two shells that were well placed on weakened targets resulting in that
    flank losing 4 guns.

  53. Man that was fucking brutal. I feel for the enemy team.

  54. First I would like to say that I don’t hate arty, but the GC is broken as
    hell, the firing arch needs to be narrowed and also make it so it can’t
    drop shells over a mountain that anyone would expect to be real cover. On a
    side note wouldn’t a better solution for arty instead of out right removing
    them be to increase the RoF slightly and aim time and lower the damage to
    roughly that of a medium tank so they are actually a support rather than
    death from above. It would be just enough of a bite to help their team, and
    cause enemy tanks to be hesitant to push, but not so much damage that a
    heavy wouldn’t be willing to take the hit to get into a better position. I
    understand that this wouldn’t make sense in the idea of gun size, but since
    this isn’t a sim game I don’t think it would really matter all that much.

  55. There is no way to make a vehicle reliant on RNG a good mechanic

  56. People actually upvote replays? As far as I can see, a majority of replays
    never even get a single download!

  57. lol idk why I get so cracked up whenever QB says “Howevah!” 2:08

  58. But he is only firing gold rounds :vmore splash radius.

  59. Blessed by RNGsus

  60. Now that qwickybaby has posted this video, wargaming will nerf the
    conquered GC

  61. So the FV215b (183) was loathed and cry babies cried for nerf, but CGC is
    just balanced???

  62. This replay showcases my problem with many of the British artillery. Their
    shell arcs are too high. The counter to artillery is the use of cover to
    protect your vehicle. The balancing of this vehicle would be fine, it
    doesn’t need to be able to shoot over whole hills.

  63. Man the comments section is full of salt.

  64. I just watched 9 minutes of lucky dice rolls. So fascinating, I learned so
    much about the game.

  65. WG needs to realize that this if a clear example of one of the most OP
    elements of a great game. This is truly a game ruining factor in the state
    it is in right now. No one should be able to kill 8 enemies without being
    spotted the entire game, that is the definition of OP…

  66. I know it has 1.1 accuracy, but I think after watching this replay it
    deserves an aiming time nerf and accuracy nerf to about 1.4-1.7.

  67. Arty really shouldn’t be in this game. A game made to have fun, and most
    people hate playing arty as well as playing against it.
    It does massive damage.
    Decent pen considering it aims at the top of tanks.
    Shoots across entire map dispite hills, valleys, obstacles ect.
    Even if it misses, it usually does 200-400 dmg plus tracks you, and if
    another arty is aiming at you, and you get tracked, yeah.
    great camo on most
    no reward for killing them (500hp max)
    Most times theres no reason you got hit. dont say “you wernt moving”. This
    is world of TANKS, a game where 90% of tanks struggle to hit 20Mph and most
    of the time your playing in the same 50 yard area.
    Other tanks have a narrow zoom in/out scale, not arty
    other tanks look horizontal through a “scope”, while arty looks down from
    the heavens.
    You cant say, “its used to kill campers”. i get killed more playing lights
    and mediums from direct hits or splash then i do in my heavies. As well as
    big heavy tanks are slow and quite easy to outplay.
    Not to mention half the arty players throw themselves off the nearest cliff
    as son as they get 3 tanks down.
    Suicide in arty should be an immediate ban for 1-7 days. No reason, no way
    it could be a mistake.

  68. MangekyouAmaterasu

    So much skill being displayed. “Be arty safe guys”, proceeds to get smacked
    for 1k damage over cover while fighting other tanks. Lel skill and hard to
    play rng right?

  69. There is no skill to that please!!!!!

  70. Arty is for retards. Requires no skill whatsoever. I played it on the test
    server, this exact SPG with a buddy of mine and got 4k+ dmg each game.
    Medium tank play requires skill, heavies require skill, scouts require
    skill, not fucking SPGs.

  71. i wish i got accuracy like that in my tier 7 arty 🙁 it misses still
    targets! so frustrating

  72. some players were lucky enough to get four or three kills

  73. man these people in the comments, Sees one good Arty game and says how OP
    they are

  74. Can someone please do this in the T92?

  75. Good replay…but man just fk arties, especially a platoon of CGCs that XVM
    snipes all day long…..
    Not bad to have arties once a while in game, but 3+ arty games are a little
    too frequent

  76. If that was your first view on that video, I love seeing your genuine
    reaction to this awesomeness.

  77. I hate playing artillery. I just do it for the missions, because it´s
    always from hero to zero: One game I can carry with lots of damage, and the
    very next game I don´t hit the walls of a barn from the inside. Playing
    artillery – it´s just RNG. No skill involved.

  78. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Good thing they are changing the mechanics of arty…

  79. Played it today on the test server. The only other Arty I’ve played on the
    PC is the Sexton I Premium for a laugh. I finished top on damage.

  80. Retarded game mechanic is retarded.

    Fires nothing but sprem ammo.

    We don’t, as usual, get to see his 3rd results screen. Did he make a
    profit, neutral, or a significant loss?

  81. I thought it was Gun Carrier

  82. Fuck arty and everyone who plays it

  83. ThemeDesignGaming

    It takes much skill to click pff its so op ripping through enemys hp. Why
    is this even in the game. Clearly hating yup . Arty suppose to be support
    not the main force from upabove. Wg doesnt give a shit any way . Arty is
    still way to op at higher levels when they hit atleast. 

  84. Check out this video on YouTube:

  85. I wonder why this person is using GOLD AMMO ?? I have T92 and the normal HE
    rounds do enough damage . Using prem ammo is so not needed. 

  86. This is the most voted replay and here just hateful comments. PS: ****
    arty. Today i played the 50B, i had full hp, i stayed behind a building
    waiting for an enemy to get spotted and then boom 1 shot by GW E 100. Are
    you shit in a tank? Play arty

  87. T92 next

  88. And this is gentlemen why people hate artillery.]And the Conqueror GC most
    inaccurate gun in game… nope…because RNG says shell will hit you and
    F*** you over before you can do anything useful.

  89. Qb i like you and ur vids but when u post vids like this encouraging this
    broken game mechanic i gotta give you a dislike

  90. man this was disgusting, I feel dirty just watching this

  91. That humiliation the 50 120 got…Oh man good thing i weren’t in his
    shoes…bad luck man, just bad luck and i’m sorry for it ;(

  92. Prem ammo only, prem consumables This guy has so Much skill. Also no rng at

  93. It’s so good to feel dirty in artillery… XD

  94. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    Ive seen a 3 shot top gun in tier 9 arty :P

  95. i hate arties but have to give it a like

  96. After the FV304 I stopped progressing down the that line. Maybe I should
    keep going on that line, ha.

  97. Why should anyone have to avoid magical orbs falling from space, for that
    matter, pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows? It is simply not fun to
    play the game when some mystical magical mystery bomb can 1 shot you,
    launched from a barbeque pit, behind a bush, on the other side of the map..
    The most fun games in WoT are devoid of Tards camping in arty.

  98. …your giving arty players legitimacy by making a video about one of their
    replays….not cool…unsubscribed

  99. Proper cover? Nick are you kidding… All I heard the whole video was “It
    has great arc.” that means there is no cover… get real.

  100. Eh I prefer the T92. I have had better games in that machine. I feel a
    Fadins medal is more impressive than Bombardier.

  101. I did not know arty scumbags were such hot heads…. I guess that’s what
    happens when you tell them the truth about their skill… LOL

  102. I think that this replay was uploaded on this channel few months ago

  103. I think 9.6 had a hidden arty accuracy nerf. I also noticed that my splash
    on my t92 is nowhere near as it used to be. I am the only one that notices
    this or am i just magically bad all of a sudden?

  104. Totally demonstrates how fucking utterly monged and broken arty is.
    Moves 50m…. does 8000 dmg… 8 kills….What bullshit.
    He wasn’t even doing anything special just using his god mode to go “Click”

  105. Hate arty, But what a game

  106. arty is so broken

  107. This tank should be illegal!

  108. Yeah CGC is unbalanced. Gun arc + high shell arc just guarantee easy dmg to
    almost any part of the map. Besides, CGC can shoot easily the weak top
    armor of enemies. Kinda makes it hard to evade artillery on open maps, even
    with rocks that would provide cover from other artillery. I am not going to
    say anything about the replay but this thing needs some kind of a nerf.
    Hell, even a retard like me reached 3k avg damage in a CGC on 9.4 test
    server but that statement is kinda hard to back up. (played like 20 games
    without firing a single shot of gold)

  109. So much skill.

  110. People freaking out in the comments “omg Conqueror GC so op like every arty
    plz WG remove them and the video was frikkin stupid because raisins”, but
    wont say anything similar if another tank class has a result like this.
    But, you know, moron logic.

  111. Really … artillery . I’ve had better games than this in my T92 … I dont
    get highlighted. Well probably it’s because driving artillery is mostly
    down to pure luck.

  112. Wow, that was a great game by Heavy_D. I think that it is unbalanced, just
    watching my clan mates who have the conq. GC wreck teams both in random
    battles and clan wars.

  113. Balanced arty is balanced.

  114. i dont know but.. i litterely see no skill in this replay what so ever… 

  115. Cool video but totaly brainless arty.
    You aim and fire, u don’t need to focus a target because each shell has a
    death range of 1km -_-

  116. nerf it

  117. And that is exactly why arty is unbalanced

  118. I’m guessing the 7 who disliked the video on his website were those on the
    receiving end of that guy lol

  119. Time to nerf arties again.. I guess wg ninja buffes them secretly..-.-

  120. RIP¨for this map

  121. Such balance… travel 0,65km do 8k dmg
    Ah well at least this one didn’t have shells with my name on it
    BTW why did they remove Severogorsk? (I believe this was the name of the

  122. Heavy D… Sounds so dirty

  123. Disgusting!

  124. Wow, that guy sure can point and click!!!

  125. quicky you should do more world of warships videos, maybe some ship reviews
    now that people can buy their way into the BETA?

  126. This is just incredible, seriously, what is the sense of this shit? I just
    played a wonderful battle in my AMX M4 1945, 2,5k Dmg
    But hey, a very skilled M12 Player (250 wn8) clicks his button in his very
    balanced, totally skill based piece of **** and oneshots me. Le Me is just
    an avrg player (1,5kwn8)
    Why is wg doing this? It just doesnt makes any sense?
    Just my theory: wanna make noobs feel like they are good at smthg, but
    seriously, its just an unfair crapclass, every artyplayer has just no honor
    imo, WG remove arties, thanks…

  127. the filth, the filth is too, it’s sooooo, dirty…

  128. i would slow their rate of fire even more and kill aiming time even more

  129. i think arty players are fucking RATTS and bastards in real life ( i fuck
    them all )

  130. I´m concerned about the amount of arty content Quicky. Scumbaggin might not
    be a real crime, but its damn close if you ask me. XD

    Yeah arty helps against camping you know, totally….

  131. The enemy should stop camping right Kappa

  132. Fuck arty

  133. MORE PLS

  134. Yeah…and they say arty is balanced..

  135. The same problem as with every arty replay, or more precisely, with every
    arty game at all.
    Just RNG, not skill.
    Please WG, finally get your asses up and rework this class into something
    that is not trial&error at its best….

  136. gold users……

  137. I felt dirty and guilty for even grinning, disliked, stay firm with your

  138. and this is why i will never return to world of tanks unless the following
    is done to artillery:
    1. nerf the damage values on all artillery. tier 10 artillery should have a
    capped damage of 600
    2. increase the accuracy
    3. decrease the loading time of each shell by 50%
    4. increase the health value of all artillery to match the highest
    potential damage of same tier tanks so that when i ram an artillery i can
    then push them off a cliff.

  139. rot in hell no skill clicking cunts

  140. whats so special about a arty spamming gold rounds?

  141. Omg, that’s like 8/9 shots ended up in the middle of the aiming reticule. I
    once had amazing game in my Obj. 261 with 6k dmg because 6 shells went dead
    middle of the reticule in a row and thought that was once in a lifetime

  142. Came here to listen people whining about arty ^_^f f

  143. Much skill, very camp’n’click, so fun, WOW!

  144. *Cool game, cool video*

  145. *cough T12 cough*

  146. Impossible to do with 9.6 and onward … The RNG is just too much.

  147. i would’ve said it’s OP, but any tank can be OP if the player is good or
    gets lucky. or, perhaps, both.
    also, why is the 233mm gun so special but not the 240mm on the T92?

  148. Lucky RNG cancer player , no skill at all required to play arty lol, GG

  149. laurens van Deventer

    arty fair and balanced. so much skill required

  150. Yeah, arty isn’t OP…………………….

  151. Richard Wroblewski

    Congrats on the double double kill. If I see you. I will kill you. No
    scumbag shall do that again

  152. No-Stalgia Goggles

    Props to HeavyD, but luck was also on his side.

    As an Artillery player, I can attest that 50% of the game is about luck
    these days. If the RNG decides that you’re going to miss your shots,
    there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

    I’ve had games where I’ve had flush shots at the sides of stationary enemy
    tanks…and my shell flies right over them or 10m to the left or right, and
    explodes harmlessly.

    It’s gotten to the point where premium ammo with a larger splash radius is
    almost required to be a good artillery player these days.

  153. Even tho the T-92 has a bigger splash radius, this gun is better because of
    the high arc. T-92 tends to go long a lot.

    But when T-92 was fairly new, I was one of the first to have it and in a
    clan war the enemy was winning (Lakeville) and 6 of them surrounded one of
    our heavies. I saw he was about to die. They were all pressed against him
    so a nice tight group. I fired. Gold round. Killed 4 of them and really
    messed up the other 2 (and finished off my teammate so really 5 kills).
    Sweeeeet. We still lost. lol

  154. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    What happened to this map is it removed?

  155. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    Why do you say Waffentrager panzer 4 like that?

  156. you can be cool but your never going to be 4 shots 6 kills cool!

  157. Best thing about playing arty is the cursing and nerd rage after a good
    kill :)

  158. i think the tank is balanced, is a arty that need to hit something to cause
    impact in the game and if not that reload well punish you. so basically is
    a 1 hit turn around the game type of machine, you need to chosse careful
    your targets.

  159. Its a bullshit video only premium shell , and arty = no skill

  160. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people can hold to such a stubborn
    and ridiculously stiff viewpoint. To all the players who roam the comments,
    fueling the fires of flame wars far and wide; I have 3 things to say to you.

    1) Arty is not quite “point-and-click”. While it does require more luck
    than any other class in WoT; there is skill involved, and it’s not as easy
    as you think. Otherwise, this replay would be one out of thousands more.

    2) If you have any skill, you can avoid Arty. Use cover, and move
    unpredictably. Worst case scenario: You’re in a Maus on Prokhorovka (Fire
    Arc). Just keep moving unpredictably, and most Arty players will change
    targets if they miss 2 or 3 shots at you.

    3) Artillery is in the game, and it is here to stay. So deal with it.
    Instead of wasting time complaining about Arty on the Internet; spend your
    time playing Arty yourself. You’ll understand how Arty players think,
    common Arty camping spots, where Arty can and cannot hit on each map,
    differences between each nation’s SPG’s, and what each individual SPG
    excels/fails at. Lastly, you’ll understand just how hard it is to do well
    in an Artillery piece. With this information, you’ll become more proficient
    on the battlefield, and be able to use it to your advantage.

    …Or you can be ignorant, and continue whining and crying on the Internet
    with a gaping 203mm hole in your bum from the Morser that had its way with
    you. All in all, it’s up to you.

  161. The real name of this artilary is conqueror Gey Club

  162. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    I thought they had taken this map out of the game. I haven´t played on it
    for ages.

  163. Fair and balanced comrade. Not OP at all!

  164. actually 234 mm gun.
    also. 4 shots 6 kills. i dont like these numbers

  165. What I think is that you should do some AW content when you can.

  166. Arty is not OP at all. only using Gold ammo. I hope the WG buff Arty
    because they are so bad. -_-

  167. I wish you can upload more videos of yourself or others playing artillery
    because It want to have a full guide when I start world of tanks.

  168. Arty..very balanced tank class..very, very balanced.

  169. Scumbag artys being scumbags nothing new noobs play them cause they can’t
    do face to face combat.

  170. Nerf this shit.

  171. HeavyD is an ULTIMATE Scumbag.

  172. This guy is totally lucky RNG,besides he using premium ammo no wonder 4
    shots 6 kills,it’s average battle for me….

  173. How is arty balanced? This video proves how easy it is for arty to take
    advantage of lane-based map design and total BS birds eye view. Well played

  174. Gun arc OP. That looks much more appealing than the GWe100, about the same
    In Fv304, It’s amazing how vertical the shots come in at max range,

  175. Although I really like playing artillery, I have to say that maybe high
    tier arty has a bit too much alpha damage.

  176. GC… Fair and balanced amazing game design 

  177. This will simply encourage more clickers. This is a sad day.

  178. Quinton Dombrowski

    Tier ten artillery player firing nothing but premium ammunition, going for
    easy kills. Thank you, QuickyBaby for showing replay of the reason World
    of Tanks is getting unplayable. This is one of the worst classes of player
    in all of World of Tanks.

  179. two words. ARTY CHEAT. legal by WG, downloadable freely. Called Battle
    Assistant Arty mod. I also downloaded it. Since i have done, i do 5-6000
    damage with my french arty per battle.

  180. Shut up arty hater !
    I am a Light Tank user and what i hate is no arty in my team !
    Try arty and you will suffer the pain ,easy my ass !
    And shut up about premium ammo already ,it is paid by ingame credits,why
    not using it ?
    Playing British T10 Arty,TD without HESH is a waste

  181. How the hell Chafee entered tier X battle??He’s not in platoon.,,

  182. GC =op tank . But no skill :D

  183. Just wondering… Why does QB never announce the top gun medal? He just
    leaves it like it doesn’t exist…

  184. Alleswisser Hamburg

    What a great gameplay

  185. QB I just learned that you got married! Congrats and can we be expecting
    little QB’s anytime soon? :3

  186. QB I love the sword in the background, where did you get it? It’s exactly
    what I’d like to add to my current collection :)

  187. Hey can you give me the link to ware all the replayes are?

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  189. fu… arty

  190. Scumbags ;)

  191. Although I do not play Artillery ( I lack the skills, patience, timing and
    map sense to do it well) I really appreciated this.
    Nothing sucks in this game like tiresome whining from the ”Artillery is
    talentless clickers’ reality deniers. You can do alot with Artillery which
    hs great variety. Small Artillery that has high ROF and can hit small
    moving targets but low damage vs the giants who frustrate the hell out of
    me with their slow aim, poor accuracy and long aim time.
    I tried Artillery and suck at it. If there was no skills in using them
    then everyone would be good at it but few are. Maybe QB and MJ (ok not MJ)
    will come to realize the fact that Art makes WOT a better more exciting
    skilled game

  192. Siemka! Let’s do some clicking! (Apologies to any good and non-scumbag
    polish players out there)EDIT: QB’s last sentence: “Does this reload time
    and long aim time balance the tank out?” – No, it’s not even a tank and
    certainly not balanced.

  193. I did not enjoy watching this video. What a disgustingly overpowered

  194. cancers spreading cancer…

  195. This is why I prefer WT over WoT. Eugh…

  196. Look at all these losers complaining about arty lmfaooo

  197. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I have to be honest, i dont like arty, but i dont want them removed..
    The brittish arty line on the other hand is another matter, its fucking
    stupid and i wish it would burn and die in hell, I really wish WG would
    remove them..

  198. This replay shows why I hate arty. 🙁 But very nice game.

  199. Much skill needed, sit in a corner of map, jerk off with one hand and click
    with the other one.

  200. British vehicles are the best in WoT…

  201. 9.6 Nerf working as intended

  202. World of Tanks Videos

    What’s the sword in the background of the face cam

  203. What happened to this map? Haven’t played it for ages, did they take it out
    for a re-design or something?

  204. why do you have a god damn sword on the table behind you ?

  205. ThePersistentNoob

    Those that whine and complain about SPGs being OP, obviously don’t play
    them regularly. They can be quite frustrating and often times leaves the
    player bug-eyed and scratching their heads… wondering WTF?

  206. balanced -.-

  207. Not to show to jingles 

  208. I bet i know why its voted up so much. Its cause there is a void. 20% of
    WoT is left out by all the proffesionals that makes video’s. I for one
    wouldnt mind seeing more artillery video’s. If only to make me understand
    them better, play them better, and be less of a douche like every one
    assumes you to be if you do drive artillery. Its part of the game, they
    arent suddenly going to be removed, and for better or worse, they too pay
    to play just the same as every one else. Frankly, crying about arty isnt
    going to fix anything. So perhaps quickybaby, you could remedy this
    somewhat by featuring artillery more often. Perhaps we will learn something
    from your video’s then and be better skypigs.

  209. the only reason why i get mad over this game, and insult everyone in
    teamchat… is because of pigs flying shells up my ass for 1k dammage …
    without me even seeing them come

  210. Frakin Sky Cancer……hope we never meet…

  211. There’s no high caliber on the Blitz version of wot

  212. Fair and balance 

  213. #balanced

  214. Yeah at this point it’s pretty ridiculous that the gold ammo makes it no
    problem that the gun is so inaccurate, as the splash radius is so huge.
    The the shell arc takes a lot of cover out of play. Power creep can be
    bad anyway, but when it results in this, you know things are bad.

  215. shame it wasn’t 8 shots for 8 kills and 8008 damage :)

  216. Hey guys, I am just starting to play world of tanks, but i have some
    questions, how do you use auto aim and how do you know when you are
    spotted? It would be great i f someone could give me the anwser

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  223. You shouldn’t encourage scumbags, this is the only one of your videos I’ve
    ever disliked. 

  224. But at least artys are so balanced.

  225. I hate arty…

  226. Why would you want to female crew members? Don’t you know that women make
    80% damage of that what men do…

  227. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank


  228. The CGC is disgustingly broken.

  229. Just unbelievable all those shots hit. 

  230. I don’t care what defence wargaming have… In a game like this one shot
    kills will never be balanced… They will just be an addition of rng

  231. I would love if this was the heavy D from storage hunters UK

  232. Slendermans Brother

    working to say Ä quicky? 😉 +QuickyBabyTV

  233. Overpowerdness to the max

  234. 500th like!

  235. FOCA gets ownwed

  236. I did 9.5K in my Type E, firing a lot of AP, its on QB Replays
    => result.php?id=93203

  237. Slendermans Brother

    YES!!!!!!!!!! more arty replays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. seems legit, pls buff CGC

  239. Click Click

  240. 2 shoots, 1939 dmg, coincidence?

  241. artys are totaly balanced

  242. 301+ Views!

  243. Maarten severijns

    this SPG need to be nerft it’s to good

  244. An arty asshole with only gold shells, whats so special bout this?

  245. So… Much… Cancer…

  246. fully gold loaded and extra consumables… this is the only way to play a
    fkn arty well every game… i hate such scumbags, without all gold or
    consumables this ass would suck

  247. He skips heavily armed targets for easier kills such as his 3rd shot, like
    every other scumbags. Arty was implemented in the game previously as it was
    virtually impossible to pen HT back then, now they induce too many point
    and click players who are falsely led to believe they are doing good

  248. Now people will use this to proof that arty is OP even though something
    like this happens like once every thousand years or something basically :P

  249. this is old map..

  250. You never see guys like this teamed up with other great players. World of
    Tanks always seems to put a monster player with a shit team so they can
    carry the whole team. Kinda sad to see. I’m sure he was wondering how he
    has 7 kills and the deaths are about even on both teams… (* – *) / Come

  251. isn’t he using a full load of gold ammo? no wonder the splash radius is so

  252. I would like to see the in game chat…

  253. there is no extra medal as well if u kill 3 tanks with 1 shell :(

  254. Totally balanced, fair, and skillful…..
    And used nothing but premium ammo. 

  255. Dobře ry

  256. This fucking arty loves my centurion 7/1 >< if i get spotted i get hit at some point. The other day I was sitting behind a rock and the GC hit the opposite side of the rock which was as high as my tank and still splashed me for 700 hp...i mean wtf lol

  257. Filthy… absolutely filthy…

  258. Cough cough scumbag 

  259. Pfff not OP at all…Pls buff it more WG…

  260. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    I wish my CGC was that accurate ^^ But this artillery piece really is
    unbalanced. You can penetrate every single tank you meet provided the
    distance is right. Ive penned a Maus once in mine, some E-100s, and one
    shotted at least once every other tier 10 tank. Because balance!

  261. SCUMBAG!!!

  262. Wow, so much skill.


    NOOO 3 seconds too late

  264. I think I need to take a shower after watching this…

  265. lo he caried that game with 9 clicks…

  266. I think the conq gc ruins map design its gun arc is not fair in my opinion,
    before anyone rips on me for being anti arty noob i play both sides of game
    and enjoy arty, but theres a point where its to cheap and the CGC reaches
    that point. 

  267. This is bullshit, pure luck with the shots, all of them went exactly where
    he aimed. I played in, on paper, a lot more accurate arties, yet the shots
    almost never land like that.

  268. Spelling derp wrong is….yeah, derpy.

  269. Your kidding right? Scumbag sat safely in the top right corner of the map
    never at risk of being damaged. Who could be impressed with that? Guys
    who really matter are going toe to toe while sissy’s drop bombs on them.
    Sorry, I don’t see the skill in what he did. You have my firm thumbs
    down. Arty ruins the game for those who have real talent.

  270. Omg gesp gesp qb arty vid how to taek duwn arty arty too op gesp

  271. Karel "GoWFAN" Manda

    Played well? You mean clicking from above and hoping that RNG will let him
    hit? No skill needed with arty.

  272. some people just want to watch the world burn ! but seriously really good
    work ^^

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  274. HeavyD is the best artillery playe I’ve ever seen ^^ .
    Ps: QB, do you upload replays of WOTBlitz?

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  281. first!

  282. I hope you guys enjoy HeavyD on his rampage, in this blast from the past!

    I’m Livestreaming WoT and WoWS with Jingles and Ik RIGHT NOW!

  283. First comment and like!

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