World of Tanks || 40TP – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 40TP. Today I'm reviewing the T6 Polish medium tank the 40TP. Let's find out if it's any !


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. no most OIs dont really need to

  2. You can hate japaneese HT’s, but they require some brain usage at least. But those retards who play spgs… 0 brain, left click and eat some snacks between reload. That is what needs to be changed… And also fk WG for those missions forcing players to play in spgs…

  3. thank you for giving an honest review.

  4. i cant play the game anymore 🙁 it crashes and i have to restart my computer.

  5. it is not a good showcase with %100 crew+6th sense+pudding in your tank. I play the same tank with %75 crew,0 skills,no pudding. You should be considering that there is no crew to get at that level in this tech tree unless you pay for it. Honest opinion ,it is much much much worse than it is represented in this video.

  6. Not to be ungrateful for free weekly content Mr. Quickybaby, but what about the New
    Tier 7 Premium Russian Heavy Tank the IS-2M??

  7. I read the forums about just how much people were enjoying the Polish line……needless to say i immediately sold the 4TP to get the garage slot back and went back to grinding Italian tanks XD

  8. 14TP saved you, he deserved to take the kill, lol. not only the cupola but the roof armor on that tank stinks too… the hull looks like a KV1 and the turret reminds me of the T 150.. just an observation 🙂

  9. It looks as bad as the Italian medium which is pretty bad.

  10. New subscriber here! Your content is great and I am hoping to start playing World of Tanks on pc soon. Currently playing Blitz.

  11. War thunder is way way…..

    Better in every way.

  12. Whaaat? You mean this tier 6 isn’t fit for plus 2 mm? Nawwwww, according to wg logic just flank!

  13. You’re sick as fuck dude

    Keep doin ya thing

  14. Hey qb, whats the worst line overall in you opinion?

  15. still convinced that the churchill line is worse

  16. No you’re spot on QB this tank is a travisty

  17. 9:45 Too late lol

  18. HaremssForThugLife wait wat ?

    It has better armor then tiger in t7….

  19. Why not the regular Cromwell?

  20. It looks like a KV-1 got intimate with and AMX CDC

  21. this damn line makes me want to quit :’)

  22. After playing WoT now for 3 years, I only got today, that it is the Cromwell *Berlin*. I always heard something else

  23. POLISH THE BEST! ???

  24. played a few games in it and I am using the 75mm gun I’m not in love with it that’s for sure. But I like it better than the tier 5. It looks to me like the whole tech tree was designed from the start to make people use their free exp. I knew this was going to be disgusting but as I’ve played thru the tech tree it’s confirmed. What a cash grab.

  25. 40TP = Matilda/Soviet Matilda’s? just with better gun…. But then neither the Italian nor the Polish tank lines are very exciting to play from tier 1 up to the tier 6 level so far.

  26. @quickybaby how do we send in replays?

  27. full review of a non-premium T6?

  28. I main German, but I do take out my O-I once in a while, it’s so brain dead my own platoon mate shoots me hahahaha

  29. PickelJars ForHillary

    Each line has a tank in it thats designed to make you free XP past it. 40TP is it for the Polish line.

  30. 20 mins for this piece of shit tank? Well that’s 20 mins he’s never getting back.

  31. Hi qb

  32. realistically, not all tanks are well built, perfectly engineer’d death dealing machines. there were lemons back in the day and its nice to see them emulate that coldhard fact in the game… it also makes getting that gold nugget of the tank you’re trying to get to further down the line, feel truly special.
    that being said, from a WG financial perspective… having a couple shitty tanks in the line is a good thing, it provides players with the incentive to skip tanks and spend their hard earned cash to do so.

  33. Why didn’t he compare it to the VK 30P that also has 200 alpha

  34. kinda like the chruchill or the arl.. you just gotta play it from the back. it sucks to suck, but try not to make your team suffer by playing like an idiot

  35. Seems this tech tree was designed to frustrate players and encourage them to free exp. since 2011, i used to play enthusiastically every new line, but this one is so horrible that i stopped at tier 4 about day 3 of its release Not going to try agian till WG makes serious review of the whole tech.

  36. Maciej Radziejewski

    I wanted some fun grinding up the Polish tree, but so far it has been mostly despair… There are so many rewarding trees to grind all the way up, but this is not one of them. And I say this with huge regret as a Pole…

  37. *fix modpack platoon bug*

  38. viatcheslav merinov

    Too fair

  39. bad?? really think is the worse medium … and all the grinding to it is too.. WG are really joking with this Polish tree, making us spend free xp.. and spend lots of gold to it.. again pay to win game.. still doing the same mistakes to discourage players to continue playing their WOT..

  40. we need spanish tanks

  41. Bognostrokulum bognostrokul

    i am not agree that is bad.i have biggest battle in it with 7 medals with it.its very slow because its very powerfull but i put torsion bars ventilator and 10 loading its very good .maybe because i use to play hevys.but now i am suffering with stock 45tp :):)

  42. Japanese HT are low skill tanks

  43. quick review : 40TP = Garbage ..

  44. Always making fun of Japanese heavys….yeah they have great armor and those crazy big derps but dude……No angled armor at all,take heavy and try against all those prem rounds,90% shots i recieve in Type 4 is premium ammo and they pen me easily no matter how good i angle it….

  45. Since you have a lot of followers you should not be like other idiots in this game to comment on the player’s bad wn there may be many reasons that it’s 43% wr correct me if im wrong maybe I’m hearing wrong im not born in an English speaking country

  46. There are 2 tanks I hate when I’m in these tears in one of my (many) TD’s, the 40TP and those bloody French musquito’s, the things that come flying by pumping my TD full rounds before I even see them. But I did not like the 40TP my self. I do not know why. I like German tanks the most but I love my Rudy and KV1. Like you I love the Swedish TD’s, my pride and joy is the Strv S1.

  47. Honestly this tank feels like they released it and forgot to add the top engine. With around 15-16 hp/t would be very good medium.

  48. Watching your vids is like watching someone winning the lottey again and again and again. I have 47 000 games on my various accounts and never ever do i get away with games like this.

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