World of Tanks – 4300 recent – Playing the 140, Patton & Is7

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  1. *CLICK* Noice

  2. Why u stream at this time? Eu sleeps.. 🙁

  3. Play IS-7 please.

  4. Hi dude i just met a guy with 5k recent WN8 ! And he’s playing normlly(no full luchs or type 64 to boost )

  5. Lemming I’m struggling in my Patton on wot console I cannot break away from 86-89% on my marks of excellence
    I either do a lot of damage 5-8k with no spotting or 2-3k damage with 3-4K spotting and I’m just kinda stuck in that spot I’ve got recon and sit awareness running vents rammer vert stabs 13 skill crew any advice on how to get past the rut I’m in

  6. i’m a 1.5k wn8 player how to increase that? i always go swings up and down in wn8,no real consistency

  7. I got really excited and thought you were streaming again since I had to miss the last one… FeelsBadMan

  8. 19:35 is the beggining of my 9200 damage patton game, if anyones interested.

  9. Such try hard tanks wow

  10. “Map control is the amount of map they control” Fuck me.

  11. Haha a game which QB would feature on his channel is your average stream game

  12. @Lemmingrush, I think you missed another donation at 30:35 from Mark (I’m just at 45:00 so I don’t know if you get back to it later)

  13. We can’t take you seriously until you start running xvm so we can see the quality of the teams (yeah, we know you can see that based on team deployment, but the rest of us aren’t as good as you…)

  14. You sound really sad when you play wot lol

  15. I miss the old FV4202… and its lulzy premium HESH rounds… I wish my CAX could have those HESH rounds…

  16. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    The thing with the Fatton’s turret is that it follows the same logic from many of the US turrets. Some places are like 250 mm effective and suddenly there’s a piece that’s 380 mm effective, then another one at 265 mm and another one at 450 mm, even on the mantlet it’s like this.

    The Soviet and Chinese turrets are usually a neat gradient that starts with the weaker parts around the mantlet and the closest to the edges, the stronger it gets.

    But the M48A5 turret is certainly better than the previous one, especially because it has a smaller tumor.

  17. 299 roll then 293 next shot

  18. dragon ball super Ep 107

  19. 13:03 Lmao He sure showed you 😉

  20. 16:32 What was that E5 thinking, Take out the purple player and win? 😛

  21. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    I think unicum medium platoons are ineffective because there are rarely
    enough opportunities on most maps at any given time for each player to be using their full carry potential.

  22. I love stat padding in lights…

  23. u played the is7 once

  24. Thanks Lemming. I agree with the bad teams on long weekends and patch days.

  25. Wow, really? I wish I could get 200 ping. My ping is always between 300 and 800 ping. That’s Australia for you though.

  26. when do we get to see some stb1 games? ty!

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