World of Tanks – 4400 recent – Did LT15 on Windstorm xd

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  1. does your Timing belt legit cost $546 and 1 cent?

  2. Hey Lemming your T-34-3 is getting “balanced” in patch 9.20.1, it’s getting the same armour as the type 59 and better aiming stats. thought you would like to know

  3. thanks for your vids
    they helped me 3 mark my 62a

  4. So I know you don’t use xvm but now and then i install just to see how I am doing overall. My question is how can I have 3 really good games, all 2,000 plus damage battles, and one with 4 kills and my WN8 goes down?? My PR is going up, exp and damage going up but WN8 going down?? Any clue?

  5. If the timing belt breaks then the valves are no longer spinning with the crankshaft and sit still. In an interference engine (which most Hondas have, not sure about yours specifically) if the valves are not in sync with the pistons, then the pistons will smash into them, forcing you to replace the valves/head. If you haven’t already, I suggest looking into replacing the belt yourself. It might take you a full day since it’d be your first time, but if you spend the money the shop was asking for labor on tools, then you’d end up with more experience, tools for future jobs, more money in your pocket, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself. If you change your mind and do it yourself, there are many forum posts and youtube videos detailing the process.

  6. After you owned the VK I tough you were going to pull an E-brake then go after the proto from inside the building ( not sure aboot the spelling Hangar I think )
    Would be nice to have a new battle option we could activate/deactivate ( like Grand Battles ) With or Without Arty , if WG says it would not be fair to arty players , then I would say to have to deal with that shit is unfair to me , Hell something like that could show them what is the % of players that are fed up with arty and accommodate everyone .
    [Edit] Also how aboot you tell us how you manage to stay always calm like that ? ( Hello from Ottawa )

  7. Please keep on uploading the livestreams! I am never available to watch them real time, but I really no enjoy having a look at them whenever I can.

  8. Awsome battle on Windstorm.
    Also your funny and nice to listen to.
    Also also i enjoy watching your streams even if the battley are not good.
    Also also also i like the way you play and explain things at the same time.Not too much information, clean and simple+ great sense of humor.I really like that you highlight when a shot was lucky and the way you do it.
    Keep up your great work your awsome. Best wishes for you whatever your heading to.

  9. People keep asking how to do LT-15. Well, there’s the answer right there you n00bs: do 8k damage.

  10. 14:50 Good old arty encouraging dynamic gameplay.

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