World of Tanks || 45TP – Tank review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 45TP. Today I’m reviewing the first in the tech tree, the 45TP. Is it worth the effort of the 40TP grind?


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. So, 45 ton tank bounce. Interesring

  2. After grinding through the 40tp..this tank was amazing…..But will never replace my T29.

  3. That 1hp lowroll is exactly why i’m not playing this game anymore.

  4. I don’t care about the stat, the tank look beautiful

  5. Last time I was this early, there were 2 genders

  6. Why do you have 91K gold? I’m genuinely curious.

  7. This was a meh tank for me too. I ran it for a bit, did fine in it, but just wasnt fun to use. If I wanted to keep using a tier 7 heavy for normal play, I would opt to just keep using the Tiger P or something else.

  8. Quickybaby, I’ve been seeing more and more bouncing tanks ingame…what is going on??

  9. so… a tiger with slightly better armor but a worse gun?

  10. It bounced like a basketball! Lolz

  11. This whole tech tree seems to amount to WG trolling Poland.

  12. Przemysław Stalmach

    Lefefe? really? 😀

  13. that M4 dumbass

  14. 6:43 The Tank cant use Vertical Stabilizer btw

  15. 45TP is just an IS but worse armor :/

  16. Armor is pathetic against a TOG II, lol.

  17. Way to go laptus, way to go

  18. Filthy LefHs

  19. 45TP VS Amx M4 45 ;
    Who would win?

  20. Those flappy ears on the T29 is it’s downfall against Tier 6 o-1 and KV2.

  21. Александар Кнежевић

    Downloaded the game after long time, got in my Jackson and got one shotted by 155 50, guess i am not coming back after all…

  22. I found the 45TP to be an unenjoyable tank to play and the gun dispersion I experienced were significantly worse than that depicted in QB’s review.

  23. Dude… physics in WOT are sick…

  24. This video is a good lesson about capping. The amount of games I lose because people simply refuse to sit in the cap circle is unreal. If the game is ‘over’ and you have nothing better to do you really should just cap, it brings so much security to the result you wouldn’t otherwise have.

  25. Smartbaby, showing bad tank in a 1 out of 50 matchups. Yea.. no.. polish line is rubbish

  26. IΩI ogoguel / IS_33 IΩI

    16:40 Physics lesson

  27. In my mind One of the worst tier 7 tanks. Slow, nearly everyone pen you and the gun sucks. Its kidding me all the time.

  28. at least it has no hope against a KV2 🙂

  29. First game is what any top tiered tank can do it current matchmaker without to much trouble.

  30. Second battle don’t really show anything either, most imbalanced map in game in standard and even more imbalanced in encounter in favour of North team.
    Only a huge screw up from North team would have made the battle interesting and shown a possibility to show how the tank performs against T8 or T9.

  31. Physics Physics Physics Physics Physics

  32. I think you should write “CAP” not pinging cap only, because most people not get it, but writing most time works.

  33. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    No need to talk about armor imo for most players even on top tier position are spamming premium rounds

  34. I guarantee he was screaming at his computer when the M4 didn’t cap………You fucking Idiot!

  35. Look at 10:47 Because of that GARBAGE RNG i stopped playing wot. QB lost the game because freaking rng trolled him. You can have the best skills in the world, but when the game simply just trolls you, then the game is not for you.

  36. Make it bounce, hahah

  37. once there was a time when I admired you, Qickiebaby
    but with every video I watch, this fades more and more
    I don’t know if you really dislike everything WoT does or if you just want to get clicks
    you once where an idol, peole trying to play like you, people learning from your videos how to play (me for example)
    but nowadays it is: this tank is weak, and this tank is weak, and this tank is weak,oh god it can see 3 out of 15 2 tier higher tanks and can’t reach up to them in 1v1, so it is weak
    oh and that “dab that 2 key” shit
    you know the old times when everything was unbalanced afand how thry improved over the years, but all I hear from you is whining how bad it is.
    I am sad I have to state this
    a fan from the beginning

  38. So the 40 TP is the ARL v39 of the Polish tree?

  39. U did 2018 in ur second game in 2018 PW quickybaby

  40. If I may QB you did a mistake on 10:04. Indeed, the 29 spotted you but you did not get spotted. And as you see he is going for the bridge. Maybe you could have waited for him to pass and then kill the SU. Also this would have implied that the T29 would have killed your low tier teamates

  41. Load the Gold boi’s 🙂

  42. Quicky – Habich was a name of engineer that came up with plans of said tank.
    So you can read the name “Habich’s 45tp”

  43. 45TP is very nice tank to play. If you play carefully and use your turret it will pay off with good games 🙂


  45. ლ(•ω •ლ) “Physics: ლ(•ω •ლ) (QB, 2018)

  46. Tier 9/8 fodder how many top tier games do you get these days……hardly ever

  47. 2nd game standard romple stomp tomato team lol did not sell this quicky lol

  48. that m4 driver is a pure retard kick him out of your clan.

  49. It reminds me of t-44 with the big troll gun 😀 just with faster aim time 🙂

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