World of Tanks – 5 Things That Make Me Cry

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  1. i agree with the td comments but im less concerned about tds as i am about
    their ammo, why does a jg e100 need 420 mm of penetration with its heat
    ammo, it doesnt matter if you are on a maus, e100 or a hull down is7 420mm
    will pen you,. WG have made something that makes armour irrelevnt in theory
    yet they havent made anything that makes cammo or speed irrelevant.

  2. I agree with you Anfield, I play this game since the beginning and I know
    what you are talking about+I saw soo manny games ending in a defeat just
    because of these things, really really bad players winning games just based
    on RNG or Op tanks

  3. first 3 things i agree on, but but the td alpha is fine for the most part,
    and the capping is annoying but i dont mind to bad

  4. Although RNG on penetration is bad in eSport but it still can be useful in
    situation where a tank with small pen have to against a tank with strong
    armor and that tank only have one shot to kill, and thanks to the high roll
    of RNG the tank with small pen now has enough pen to kill that strong tank.
    Even in high tier this is still useful ( Against German tanks or IS-7
    turret is a noticable example. If WG remove RNG in penetration then every
    shot of you never can get higher than your normal pen, thus make you to
    spam more gold against tanks with good armor because your normal ammo cant
    do against them.

  5. As ugly as cap-fasting is, it is the only mechanic that balances unarmored
    vs heavily armored.

  6. I agree with you on the first three things you said. But i dont think that
    getting the high alpha away from the few Tds that have it is right cause u
    dont reload fast you most of the time dont have a turret so if u get
    flanked you die quick. The whole point to driving those is being the one of
    the tanks that u dont want to trade HP with so you avoid it or wait for
    more team mates to come and help. Also you can shoot back at least twice
    almost three times before they reload.

    Also even though i love auto loaders to death they can clip a tank very
    short time and if there is a platoon of them GG to anyone who meets that
    platoon and peak cause tracked and your dead. At least with a Td shooting
    you can fix your tracks and get behind cover again.

    With the T49 its a fun tank period and u want to nerf it some how it puts a
    smile on my face when i play it and even when i see it on the red team.
    Every streamer ive watched that plays it has a smile while playing it and
    hoping for derpage RNG hits cause its fun like gambling a bit. Sorry for
    the long paragraphs but im a somewhat new player 10k battles and i dont
    fear the Tds with high alpha or He based tanks.

  7. I wish that TD’s that have a 750+ av damage gun aren’t allowed the option
    of gold rounds

  8. Well said
    but u missed another thing. YOLO

  9. I would like to see more customisation. More cameo skins at cheaper credit
    prices, right now the credits for 30 day cameos is way too high.

  10. I am not pro player but i dont like criticall hits not does nothing. I play
    panther on himmeldorf and OI charge me on corner. when track show on end of
    the tank i shoot to make him tracked so he i stuck behind corner. It took
    three shoots to track him. In when I play on sti every shoot track enemy.
    It is not fair on small caliber tanks. The game favor big caliber gun.
    Sometime they can pen at any angle.

    Also why does tanks with no roof doesnt get ventelation bonus for free?
    They take many more arty damage.

    Thank you for video i agree on your points being made except on caping.

  11. Why make HUGE weak spot on the front of a KV5 “heavy” & have pin-point weak
    spot on the front of the T26E4 “medium” while both tanks drive at the same
    speed, despite weight, at the same Tier?

  12. Alexander Chepatarenko

    i agree
    but wont happen
    all i hear is “nerf monkey bonus plz” and let good players mop the fool
    with bad players even more
    not gonna happen 🙁
    alot of average and below average players will lose interest in the game

  13. This could had easily been “The 100 things that make me cry in World of

  14. “fun for everyone” or fun for you? Anyone can get and play these “gimmick”
    tanks. I think most people have their issues with the game. I find that
    high dpm tanks that are quick such as the Russian t10 meds do take a
    certain type of playstyle that some people cannot learn. I think that
    changing all the tanks to be more similar to this playstyle of more dpm vs
    alpha could be fun for the better players since they can master and troll
    all the noobs. I think people like to have options for each playstyle s
    that they wont get bored. Which could be a real danger if most of the
    randomness and difference in tanks is removed.

  15. I like the cap timer idea. I think it would help those players who like to
    do that to play the tank. That is to say, start shooting the tanks that you
    just got behind.

  16. Autoloaders feel really unbalanced in my opinion. when you can pop out
    unload your magazine into a tank within 4 seconds in some cases and remove
    nearly every hit point of your opponent. That isn’t much fun to be in a
    tank that can’t defend itself.

    Autoloaders to me are the new cancer of WoT. Everyone hates on arty for
    ruining the game but to me I fear Autoloaders more than anything.

  17. Nice and relative video, I think that notably shitty/bad/one-trick-pony
    tanks need removed/changed. You went through some of it with the 183 and
    T49, but tanks like the Challenger, Sturer Emil, Type 95, etc. need altered
    or removed because they’re unnecessarily hard to play.

  18. I would also love if arty had smoke rounds and illumination rounds for the
    long promised night battles. That would be epic in changing the nature of
    how arty supports in the game.

  19. rng is biggest bullshit in the game. but from what i know they have no
    intention to change that ever cause “fuck u players and what u want”. i
    personally dont have issue getting slammed by arty when im out of cover but
    these british ones that shoot over rocks or the autoloader french one r
    just too much. derp guns r fine…they have garbage accuracy, reload and
    aim time so i feel they r fairly balanced compared to other tanks

  20. I might be wrong but I think with capping that most people who are not
    strong players such as yourself cap as they probably feel safer winning the
    game that way as opposed to trying to destroy the other teams tanks. I
    agree that sometimes when ur team is winning easily it seems dumb to cap
    but again not everyone is playing at a competent level…

  21. Matt Conrad (MWConrad96)

    I absolutely agree with lengthening the cap time or even making it so that
    people cant cap in the first 5 minutes… It’s so frustrating when yours or
    the enemies team does so and no one is able to do damage, especially slow
    heavies and tank destroyers. I also greatly agree with HE being total RNG
    machines that have super high alpha and ruin your game once they hit you.
    Personally when it comes to tanks like the 183, HESH rounds need to be
    removed because they are beyond over powered. Over 200 pen on an HE round
    is beyond my understanding. Through out playing this game, i’ve also wished
    that they would have HP increases because arty like the T-92 can one shot
    mostly everything in the game even tier 10’s. So I think either the alpha
    of certain tanks need to be lowered or HP needs to be increased.

  22. Light tanks have it tough already, I think that is a reason for them to try
    to cap fast when they can.

    As for the skills required for playing tank destroyers and the RNG factor,
    maybe Wargaming does not want WoT to be a game basically for highly skilled
    players, but rather for a wide base of players, including those who are not
    so skilled and those who do not have much time to play because they are
    working but still want to have fun and are willing to spend money in the

  23. Also I feel that 3 men platoons is a great advantage against solo-players
    and in it might be out of place in the “random” game mode.

  24. lack of mandatory training tutorials (shooting/aiming/crew skills and
    flanking)/limiting premium tank usage [person can still buy it] unless the
    person owns the equivalent standard tier (IE 2/+2, lights -2/+3) are 2
    things that would make this game a lot better. PS they need to make a new
    game mode called “non-standard game mode” where it eliminates the cap
    circles and the goal is to kill the enemy

  25. anfield forgot about the KV-2 sniper.

  26. i have bounced a T29 shot off my scorpion TD, dont fucking ask me how but
    the RNG gods shined down on me in that game.

  27. +/- 25% rng on Penetration is to much in my opinion. +/- 10% would be ok.
    For example, you shoot on IS 3 with german 8,8 (203 Pen)than it depends on
    rng, which shot pens or not cause the pen is 152-253.

  28. I’m off the unpopular opinion to either remove t4-t6 deep guns or take away
    their AP rounds, nerf HE pen and damage… Some dirtbag waiting around a
    corner in his O-I or KV2 one shotting lower or equal tiers is just wrong :(

  29. Toxic players in chat is my number ONE

  30. For me, one extremely awful thing is high tier economy. In order to make
    money without a premium account with, for example, a tier 8 heavy you must
    survive, do nice damage and alo not fire gold and that is really hard
    especially in tanks like T32

  31. One thing I disagree with you is the alpha damage change for TD as you
    suggested. We already have so many tank destroyers as well as so many
    variations among them. One of the reasons that player pick this tank
    instead of the others is because of the variation: armor; mobility,; alpha
    damage. Now you decrease the variation, you basically decrease the
    incentive for a player to grind a new TD line. For example, you change the
    alpha damage of JPE-100 to 750, then what is the point to get it when the
    player already has a E3? The thing could apply to other tank destroy when
    it comes to choosing.

  32. +- 25% is one of the best aspects of the game. It allows tanks with
    effective armor just below the average penetration to bounce shots
    Also, noobs love RNG to compensate for lack of experience and it belongs to
    the game to make games more exciting and less predictable.
    WG needs to adapt to the needs of the majority not of some unicum streamer
    & e-“sport”smen.

  33. lol whenever a unicum says what could be improved about the game there are
    always the sub 1k players who cry and insta dislike the video.

  34. My fav RNG moment was when I was driving down the middle alley in T29/T34
    on Himmelsdorf and an enemy IS snapped on the move my hatch across half the
    map over this fountain.

  35. I was thinking that something like variable cap speed based on the time of
    the match might work – something like

    before 12:00 – 1/4 speed
    12:00 – 9:00 – half speed
    9:00 – 6:00 – 3/4 speed

    or some variation on that theme, with the rate reduced even further for 2nd
    and 3rd tanks capping.

  36. if wg removed heat from the borsigs 150 and increased pen standard to say
    220 then i think the 750 alpha on that tank is fine the isu though is a
    total joke 286 pen is just stupid.

  37. Oh, I’ll also toss this out there… people cap because of an emphasis on
    winning the battle, rather than personal performance, in the handing out of
    XP and credits. The best performer on the losing team will often get less
    out of the battle than the mediocre performers on the winning team.

    There’s also a perceived importance to win rate over personal performance
    rating (whatever metric you use.)

  38. I Had almost half and half HE and HEAT on my t49. I started with just a few
    HEAT but realized that I needed way more HEAT to reliably make dmg to some
    tanks from behind and to pen some meds even from the front :)

  39. Skill based +-1 mm. Quick capping wouldn’t happen with balanced teams. I
    can deal with high alpha TD’s. Really having teams balanced according to
    skill would fix most of my problems with this game.

  40. Btw Anfield, what do u think about the autoloaders? Aren’t those
    frustrating? I kinda think they fall in the same category as High alpha
    guns on the frustarion level especially the czech ones cause the load the
    shit on u so faaaast.

  41. What about overmatch mechanics with especial reference to heavy tank roof

  42. Playing well in this game is all about minimizing the chance of RNG ruining
    your game. Through good positioning or careful aiming. I understand why rng
    in damage and pen was implemented (it reflects different quality of the
    shells in the real world), but +-25% is way too much. If my gun says it has
    270 pen i dont want it to just have 220 where shots i expect to pen just
    dont. I suppose changing the RNG in damage and pen to a maximum of 10%.
    That way you still have the RNG factor, but just not at such a high level
    where skill sometimes becomes irrelevant.
    But the one thing i want to have changed the most is accuracy. I dont want
    my shots to miss at 100m. Those are tank guns that are supposed to hit at
    ranges of 1km or more. As with the damage and pen, some RNG is good. What i
    suppose here is buffing the accuracy when fully aimed hughly. That way
    snapshots at high range are still rare but you can expect the shots you
    expect to hit to go where you aimed them and not into the ground 50m in
    front of the target.

  43. Having accuracy not be 100% consistent from one shot to another is a good
    thing and it’s actually realistic.

  44. Capping is cool. You shouldn’t be rewarded for yoloing 1 side with 12 tanks
    and destroying 7 enemy tanks on that side of the map.
    Just my opinion.

  45. I agree with all your opinions

  46. There is nothing wrong with the TD’s damage, it’s fair as there are so many
    OP autoloading mediums tanks that can get 3 shots off at them to a TD’s 1
    while running rings around it !!

  47. RNG based missions or even certain missions for the 260 that are just dumb
    and you really have to play like an asshole to complete

  48. good idea. GG

  49. I agree with your thoughts about rng penetration. But don’t you think that
    decreasing alpha for TD and removing high damage HE guns would uniformize
    all tanks? Usually high alpha comes with long reload, bad mobility and so
    on (JP E100 for example). In a JP E100 if anything get behind you its game
    over. A medium with 1000 hp now think twice to rush a JP E100 since its
    potentially oneshot. With 400 alpha, even with better reload time, what the
    worse that can happen to him? It take a shot, at worst use a repair kit if
    tracked or have a good repair crew, get behind you and have fun with your
    hp pool. It would involve a massive change in a lot of TD stats to make
    them worth playing again.

  50. high alpha on a TD is what makes them worth playing. They are generally
    poorly armored, dont have turrets and after they shoot they are sitting
    ducks. TD’s are cancer on the team not because they are good but because
    they are awful. The TD that is really annoying me right now is the scorpion
    G. It is the best tier 8 TD and the best tier 8 medium. They sit back
    shitting on anyone that tries to push the flank. They are super fast and
    can fight with tier 10’s comfortably. Many players are averaging more
    damage in this tank than in their tier 10 meds.

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