World of Tanks || 50TP Prototyp – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – 50TP Prototyp. With the Polish tree imminent a T8 premium heavy, the 50TP Prototyp, rides into battle – but is it any good? Find out all you need to know here!


World Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The new 5% round meme is great. I love it 😀

  2. This tank looks awesome!!

  3. Look how small the elc even 90 looks compare to other tier 8 premium tanks. 24 minutes, 31 seconds

  4. *_I’m naked, are you?_*

  5. BUFOOOOON ahahahah

  6. Dellinger the fighting fish

    Just another premium, not interested ??????????

  7. QuickyBaby i have a question – Why more and more players after killing someone they shake their own gun????? It looks like – i am better and your attempts are useless. Is this the new thing?

  8. taras kreslavsky

    anyone else noticed that he forgot to cut out the 170mm of armor part

  9. Stalin bias

  10. Shit tonk thx and fuck you WG i dont buy

  11. I just now killed one of these on the EU server. Is it already available?

  12. 10:24 PZ I C?!?!?! ?

  13. T55 played like total idiot thats the reason you not get rekt

  14. I hope that PZ 1C will be able to finish him of…I realy wondered how a tier 3 was able to join a tier 8 game ?

  15. I think it’s tuned up a little bit too much but other that, I think it’s fine. That’s definitely the way to go, WG.

  16. A już myślałem ,że WG popsuje ten czołg do końca. Super odcinek QB!

  17. Strange, but Efficient!?

    P.S: Polish Players will not like this tank!??????:D

  18. Abou 4 minutes in a little mistake in cutting

  19. How much do you have to pay for it?


  21. Hello. You show 3 battles, with 2,6k, 3,2k and over 5k DMG per battle. But after 22 battles you have avg. 2,6k dmg, What you realy think about this tank?

  22. Average marketing with no replay against tier 10 , has to be o.p. for the first 2 patch updates then nerf , you will do better next time !

  23. What to say: First battle in this tank, a shitty 75% crew
    Result: 1463 base exp, 6k+ combined, ace tanker
    Mhm, looks balanced for the first battle with a bad crew

  24. Gallant Fatco Razy

    Buffon is a polish guy ?

  25. Whats your opinion on wgs fixes to tanks?

  26. Is this thing coming with challenges to pick it up just like with the pilot?

  27. Well I like that you can pen It with standart rounds

  28. That T-55A would’ve won the engagement or at least severely damaged you had he been your regular gold spamming scrub, so you only had to deal with 201 penetration rounds so no chance for him to pen you unless he went for the lower plate, and in that situation he couldn’t. Object 140 was more of your typical Soviet medium and wanked HEAT from the start, even though 264 APCR would’ve been plenty to go through the driver’s hatch or the turret ring.

    Anyway, this isn’t better than Defender, or even equal. Still plenty strong, but trades too much for that gun depression.

  29. Eh, to hell with this game and WG at this point.
    I barely log in anymore after the the 268 v4 fiasco, and this along with the recent LefH resale certainly isn’t making me want to change that in a hurry.

  30. Can you make a video abiut amx 30b or T110E5

  31. WG, stop adding to the goddamn powercreep in this game…

  32. On the site of WG the statistics are better, those stats are with 100% crew???

  33. Why is it in the game? Easy answer, for WG to make MONEY!!!!!!!

  34. Wow seem balanced, all the tier 6 players thank WG for this!

  35. Hampus Johansson

    This thing is too good, it shouldn’t have to be compared to the Defender, it should be comparable to an IS-3

  36. Quickybaby @ 3:55 reviews armour twice

  37. That guy who cannot abide

    Screw War Gaming – not one more dime from me. The Defender is a bullshit addition to the game already.

  38. Thanks wg for another Power creep tank

  39. baby pride haha

  40. 10:24
    Pz.I c ???

  41. First of all, nice presentation, nice material. As of the tank itself, I think that the 0,4 acc is a bit too much compared to the original gun handling as it was presented during tests. I think that the armor sacrifice, especially the driver’s hatch on upper plate should be rewarded with better gun handling, or maybe -10 deg all-around. In this version neither the armor nor the gun can be treated as exceptional. There are a number of CCs that feature the battles with 50TP today’s morning and most of them are actually complaining about the accuracy of the gun. It plays like chinese guns, good accuracy on paper, but shells fly wherever the RNG tells them to. I will have my opinion when I buy myself one 50TP of course, but basing on the CCs opinions of of three things should be buffed:drivers hatch’s armor, accuracy mechanics or depression all-around (so you can work ridges with better angle of your hull). I will give give an update of this opinion probably in a few days, if I manage to buy myself one.

  42. i want to buy this tank but they said its not available for me……?????????????

  43. I dunno what people cry about the defender. I went to the extent of taking notes, over the course of two weeks, I had more bottom tier with my obj252u than mid or top tier. The defender is Swiss cheese when mid and low tier.

  44. @17:48 bididov didiov bit of a flick of a mouse xD

  45. 10:23 I hope that the *pz1c* will finish him off

  46. Still funny as hell that the bad old T34 has a gun with shittier alpha, RoF, DPM and gun handling, YET it STILL aims slower than this.
    Thank fucking hell, I sold my T34 which is now the shittiest most unflexible tier 8 premium heavy in the game.

  47. the tank looks cool. it certainly looks stronk – in fact too stronk…

    the problem is that I have no good Polish crew for it – and it certainly will not perform the way it is shown in the video with a stock crew.
    – i will simply not get it because I am done with grinding crews ;oP

  48. Lexter Nagasangan


  49. Löwe and T34 with less armor, less DMP less Alpha, seems legit, dont start to discuss with Tiger2 stats, thanks Wargayming , polish tanks in WOT > germans… lol

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