World of Tanks || 53TP – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 53TP. Today we’re looking at the T8 Polish heavy the 53TP – how does it stack up to the competition?


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  2. not a great replay QB, 2 tanks flinging HE… you would have died to Emil in 1 canister this was very much luck not skill

  3. Lone Wolf and Cub

    Leopard 1 has very good accuracy but about 30-40% of my shots don’t go where I point them. Heck, I shoot better on the Tiger 1 than I do in the Leo. Add to that, the lack of (turret) armor… I let it go.

  4. HazMatt Container

    Dude, that Eagle 7 was trying to marry you in team chat. Hope you showed him some love….

  5. Comparing the 45.02A to anything in tier 8 is a poor decision. Its a piece of junk.

  6. Power creep over the IS-3?!?!?! BLYAT

  7. Because Rngesus said no not today

  8. Idk if this has already been answered, but what happened with Ike? He’s never featured on your channel anymore.

  9. Ninja Plays Games

    so I gather that this tank is boring at bottom tier.

  10. love this tank average damage a game in it is around 3k great tank could use more armour tho

  11. Oh look the Russian player on the team is blue…what a surprise /sarcasm

  12. QB can you go back to putting the ad right before the game play?

  13. 1500th like

  14. Qb u need discord

  15. This p2w game still exist? 🙁

  16. I learned one thing from this video…

    IS 3 sucks ass..

  17. I bounced 4000 in a vk 45.02 a from a badger… let’s just say I love that tank

  18. Can you do a video on the badges you get for missions that you can equip by your name so it shows in battle and go through them and even the ones you can’t see in game like the VII and the X badges cause I want to know what they are but can’t find out where to see where they are so it would be nice to have that info in a video

  19. First i thought it was 110 review because 53tp looks like 110

  20. You luck out so much on EU, if that was NA you wouldn’t have gotten an HE muppet.

  21. This Tank have a hardcore grind !

  22. @Quickybaby must review the amx ac 1948, u only have done one video of it

  23. *T32 screams into a pillow as it’s raped yet again*

  24. Quickybaby, you can do a nice video with the history of world of tanks, you are playing since beta days.

  25. Games without clickers are always so much more aggressive and fast paced. I love looking at the teams to discover no arty whores on either side.

  26. Quickybaby I want to Thank you. Thanks to your videos I was able to master my IS-M (you may reconsider your opinion about this tank, it’s a sidescraping monster) and get my hands on the Object 705

  27. Would it be possible to make a video about the 110 chines heavy tank? You havent made a video about it in a looong time.

  28. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs

    the spare roadwheels behind looks like butt

  29. i just hate really the fact that you have to make your way through the turret and the crap gun to get to the “good gun” …
    i mean a normal player doesnt have 80k free exp 😀 and playing this tank with the stock gun feels like you dont want to play this tank anymore ._.

  30. Its normal work for this gun. More funny moments if u play 50TP prot.

  31. Cant wait to kill QB fanboys who will yolo out with 53tp and get farmed

  32. Once again Quickbaby waffles, compares it to the IS-3 but takes a snipe position with a match with no artie

  33. LOL,2nd battle, you’r just getting a taste of shitty RNG mate.

  34. a lot of staying completely sideways to the enemy, pretty risky

  35. When you carry 5 HE rounds and just shoot AP at the 20 mm side armor of the emil I

  36. Wow 2 Blindshots hit in the second game!

  37. I don’t know why but when I play this tank the frontal armour bounces a lot even though on paper people should be penning

  38. In tear 8 you need the top guns because you are almost always bottom tear (at least I am, and almost always 3 arti’s) You can overcome bad Armour but without a good gun you can not do damage. And in both the KV-4 and the Tiger 2 you have the same annoying grind to the topgun as in de 53TP.
    I think tear 8 is the most difficult tier in the game. Tier 10 is the best and most easy tear because you are never bottom tear and it comes with the best guns. But other then buying a premium it is very hard/frustrating to grind your way to tear 10. You need an huge amount XP to get the top tear 8 configuration and earn it in a tank that is stock often a disaster against higher tears. Now I have the KV-4 top configuration I love this monster, to bad it is no fun to play if there is the russian roulette generator called arti.
    I think WG does this to sell more premiums. I won the caernarvon AX and this is so much more easy and fun to play because you do not have the frustrating grind to the top configuration. If tear 9/10 premiums were not so expensive I would buy one (heavy tank, I was complete into TD’s and have them in all tears but because of the missions/campagnes I needed a HT and now I am hooked on playing them).

  39. Ohh god, hope its not like VK 45.02 A. Bought it with latest discounts on German tanks and reached 8% of WR on it (52+ overall) although must say MM didn’t like me at all. Even had two good games (purple WN8) still lost.

  40. T32 is crying at the corner when 215mm standard penetration is okay…. For tier 8. Sigh

  41. That blue 53TP tho.

  42. Is 3 in comparison I understand, but VK. 45.02 A? Pls compare it with Defender…;-)

  43. Polish tanks…
    This is one of those vehicles that only existed in the vodka addled brains of some WG developer. Of course, WG claims they know someone who knew a polish engineer who wanted to construct one of these abominations.

  44. This game is good but the following game is very good, I like it so much

  45. 14:47 Wen the dark side of the force helps you out.

  46. kv-3 epic battle Mr. QB

  47. You review that tank without showing its stock turet???

  48. Very good gameplay but one thing that anoyes me that you have said is the mm in wargaming, come on i plyaed 14 games in my is 3 and yes id did count them is that i was only 3 times top or mid tier the wrest was man what players do we have just hitng that 2 key i think this year will be the most profitable year of wargaming 🙂

  49. So many lines in the game now with horrific mid tier tanks but great higher tiers, like Sconq line, tvp line, polish line, strv line, french heavies, and even perhaps the prog line with the t5 and t7. Seems to be becoming a trend…….

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