World of Tanks || 59-Patton – FRANKENTANK!

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– 59-Patton. Today I’m revisiting the , child of a Type-59 and , the 59-Patton which was recently significantly buffed in patch 9.15.

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


    -Quickybaby, 2016

  2. hi qb request me I love your headset can I you advance to me with your
    signature I love watching you live…pls for remembrance….just msg at fb
    toh hans thank you qb

  3. there kids is the reason why I train crews for extended view range in a
    heavy helps, + coated optics. Stop buggin me calling me a noob lol

    “It’s blind, it can’t help it” yerite

  4. Hey Quickybaby, how do you know a tank is actually there, even though the
    enemy tank is behind a bush. Im referring to some of your other videos
    because I will see you make shots through bushes, even though the enemy
    tank is not highlighted. How do you do it?

  5. zdo one on the t3485M

  6. This QB is not what he is always. Why didn’t he keep some distance or hide
    in some bushes from IS 6?

  7. QB I played a game in my AMX 13 90 with over 6k dmg and 4k spotting i was 2
    vs6 my friend was an arty, got it down to 2 vs1 in our favor; on my way in
    to the last kill, i flipped over my tank over a random stupid rock and got
    killed ._. truely a heartbreak for a newbie like myself D: Needless to say
    we ended up losing the game…

  8. The thing is again that those premium mediums are just not cut out to face
    tier 10 tanks…. The removal of limited MM makes it borderline inpossible
    to realease fair and balanced prems anymore. playing tier 8 med vs tier 10
    is bad enought but tier 8 premium med vs tier 10 is a frakking nightmare.

  9. Tip & trick: cut that silly cupola

  10. W G shall really buff T-342 that Chinese tier 8 medium really sucks even
    compare with type 59 which T-342 doesn’t have preference MM. 59 Patton is
    pretty good now after buff but still it needs skills to take care of its
    huge cupola

  11. Fantastic tank, my favorite! Awesome to see a new video of it!

  12. 9/11 confirmed!! never forget

  13. How can his zoom be so smooth??

  14. You failed when you didn’t go remove the arty from the game and leave the
    slow ass IS6 for last

  15. So just because of one country, which by the way uses a retarded date
    system, a game didn’t have a 9.11 patch? I had no idea and it really pisses
    me off.

  16. You forgot the fv4202 P that have better Dispersion ( 0,32 )

  17. lets take the crew out of my type 59 and put them in a type 59 with an
    american turret

  18. Dear quicky baby can you do a review on the su152 would love it if you

  19. Every premium tanks QB playing is his favorite…

  20. It’s not Japanese heavy ugly…

    …but it’s pretty damn ugly.

    2:15 “9/11 never really happened” Oh, Quicky!

  21. 8:19 that shot went 5 meters behind the tank !
    how did the bulldog die there ??

  22. 6:53 the T25 has a better Wr8 than Quicky. 62%vs65% never seen anyone with
    a better wr8 than him

  23. Precambrian Rabbits

    2:15 when QB denies 9/11

  24. Fun fact: 59 patton was thought to be real by wg when in reality it was
    completely fake


  26. could you please rereview the 112, I think it would be helpful for players
    to know the buff of armor

  27. I lost my M48 patton kolobanovs and 8 kills yesterday to arty that
    capped… just in right moment. 10 seconds earlier I wouldnt have been far
    enough from cap for them to cap me out :(

  28. Poor play vs is-6, the moment you get into that lake you lost the game, you
    should get back to that ridge, maybe take a shot and run through the
    village… you had a second chance when you made it to your base, but you
    stop to avoid arty behind that house and he catch you up. Running and
    keeping the distance was the only option.

  29. I love this tank! It’s very balanced tank. Maybe it should be more fast…
    but who care’s about if you have a damn funny tank

  30. James Sunny Crockett

    qb u can make a hundred more advertising vids for wg for this tank and i am
    still not buying this peace of crap.

  31. I want to tickle you XD

    Wow :3

  32. A CDC would’ve smash this game. it wouldnt have got spotted. it was more
    accurate, and on top of it it would’ve get the mobility to get some
    Also a mutz would’ve done better at this situation, although the gun
    handling of the mutz is worse so you can argue that you couldn’t have snipe
    so much at first place.

    Anyway i still think the 59patton is a bad choice of premium tank. The CDC,
    mutz, and others are way better.

  33. maybe going off to the forest hoping to assassinate the spgs will be a
    safer option


  35. I’d rather drive this thing than my Type 59, the original Type 59 is just a
    piece of shit. Aims for VERY long and quite inaccurate (still have 88%
    accuracy with it) plus the low penetration. It’s armor doesn’t count
    anymore, cause almost every T8 medium tanks (even the premiums) have at
    least 190-200mm penetration with standard rounds.
    I have a 5 skill crew in it, 1700 games were enough of it. If you’re
    curious what stats I have with it (just to see I’m not talking to the air),
    I have the exact same name in WoT EU like here in YouTube (Patrick76496).

  36. I guess the question I have is which would be better to train a Chinese
    medium crew, the 59-Patton or the T-34-3.

  37. Pyrotechnic archer tv

    2,999th liker

  38. I got the problem with this tank. Ive played about 250 gmaes on it and 3/4
    was vs tier X vehicles which makes this tank utter shit. But vs VIIIs and
    IXs its very enjoyable ;)

  39. dude in every video u say that tank is your favourite tank, you are
    featuring…. :/

  40. lol i said it last video he upload, and i will say it again , this guy is
    just a salesman, he is just talking about premium tanks on all his videos
    recently, all his last 10 videos is just about premium tanks, unless is a
    update review, if not, its premium tank review, i said and people told me i
    am crazy, here is his next video, 59 patton…. i told u kids, forget
    quickmoney, he is not the same anymore, not even decent reviews, he almost
    dont play anymore, he abandoned his fans, he just want u to pay-to-win.
    Where are the guys that downvoted me in the last video review?

  41. Quicky you forgot the fv4202 p. It has
    .32 accuracy. That is the best

  42. quicky vs. bots – bots win

  43. luca Mattioli (Videogameboss99)

    the turret looks more like a m60’s with a different MG Turret

  44. a year ago you were pretty negative about it.

  45. No offence but I think you may be slightly retarded. “This and used to have
    370 metres view range and now it has 400”. 30 metres is absolutely nothing,
    it will barely make a difference. 30m is only 3 in game Maus tanks long!

  46. Search “Tankenstein” from google.
    It was in Blitz last Halloween.

  47. wow pc is bad that last shot on the bulldog should not have hit pc lag is

  48. At 8:21 you shot at the Bulldog and clearly missed. Your shot flew behind
    him but you scored a kill anyway. Was that the QB Magic Mod at work or just
    a case of server lag?

  49. Of course, artillery will ruin your game.

  50. You forgot to mention that it’s pen. for the standard shell was incresed
    from 175mm to 190mm.

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