World of Tanks 5th Anniversary // “Legends of yesteryear”

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upon us, and to celebrate, Wargaming have given us community contributor types some very nice prizes to give away, first and foremost of which the (which I don’t even have myself).

For myself, I’m doing both a AND a , so make sure you watch the video carefully to find out what’s going on, and when.


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. ban t67 and o-i

  2. nooo…. why no asia server……

  3. put simply the asian server team doesn’t exist. The server is run horribly
    and the staff are all but nonexistent. We don’t get any of these giveaways,
    no competitions, nothing. We don’t even get the same specials as all the
    other servers. Basically they are paid to do absolutely nothing.

  4. i think caffee is going to be all over the place
    with +3 matchmaking
    it will get a lot of exp comparing to a normal tier5 tank with the same

  5. imo i think it would be better to have any tiers allowed (apart from
    statpadder/Op tanks Eg: T110E5 Vk4502B), because i feel like the majority
    of games you will receive will be games in the T67 & Elc.

  6. US Eastern Daylight Time (New York) is 6 hours behind CET. I hope that

  7. Well im Australian playing on the SEA server so theres no point for me

  8. T14’s for the win

  9. My money is on a T67 winning

  10. Jedi, you remember that the O-I experimental is in tier 5 right?

  11. is the giveaway strictly for EU or is it for both EU and NA?

  12. no t67 please :p

  13. what was your email again =P

  14. You should exclude premiums, otherwise the Churchill III has a massive
    advantage due to its XP coefficient and pref MM.

  15. 5 years of bots and retards… Happy birthday WG…. lol

  16. what about excluding the Japanese heavy tank?

  17. What if the game was 1-2 days ago?

  18. I think that I will have to buy back my T67 and get out my statpadding
    skill set..

  19. Tier 5 lights Jedi, they’ll have an advantage for XP because they always
    play higher tiers.

    ELC plus tier 8 is quite easy to high XP.

  20. All this commotion for a tank that is not even good anymore. Even WG admits

  21. thanks for trying to help us poor SEA server guys out. I am fed up with
    being left out 🙁
    wishing I could jump servers more than ever…

  22. Thanks again SEA Community team

  23. Richard Gustafsson

    Are you counting the valiant resistance bonus? It basically makes you
    achieve the base exp you would get for winning if you loose and carry hard

  24. T67 and O I Exp are going to be firs to win one of the type 59’s

  25. I am living inside a man-made rock called building, is that a problem?

  26. Richard Gustafsson

    Why 5 kills? That’s totally rng dependant

  27. That panther with the derp gun tho….

  28. So any tank over tier 5, 5 kills and the hugest amount xp ? Or just tier 5?

  29. @ 1253 base XP. I guess around 1600 will be enough though :D

  30. Jedi, I think you can solve the T67 problem by only letting one tank per
    Type 95 enter. So there will be one T67 replay (with the highest xp) and
    then the 2 other tanks, also with the highest xp sent in for that tank…
    This way you are also securing a bit of replay variety (to be sent in
    because it is less rewarding to play the T67, and to show on youtube).
    Please let me know what you think of this (if my idea is clear)

  31. The glorious AMX40 doesn’t qualify for the contest? Alas!

  32. Jedi, a type 59 please!!!! I’ll be at work during your stream!!!

  33. SEA server we get HT No. VI missions though, 30 mission completions to get
    a free HT No. VI + 1 garage slot. gotta get top five in every battle
    though, exp wise.

  34. NO OI EXP!!!!!

  35. I will be dusting off my good old Flakbus then :)

  36. So at least 5 kills, and top ‘base’ XP in a tier 5 tank, in a match played
    in the next 2 weeks?

  37. Asia. Why is it always Asia.
    In New Zealand we get no good deals and we still have to play with 200+
    ping everyday…

  38. People get salty over contests? Never… :)

  39. And the enemy’s tier 5 wasn’t their worst thank either!

  40. You remember Circon having his contest a few months ago with tier 5 in
    it… 99% of the submissions was T67’s :P

  41. so mass entries off t67 / O-i experimentals?

  42. Jiří Mollin (SMollda)

    Why tier 5, why not 6, more ballanced tanks, more fun tanks, not dominant
    like T67, HEAT Shearmans and KV-s

  43. Fukc I was registered 2 weeks too late to recieve the 5+ year award :(

  44. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Should have had the contest Churchill GC only, seems fair and accessible
    and I’m sure caption guy approves.

  45. Please jedi get rid of the O-I

  46. Jedi, purely out of curiosity, have you aced your ISU in a game other than
    that 4K game, which seams very low for an ISU ace, seems to me like norm,
    4K is a second class in a tier 8 match, but that’s beside the point, my
    personal record now is a 5.8K game, were I only got a first class in a T8

  47. ELC here I come.

  48. Just base XP for the competition? I assume so, but it might be a good ide
    to mention it.

  49. Jedi, prepare for hordes of T67, derp Sherman with HEAT, and derp KV1 with
    heat games

  50. Worth of tanks?? Wrong title?

  51. Lef arty and T-34, here I come :3

  52. no t67s and we should be good

  53. You should sent out prizes to the people that are going to send you their
    entries to the wrong e-mail, too, Jedi! Something along the lines of a

  54. Best of luck to all

  55. I think you should limit the three top entrys to three different tanks
    maybe. or even 3 different classes. i guess you are going to upload them in
    a special video so i think that would be more entertaining.

  56. I think that when WG themselve make contests like that they exclude the
    option to be in a platoon with someone, because they basically can help you
    in different ways to get a game you could never have otherwise – imagine
    someone going in a troll platoon in T10, being protected by their platoon
    mates and getting fed the kills.

  57. but caption guy said the contest email address was a phishing scam

  58. How about no leF replays? :)

  59. I’m a little confused…so if you maintain at least 5 kills and have the
    most xp earned out of everyone what do you win? A type 59 or those ratty
    garage slots?

  60. You’re about to get a few new subscribers before Saturday, for sure!

    They are even going to pop out from under the rocks!

    Damn people getting so crazy about Type 59’s.
    And having said that, there I go to play my tier 5’s like a damn maniac!

  61. i will win a type 59, i will beat the shit out of my pz 3/4.

  62. is there a limit on entrys?

  63. i think that nobody sane would play arty for this contest, so no worries
    here. But there might be a lot of T-67 derping around. That tank is a real
    pain in the ass on t5. For example, sirHavoc did a contest, also t5 only
    and he is going for highest kills. You wouldn’t believe how painful it is
    palying against really good T-67 players. You don’t see them, and before
    you even get close, you are dead already. Otherwise, not bad idea, you
    don’t need to change anything really (i was just raging a bit about those
    Hopefuly this has given you some feedback.

  64. I may have missed it, but I’m assuming these codes work for the NA server?
    I don’t think you stated that.

  65. Great contest PHJ! Thanks for it 🙂
    Cool videos btw, they are really good. Also your commentator is hilarious

  66. I do think T67 replays will be a problem, but then again doing tier 5 is
    not a bad idea due to it being more accessible then say 7-10. Either way I
    have a Type 59, but I want to get one for a friend of mine, because he
    doesn’t have a tier 8 with pref MM, and he can’t spend the money on one.

  67. i have only got tier 4 : /

  68. How long is the stream going to be?

  69. I play on SEA, and we get jack S**t….

  70. long live QB

  71. Cool, thanks jedi. Any idea on what you are gonna be doing in WOWS next?

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