World of Tanks 5th Anniversary Livestream

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

A quick announcement video regarding ’ 5th anniversary, I’ll be joining Quickybaby’s Livestream at 19:00 CET (the stream itself starts at 18:00) to celebrate 5 years of .

We have up to 30,000 gold in prizes to give away as well as a number of premium tanks. Join us on Twitch for a chance to win, or just amuse yourself watching Quickybaby carry me through game after game. Again. Either fine. 😉

Play World of Tanks –


  1. Great… too bad I’m in the North America server.

  2. Why don’t they just add the Type 59 back to the gift shop at this point?
    It’s not overpowered by any means at this point plus they give so many of
    them away anyway…

  3. Alejandro Baars Baars

    5 years aye? Time for WoT to go to school and learn something :P

  4. Alejandro Baars Baars

    5 years aye? Time for WoT to go to school and learn something :P

  5. That’s 1 pm eastern us time, during my lunch break. I’ll be watching today!
    wooohooo! o/

  6. I not gonna be joining cuz where I am 18.00 CET is 1am in the morning for

  7. Livescream

  8. Quickybaby banned me when I mentioned that Jingles was playing his show
    match at WGL. Oh well…

  9. will these be availible SEA Server USers or is another EU only

  10. Iordan Sorin Titus


  11. Er… Jingles? That’s like 2 in the afternoon for me… I just hope you
    stream till 2100-ish (for you) I’ll join you about then.

  12. Actually, Jingles, it will be ~ noon when the stream starts in the US

  13. Watch it only be prizes for EU servers…

  14. What are these times on EST in the USA.

  15. are the prizes only for EU server or it’s for NA too :'( ?!

  16. Oh no you don’t Jingles, now I neeed to take PC from my neighbor again, so
    I can fallow you on lifstream and to know where are you in game so I can
    kill you blind.

  17. Why with scumbaby?that guy is hypocrite and douche

  18. Oh dear, QB will get like ten thousand viewers tonight..!

  19. “…somebody on the stream…” does that mean you only have to have an
    account on twitch, log in and watch the stream, or you also have to
    subscribe (pay) and watch like that?

  20. noooo omg I dun have money to go to an internet cafe right now I’ve been
    Internet less for half a year ?

  21. Japanese tanks, and tiger p line have come to ps4!! was worth grinding exp
    for 2 weeks :)

  22. Jingles what do you say 😀 ? its just 40 seconds.

  23. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    you should join world of tanks blitz better community no arty and we get
    loads of free goodies.

  24. wow, wot gives us 1 day of prem. for staying with them 4 years. im very
    impressed. -_-

  25. What is the time of livestream for Serbia? It is currently 12:16 tuesday

  26. Unlucky me. The stream starts at 11pm.

  27. EU server only

  28. 5x boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

  29. If I had the Maus, I’d park about 10 yards to your side. That way, arty
    actually had a tough choice; a well-known youtuber, or a Maus. Of course,
    that would mean I would be playing World of Tanks again. Which would
    require more than a toaster.

    Damn, it sucks to have to pay bills and actually have a life.

  30. Considering London is 7 hours ahead…. The stream will air around 11:00
    MST in Canada. I’ve got nothing better to do so I might watch it. Not
    likely to get premium or a tank, I never win those. Gold, maybe. It all
    depends if it’s all EU server only prizes.

  31. TheNecromancer6666

    ill be there

  32. Uvisoft Coorporations

    Today’s my birthday, does that mean I’m related to World of Tanks now?

  33. can i have a tank please

  34. Why you start so early in the morning :(

  35. Not even joining Circon. Disapointed.

  36. Go to work…watch the stream…go to work…watch the stream…go to
    work… :(

  37. OMG it would be so late in my region timezone…….:(

  38. Nice… I’m at work around that time so no chance to win anything :D

  39. Herman der German

    5 years!….. I remember when it was just a cute little Leichttraktor and
    Prokhorovka was all fields. Who would have thought it would have grown
    into the bloated gold devouring, RNG trolling, noob magnet it has become.

  40. What time is this going down in the U.S.

  41. Justin Raug Veggerby

    I’m at work at that time :/

  42. Didn’t get a op tank?
    Here take this!
    ◢◤ ▀▀████▄▄▄▄ ◢◤
    ▂▄▄▓████ ◢◤

  43. Fuck thats 3AM in australia guess i miss out

  44. Is it really 1900 CET/British Summer Time or is it 1900 CEST/1800 BST?

    Why can’t people just give a Zulu/GMT time and everyone can count from

  45. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    I bought the Type 59, so I give 0 shits about your prizes.


  46. omg omg omg! I’ll be there! :D

  47. Hmmmmm… I dont suppose us poor guys on the Asia server have a chance on
    those prizes….do we?

  48. 2 AM, at Wednesday, gg, Guess no special for me :P

  49. hope to be there :)

  50. Luca Luca (KingYoshiLuca)

    18:00/19:00 CET or CEST?

  51. I just checked the E and NA forums of the 5th anniversary sales.

    Suffice it to say, people are underwhelmed.

    I’d love to hear Jingles opinion on those “sales”. :D

  52. Jingles streaming?
    shut up with your prices
    i just want to see jingles :P

  53. Dang it thats 2:00am in singapore ):

  54. That’s a pretty good reason to watch QBs stream again.

  55. couldn’t care about the type 59
    couldn’t care about the free gold
    Jingles and QB reunited? I’d steal my mothers laptop just to watch it.

  56. Sadly i would love to join and watch the stream but work life calls and i
    wont be able to watch it :(

  57. Nice, i have birthday today :D

  58. Hello the Mighty Jingles are You from Holland?

  59. wait the type 59 is tier 9 now? :P

  60. What do you have to do to get ind the game…….??

  61. She said “my pussy hurts” i said ” get off my barrel”

  62. They do. “See you” tonight on the stream

  63. My my…ill be working by that time…:( No stream :(

  64. uurgh the one time of thae day I’m busy

  65. Will the prizes be available for people on the SEA server or just the EU

  66. I will watch arround 7 pm, sounds fun

  67. What about those of us who live in the US? It starts at 1pm for me, I won’t
    get home from school until 3 hours after it starts.

  68. But QB normally starts at 17:00 not 18:00

  69. What about Xbox players

  70. TYPE59. I hope I can get in a battle with you.

  71. i mean do the codes work for xbox*


  73. do these codes work for xbox?

  74. +TheMightyJingles Can you record the livestream as I am in Canada, and will
    not be able to attend such stream, I enjoy your videos a lot and would
    quite like to see you play. I like the longer videos, and If people
    complain about how it’s “so long” they can just not watch it. That would be
    greatly appreciated and thank you for your time, good day to you.

  75. Morning jingles! 🙂
    Anybody care to help me out here, What time is the stream UK time? :)

  76. Damn it. It’s Champion’s league day.

  77. 0:08 on the 12th of april … is the european release of Dark Souls 3 ….
    jeah jeah ty jingles.
    that was.what i was thinking. :D

  78. Happy birthday world of tanks!! xD

  79. Can people on the na server win a type 59

  80. i’m never lucky

  81. Does this mean NA server is shit out of luck to get anything jingles?

  82. qb getting 5 kills? ezy, watch all that gold disappear in the firat hour XD

  83. Are the type 59’s only for EU?

  84. its so bad that there is nothing for the wot blitz players

  85. Shame twitch sucks for those of us with potato internet, afaik it ain’t
    possible to turn the quality down like youtube. Anyone know a fix? (and
    don’t say move house!)

  86. of course im not home….

  87. World of tanks is only 5 years old? I could of sworn it was released in
    2010… Wow, that means I could of gotten a mutant M6 when I started on May
    13 2011.

  88. are the prizes going to be for EU only again 🙁 RIP OCE.

  89. damn could use a type or gold but the division update 1.1 is today so have
    a great fun and congrats to lucky winners :)

  90. an0ther@World of Tanks

    Will you be using funny hats ? :P

  91. BeetlePimp Brotha

    I love my type 59, get 1M every 40 minutes

  92. gread have the late shift:( go. dam it…

  93. Damn, the stream starts at 4am where I am…… Anyone else have a problem
    like me?

  94. I liked that vid

  95. The good old times have returned 🙂 at least for 1 stream

  96. is it CET or CEST??

  97. My internet is too bad to watch the stream ._.

  98. all severs or just eu?

  99. dammit the one day im not around to join in this happens lol Just my luck

  100. Are prizes for any server, or just EU?

  101. why do I have to work this evening….. ?

  102. Yay for Jingles what will you change in your videos on youtube

  103. Damnit I live in the US so I’ll be in school when this is going on

  104. I was hyped Jingles will be streaming once again, but then I noticed its on
    the QB’s stream. :(

  105. hey jingles, how long will you guys be streaming?? I work the graveyard
    shift at a hotel here in America and I really really want to join QB’s
    stream and try and win some prizes. but since he starts streaming at 11 am
    my time I’m afraid I will sleep through and miss most if not all of it

  106. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    I miss jingles old videos from 2013-14 where he was actually playing world
    of tanks and was with Ik QB and circon ):

  107. I don’t wanna be that guy, but isn’t 19.00 CEST?

  108. Well shit, of course I’m going to be at school.

  109. What about us poor schlubs on console?

  110. Jingles, isnt it better if you do this livestream in the weekend? because
    alot of people have to work, or go to school at that day :/

  111. Are there going to be NA prizes or are they going to be reserved for the
    EU/RA servers?

  112. has he shit the bed

  113. gay i hve work at that time

  114. jingles is it only the subscribers on quicky baby’s twitch that are getting
    the prizes because my dad will not pay just sub in quicky baby’s twitch
    because he thinks it’s a wast of money. now I understand my dad for saying
    that but are the prizes for subs only?

  115. whaaaaaaattttttt?!?!?!?!? livestreaming?!?!?!?

  116. Alright, now I have to get back to the salt mines :(

  117. Would that be 11 AM central in America?

  118. Rowan “MrRez” Simmons

    Can players from ASIA win or is it just the EU server?

  119. Dammit, I have school tomorrow. And, for once, I really need to get to
    sleep at a decent time. Well, I guess I’ll catch the recorded livestream
    this weekend. Wait, fuck, I’m racing Saturday. I’ll, uh, see ya when I see

  120. and of course… i got to work..

  121. the virtural king

    Jingles, could u do a review on the centurion action X. No one has really
    done anything ( in English that is ) and I would love to hear your opinion.

  122. Can’t wait to kill jingles…

  123. Christopher Vanoster

    what if we join, but we play wot on xbox one? do we still get stuff? yes im
    a console peasent

  124. EU only? 🙁 (I have a EU account, but would love it for my Americas

  125. Libertas An Letum

    Are the codes good for NA or just EU?

  126. Jingles Iv been watching for 2 years now and it’s never been this bad where
    I live (western United States) the live stream is at 3 o’clock in the
    fracking morning on a school night for crying out loud I’m gona pass out in
    class but nothing in the world will keep me from watching that livestream

  127. that moment i realise my pc is broken and all nice stuf is happening…
    csgo major… wot anniversaire…

  128. Dang it I’ll be at school at the time ;(

  129. Hey jingles, Are you attending 2016 Comic con in dubai ? there is arab fans
    of you here :)

  130. well i play world of tanks xbox more now. just alot further then i am on
    pc. i also find it easier. i also know is i sent jingles a recent replay of
    me in war thunder tank rb. im just hoping he veiws it. i dont expect him to
    make it into a video

  131. well i play world of tanks xbox more now. just alot further then i am on
    pc. i also find it easier. i also know is i sent jingles a recent replay of
    me in war thunder tank rb. im just hoping he veiws it. i dont expect him to
    make it into a video

  132. I wish this shit was for Xbox as well

  133. Is this your only video today?

  134. Looks like you are up early today. Right then, I’m off for some sleep. Talk
    amongst yourselves.

  135. The prizes only EU I guess ?

  136. You should always do some short videos with such information. For example
    like this livestream, or the WoWs Stream on the finals. People may be not
    aware of it if you only mention it in other videos like the mingles…

  137. +Jingles what server are you and quickybaby playing? cuz im playing in the
    SEA server…

  138. Just a lil tip for Any Na server person that is going to watch the stream
    that they are EU community contribitors so only EU sever can win the stuff
    but i will still tune in to see the Jingles play on stream again.

  139. That’s 1:00 in the morning for me :(

  140. why did the TOG cross the road? because the T-150 was on the other side!

  141. I thought this said grand finals live stream I was like fuck that was fast!

  142. Everything is on April 12th. Destiny update, Fallout 4 DLC, WoT 5th
    anniversary. Coincidence? I think not.

  143. If Quickie baby does his live steam, shirtless, I’ll be there

  144. Nuuuuuu Jingles. I have to work tomorrow!

  145. I’m going to be at work when this happens if I did the time conversion
    right. I live Eastern Standard Time on East coast of USA. I’ll still see
    what I can do though jingles. ps love the videos man!

  146. dam job can never watch them live….. well that and mst time zone……..

  147. Prizes for EU only?

  148. oh great 4am in Australia… woo

  149. Jingles what are you doing posting videos this early in the morning?

  150. Do a video on your pc setup please

  151. If only I could watch the stream at school. So difficult to be a senior in
    High School.

  152. Hey Jingles, we’re all aware of the asshats that made you give up on
    Livestreaming with QB and others, but have you ever thought about just
    ‘showing up’ on a Livestream? Of course the streamer knows you’re going to
    be there, just don’t announce it to the rest of the world? Might that at
    least cut down on the bell-ends that show up just to hunt you?

  153. I wish I could join but I live in America and have SCHOOL during the live
    stream :(

  154. you are going to reveal your username with this…..

  155. Jingles, I was dead asleep. It’s 12 am and now you bring me this? Screw it.
    Screw school tomorrow. I’M WATCHING JINGLES TONIGHT!

  156. What time is that in America?

  157. Musketeer32Gaming

    Are the prizes eu only?

  158. what team is this in sydney time

  159. maybe i can kill jingles this ti… oh wait.. i play on the NA server

  160. Do you like potatoes?

  161. are the gift codes for EU only

  162. And hopefully this is quote an “early” bonus video, I would feel vaguely
    cheated if this was the true video, like the finishing shot on an enemy
    tank being an ammo rack…… Im kidding :P

  163. can I get the gold for my xbox?

  164. Boris Vasilchikov

    the live stream is on my Birthday lol

  165. Robert Cottingham

    So, Jingles, when are you going to make a review video for the Chieftain in
    War Thunder?

  166. Aristotle Of Greece

    This is the earliest I’ve ever been to a jingles video.

    Also since this will be lost in the comments, I will fill my bathtub in
    jello and pretend I’m a fetus.

  167. thats 3:00 am here in melbourne :(

  168. Nah… It’s always early in the morning when you stream… Hype or Bed,
    choose one :)

  169. and I’m also guessing that these rewards are restricted to PC players

  170. Double A Batteries

    Anybody know what time that is on Australian Eastern Standard Time?

  171. I would love to win a Type 59 bonus code. Mostly because I already have a
    Type 59 and would just find it super funny

  172. Arthur, King of the Britons

    Hi Jingles! I have a quick question: how long does the livestream usually
    last? I’m a student and I will be in class when the stream starts, so I
    hope to be able to at least join in when I get home.

  173. I’ll be waiting jingles. Waaaaaaaaaiting

  174. Well i am early…..

  175. anyone else getting a blank screen on wot website?

  176. Is Ike joining in??? There better be a few original TOG trio matches :)

  177. Jingles you old bastard, get some sleep.

    (Yes I know it’s scheduled, Jesus)

  178. Was scratching my balls and refreshed the page and saw a video uploaded a
    few minutes ago.

  179. Typical the day I start my new job is the day I want to be on twitch

  180. So, are the goodies only avaliable to WoT EU players again?

  181. shat its at 1 pm : /

  182. I’ll be at work at that time you dirty filthy scrublord….

  183. jingles what Time is that eastern time in America

  184. Are these prizes limited to the eu server?

  185. jingles. I’m sort let down I’m not trying to say anything negative but next
    time u stream be able to account your north American viewers so we are able
    to watch without being up at 3am in the morning thanks for doing what u do
    and all but please make it viewable by us in the na areas

  186. Congrats and have fun. Hope you don’t get sniped too much Jingles and I
    congratulate all the winners in advance as I will not be able to do it in

  187. jingles?


  188. Im early let me make a joke

    Wot 5th anniversary specials

  189. damn it jingles it’s still the 11th to them californians we can’t get Jack
    all yet

  190. is the prize comatable with console

  191. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    The last time I was this early my sister dumped me…

  192. jingles what if we live in the US or Canada what time will it be starting
    here :/

  193. the type 59 is a funny tank. when it started selling on the console
    everybody who bought it played it like a heavy, and here i am in my tiger
    II laughing harder and harder as they bounce shell after shell. IT’S A
    MEDIUM. that is all. :P

  194. YESSS JINGLES IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Wolfgang Ottinger

    It happens that my birthday is tomorrow, and I’ve always wanted to see
    jingles stream with QB, aswell it being WoT’s 5th anniversary. Probably the
    coolest gift/coincidence ever

  196. Gifts codes only valid on EU server right :(

  197. ill be around unless im playing myself

  198. Oh look what a surprise I can not enter as I work nights so will be
    sleeping great miss it all again I hate working nights when ever you all
    give stuff away ……

  199. hope i dont get homework tommorow so i cna watc hthe stream, even then i
    could just do it during the stream :O

  200. If the stream is anything like the specials EU and NA are getting for the
    5th anniversary then it will be not only underwhelming, but complete and
    utter dog shit. Please kill yourself Wargaming.

  201. <3 jingles the Beast, may Stalin guide you wherever you are;) much love
    good sir?? keep up the good work

  202. Jingles, Do we need to be followers or subscribers of QB on twitch?

  203. Poor guy that gave the dislike

  204. Wow everyone write a funny original comment for once (BUT ITS FOR LIKES)

  205. I would like to thank my friends and family for this major accomplishment,
    for supporting me all the way and also for me finishing the new mingles
    with jingles 3 seconds after this vid was uploaded.

  206. 4 views 16 likes seems legit

  207. 1800 EU time. Can someone translate to relevant American time? Lol

  208. As soon as it came out but what are you all doing at this time of day I am
    a hgv driver working night ..why is paul uploading at this time of the
    night ???? love it anyway gives me something to watch as I am say unloading
    .thanks paul

  209. Fucking hell this JUST showed up in my mail o_0 And its 11 hours old?

  210. Dammit, I uninstalled twitch from my phone yesterday…I’ll reinstall if
    for this ??

  211. YAYAY 13th comment. IM EARLY

  212. Edwin Chao (Mr Tempestman)

    Will SEA be able to get prizes, or is it only EU and NA only again?

  213. good luck jingles:P

  214. Tanks.

  215. 20th like

  216. Gerissenheit Wolf

    my B-day is tomarrow, fingers crossed!!!

  217. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    Hey I’m early Quick Make a joke World of warplanes

  218. Not it

  219. Still only 4 comments lol x-x

  220. Hey notification squad

  221. PogChamp

  222. haha thought i was first

  223. Hay I am first view…Cool!

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