World of Tanks || 5x the EXP, 5x the Drama!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. 5x EXP events are a great way accelerate your progress through stock tanks, if you don't mind the extra stress…


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. 35mins ??? Nice!

  2. Well, QB, you aren’t doing much better on your f2p account that I am on mine…
    Joke aside, these vids I like. Much better than on p2w account!

  3. Haha, oh no not again.

  4. Where do you have all that gold from?
    PS: just as a reminder, always sell stock modules once you upgrade your tank.

  5. What did the Librarian say to the kids?

    *Read more*

  6. he is a cricket fan haha…..

  7. Can u plz post a 1.3 xvm mod pack

  8. Festive level viii on a premium just a couple of hours of play. Random level V decorations.

  9. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    Studzianki or whatever was the name is the worst map in the game

  10. nice video once again maybe in the future videos like this give some tips and tricks to help new players. As a new player for me I never understood how double bushing worked and how to do crew skills etc perhaps you could make some wot tutorials to help the new players in the game

  11. I got tired of the completely poor teams i kept getting on that I just gave up and suicide rushed all the tanks.

  12. i hated the ikv103’s top gun, no damage track shots all day long

  13. QB you can press T to indicate where the enemy is, if you hover over the outline. Since you didnt press it and so on ^^

  14. 5x the stupidity of the player community

  15. were has the 5x xp gone guys sup to be till 2nd Jan

  16. Actually, that female crew member totally looks like Peppy.

  17. I did random 5s for the Christmas thing and it gave me the tree topper 3 times in a row that wasn’t random at all.

  18. Havent seen that many bots like yesterday at least 5 in 2 hours of playing

  19. if you say t 34 is historical call it sotka

  20. A note on rentals, you get them with a 50% crew. So do not use codes unless you have a crew to transfer to them. Don’t worry the crew will not be removed.

  21. “That’s not mercy, that’s AP
    -QB, 2018

  22. Welcome to the jungle. ^^

  23. The tracking happend not only on this account recently. ???

  24. It’s kinda nice to see a random play video with not so much focus on something spectacular, but rather run of the mill games like most of us have. It feels more like something I can relate to with my 50% WR. I quite enjoyed this and hope you make it a regular part of your uploads.

  25. Funny how much worse his winrate is than his main account, despite coming up against players with massively less skill and experience than he usually faces.
    It’s almost as if Equipment, Consumables, Premium Rounds, Camouflage, 100% crew retraining, and crew uptraining via premium tanks gives you a gigantic compounded advantage.

  26. 35 Minutes, is this the very late Christmas Special?

  27. More polish tech tree feature? So close to getting the t6 absolution

  28. Mercy mercy, No that was an AP round ???

  29. i play f2p wot, from the beggining and i know one thing, more times exp, more times brainless players……..

  30. 5am. Stop this you Brit lol

  31. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo your xvm is clearly working, so why has it taken almost a month and still not public version??????????????????????

  32. I play wot for free but I using codes for rental tanks.

  33. I play warthunder and i have no idea what is going on with this christmas tree stuff but this free to play style video was actually really entertaining. you should make more like this!

  34. Can We Get 3000 Subscibers With A Few Videos?

    Pls pin

  35. NOWT NEW….x5=mongo teams…

  36. Christian Ellingsen

    Love these kind of videos man! 😀

  37. Idk if you knew this. But if you go into the book and click on empty charm you need you can create it from crafting. I figured it our by accident a few days ago.
    Yes it works on the emblems for this years book.

  38. suddenly he is bad, when he is not playing in overpowered vehicles, and not promoted by wg?

    i’m shocked!

    that first kv2 play was so scrubbish, even i screamed out in pain, and i’m only a 55% win player, who doesn’t play since 2014 any more

  39. Hahahahah! This is fun! But not for tips and tricks but for how clumsy QB is in this “no all skill crews, figure out things as you go.” 😀

  40. 5x the buff on a tank,5x the imbalance,5x the number of raging players,5x the player loss and 5x the loss in popularity of world of tanks

  41. x5 weekends are a terrible playing experience. Constant 15-2 rofflestomps.

  42. This really is a refreshing series. QB is still a great player but this FEELS like playing the game 🙂

  43. I want to see more of this!!!

  44. Just DIE you fucking WG toy!

  45. Ever thought about war thunder?

  46. Really enjoy watching your bad games, makes normal players feel better 😀

  47. Welcome in our world QB :p

  48. good to see that without the 4 skill Crew and premium consumables QB is also only human.

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