World of Tanks || 60TP – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 60TP. Today we’re looking at the new heavy hitting T10 Polish heavy the 60TP coming in update 1.1!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Can’t you protect the driver hatch by putting your gun infront of it?

  2. The top of the 60TP turret looks like a weenie 😉

  3. I don’t know a lot about tank design but it seams to me that its hull is too small. To move that massive turret and gun you would need a big engine. Maybe it has a more modern design; didn’t WG make this tank up?

    • What interests me even more is, how can this possibly weight 60 tons, when:
      Leo 1 with at best 70 mm armour and small turret with 105 mm gun weights 41 tons
      E50M with about same size hull, with thinner armour and 105 mm gun in tiny turret with thinner armour weights 62,2 ton (over 2 tons more than this)
      IS-7 with about the same size hull with on average slightly thinner armour, smaller turret with about same armour weights 70 tons.
      Closest competitor in size, armour profile, gun, etc. Obj. 705 A weights 101 tons.
      I would like to know, what kind of material did polish used to build one of theese, oh wait, it was never build, it wasn´t even properly blueprinted, I guess some existed, but they were never properly finished, what I heared.

  4. The E100 is total dogshit, I’ve never been so disappointed as when I bought that heap of shit.

  5. during one game i was the fv4005 i found the drivers hatch multiple times and penned each hesh round on both the 50TP and the 60TP one of them i rolled for over 2000

  6. Wargaming really needs to buff the JgPzE100 to make it more contestant and just make that TD OP AF

  7. People complain about e100 and then there is is-4 ???

  8. the germans need a serious buff, except maybe the maus
    also whats with the new icons on the UI in game?

  9. e100 paper tank, you gonna get pen every tier 10 game you get in to, it is like tier 8 prem. with pref. match making, armor good but not tier 10 any more, they should buff at last  turret

  10. ilyas bhajbshjbsaj

    60TP Lewandowski if you know what i mean 😉

  11. WG wanna that people spam premium ammo, make op tank and after they nerf, but for 2-4 months people have to spam premium ammo on them:D

  12. World of phantasy tanks is releasing the next power creep.
    Wargaming says its not historical we can t buff german tanks.
    But making tanks with a flat turret and 152mm gun with 8 degree gun depression. This has nothing to do with realistic or historical its complet bullshit. A big gun can t be have a flat turret and good gun deprision.

    Wargaming releasing self made tanks with stats there are not realistic even the projekt was a student projekt the tank must be mutch bigger!
    I hate wargamings poltic make a power creep who want many players and buy gold to change it for exp. We don t need tanks with gun deprsion and unpentrabel turrets! And Wargaming forgot 80% of tier 8 games is vs. tier 10, tier 8 don t have high pen guns.

  13. World of gold spam.

  14. Quickybaby can you please tell me how to get on to the test server?

  15. remember amx mle 54 when it first came out? super on asia server? even at random battle 20:1 time i can see some one use it

  16. No comment on those metrics at the top of the screen?

  17. Rip random.another op shit.

  18. btw miss capn QB how is it going?

  19. game changing implications of super conq what does that mean?

  20. Is that tube behind the turret in armor model because it looks like a periscope.

  21. Is-4 video would be nice to see

  22. I like the m3 surtsz

  23. Someone needs a new intro…#qbabyintro

  24. I don’t play this game anymore as the gold spamming is just horrible. And the MM is crap.

  25. The back of this tank look similar to 113.

  26. thank you for

  27. why do you call it “preview” when you do a total review here in the vid ? not much else to show after this .

  28. Now the question of milion dolars

    Is the 60tp better than the is-7

  29. Gallant Fatco Razy

    I hope WG doesnt fuked up this tenk, like they did with Obj 277

  30. Gallant Fatco Razy

    Give E100 3 rounds drum auto loader with 4 secs intra clip reload and 50 secs reload.. so it will not become useless in next update

  31. Now I realised I got killed by you in the first match =))))

  32. Why even bother with the german heavy tech tree?
    I mean it feels like every new Tier X heavy is going to stomp it in regards of armour (the russian ones with the turret on the back) the gun (the one right here) of both (type 5 heavy vor as i like to call it: that stupit piece of metall that should habe never been put into the game)

  33. that thing got a insane turret to hull ratio… it looks like a freak especialy from the side

  34. Ok Wargaming we get it. You want people to stop playing the E 100. Just remove the damn thing already!

  35. well e100 really needs a buff now

  36. = payday for WOT

  37. m103 and e5 now TT

  38. Another original tier 10 becomes obsolete…

  39. WG plz Buff Germans plzzzzzzzz

  40. Press X to pay respect to our good old E100

  41. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Ever think they made the overmatch mechanic specifically require one extra millimeter instead of just being even on purpose? Specifically to benefit Soviet guns. Most are weird sizes. 122 instead of 120. 107 instead of 105,152 instead of 150.

  42. instead of adding more tanks with ridiculous thick well-angled armour, they could, oh I don’t know, nerf the amount of penetration Premium rounds get? I don’t mind having a couple of really well armoured Super Heavy tanks, but when they add tanks like this, with better overall armour than a super heavy, more speed and maneuverability and better overall gun statistics, playing things like a E100 turn into a cruel joke. They either need to buff the E100s turret armour and gun, or nerf premium ammo.

  43. Anyone doubt that if it were Russian it would have a 300+mm turret and 220+ mm front hull?

  44. Dhaniele Joseph Demontaño

    Usual WG PR. Hype a new tank to some extent that its perhaps OP. Kids and their mums would buy gold and free experience their way to Tier X. After some time nerf the new tank. Rinse and repeat.

  45. E100 alpha elite lol , power crept to oblivion more like it

  46. RIP 100 ?

  47. good job QB with pronounce Studzianki 🙂

  48. Ah power creep has relegated the E-100 to the bottom of the tier 10 heavies.

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