World of Tanks | 7 v 1 Outnumbered & Out Gunned Havoc’s Games Cast Epic Gameplay

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Welcome back to where we are taking a look at the final moments of two games, both of which are players Outnumbered and Out Gunned

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And Thug Life moments

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  1. I think your commentary is great, keep it up…Thank you

  2. i just had almost the same situation today 1 vs 7 but 4 come at the same
    time and 3 arty shooting at me, and i won 🙂

  3. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    that arty has better spotting range than most of my light tanks :D

  4. That hitmarker sound on the M12 replay xD

  5. nice video!

  6. Jasper, our hidden gem!

  7. hey sirhavoc where you got that wn8 mod? id like to have it too btw subbed
    you, good videos!

  8. Wow the t40 full penned him with HE from the 105 owch

  9. actually, that O-Ni wasn’t necessarily a bot.
    if he was sitting still, it’s most likely that he was AFK.
    and if he was AFK, it means that either his internet cut out or he went
    somewhere and did something else for whatever reason.

  10. The churchill’s making a bacon sandwich and some top poking,pissed
    myself… good stuff

  11. Thanks Sir Havoc!

  12. 3:40 depends on the length of the shorts ;)

  13. Dat snapshot tho, and without Stalin to guide the shot as well, I guess you
    have to have enough democracy points to pull that off

  14. Pete….are you commentating the game Manchester United vs Arsenal or the
    wot game? 🙂 :)

  15. RNG really wanted him to loss there. Aim, into the ground. Aim, into the
    ground. Aim, into the ground, ha. Screw you too RNG.

    Next match. RNG really wanted him to win, haha. Snap shot in an M12.

  16. Actually the only thing they would have needed is not all to be all killed
    within 4 minutes, witch is kinda sad.
    For one thing trying to go hunting down an good player in an fast
    medium with a bunch of mostly TDs and Heavies for some measly XP and
    credits when you only have to defend the cap, that is not really worth
    it. If they had sticked together and just played a bit more just lets
    say conservatively the cromwell would have found it very difficult to
    kill them all in the time frame, witch he had to do if he wanted to
    avoid defeat. For one thing just compare the view range of an dicker max
    and an cromwell.

  17. What is the name of the map,when he hits the enemy like in Call of Duty? :O

  18. Hallo Sir Havok, did you get my email with the KV-1 blindshot through
    Himmelsdorf? Will it get featured in your next funny replay montage? (Btw
    keep it up! love your vids!)

  19. sweet :)

  20. wow what a beast player

  21. I dont always get into a bush, but when i do im always told thats some top
    class poking.

  22. I love your game cast! keep it up man

  23. first comment eh!? woot

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